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IFL Star Ben Rothwell Vs Fat Kid (Horrible Matchup)

IFL Star Ben Rothwell Vs Fat Kid (Horrible Matchup)
Posted by:Sam_Rothstein on 7/12/07
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Posted 5/23/08 6:24PM by sammyd1213
"Choke him"..... thats hillarious..
Posted 2/18/08 4:36PM by BlazinSaddle
that kid coulda quit if he wanted to, i mean why would that fattie want to fight anyway, hes obviously just target practice, his own fault he got in there and fought
Posted 2/7/08 2:08PM by Lethalweapon
Not cool, I hope that fight is not one of the wins on Bens record.
Posted 1/3/08 1:11PM by madmarck
that kid didnt do one thing offensive.......... or defensive for that matter.
Posted 8/15/07 7:37PM by wrona666
exactly like picking on the fat kid in school....that shiiit is hilarious
Posted 8/11/07 7:44PM by backalley101
haha hahahahahahaha
Posted 7/25/07 12:07AM by Sam_Rothstein
hahaha yeah a lot of crazy fights happen out here. i remember one time at toad hollar, my friends cousin had just got ouf of a 5 year jail sentence and he wanted to prove to his dad he was a man now. so he went to toad hollar and said he wanted to fight the baddest guy in the building. Josh Neer happened to be there that night and accepted the challenge. about a minute into the fight neer had knocked out about half of the guys teeth.
Posted 7/20/07 6:01PM by ncordless
The craziest though was this fight in Ottumwa with Pat Militich headlining the card, in like 1996. They had to clear the bleachers because of the fighting amongst the fans.
Posted 7/20/07 5:57PM by ncordless
I think you are right Sam... here in Iowa we got some of the most crazy mma venues. For a while in Iowa City they were doing a fight night with amatuers at the Union. This at a place where I've seen and been in some of the biggest barfights of my life.... craziness.
Posted 7/17/07 8:33PM by Le_Tigre
Simple truth: Ben Rothwell is a terrible human being and Jeremy Horn isn't that much better.
Posted 7/12/07 8:23PM by Sam_Rothstein
im thinking this video was at toad hollar here in iowa. it was a fight club where people could go in and challenge others to either boxing, wrestling or no holds barred which is basically mma rules. You can choose to either fight someone your age or someone your size and or weight. A lot of iowa mma fighters (josh neer, victor moreno, spencer fisher, jeremy stephens, ben rothwell) had amatuer fights there and basically just beat up on random drunks or idiots talked into going into the cage.

im sure this kid had probably gotten egged on by his friends and family to step in and try it out, but met up with a stronger/older/faster/more experienced ben rothwell
Posted 7/12/07 7:51PM by Northrend
lol wtf? Why was that kid fighting
Posted 7/12/07 4:15PM by Sam_Rothstein
needed a breather less then 60 seconds into the fight***

just realized the 2nd sentence made no sense
Posted 7/12/07 4:13PM by Sam_Rothstein
yeah i just like the grade A ref job jeremy horn pulled off. he should of stopped that fight when the kid needed with less then 60 seconds of a fight left.
Posted 7/12/07 12:55PM by HighKick07
thats just mean
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