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World Victory Road / Sengoku News - Page 5

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Matt Jaggers vs. Chan Sung Jung grand prix reserve bout set for Sengoku Ninth Battle
A bout between Chan Sung Jung (6-1) and Matt Jaggers (11-5) that will serve as the night's featherweight grand prix reserve bout is set for World Victory Road's upcoming Sengoku Ninth Battle event. The Aug. 2 event features the semifinals and finale of the organization's featherweight tournament and takes place at the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan. Jaggers was eliminated in the first round of the 16-slot tournament in March, and Jung was eliminated in the second round two months later.
Submitted Jul 7, 2009 10:28AM by emfleek - 0 comments
Filed under: World Victory Road / Sengoku
Sengoku Adds FWGP Reserve Fight, Another Judo Medalist To 8/2 Event
Recession? What recession? If there is one nobody has told the people spending the money at World Victory Road, as they've broken out the checkbooks again to add talent to Sengoku 9 on 8/2. This time they've signed 2004 Olympic judo silver medalist Hiroshi Izumi, who won his medal in the 90kg division, and also added a Featherweight GP reserve fight of Chan Sung Jung vs. Matt Jaggers.
Submitted Jul 7, 2009 7:21AM by DCRage - 0 comments
Filed under: World Victory Road / Sengoku
Misaki Will Fight But Won't Be Paid
Kazuo Misaki will get his August bout with Kazuhiro Nakamura, but with none of the expected perks. World Victory Road director Takahiro Kokuho announced Thursday that Sengoku's Aug. 2 "Ninth Battle" card at the Saitama Super Arena will still feature a bout between Misaki and Kazuhiro Nakamura. However, the legally embattled "Grabaka Hitman" will not receive his fight purse and, immediately following the bout, will face an indefinite suspension from Sengoku competition. Misaki had pled guilty in the Tokyo District Court to obstruction of justice on June 25. The plea was in regard to a March 19 incident in which the former Pride grand prix champion sped away from a police officer who had attempted to cite him for talking on his cell phone while driving. Misaki was given a three-year suspended sentence following his plea, and Kokuho announced the following day that World Victory Road's commission would convene in the coming days to decide on an appropriate course of action.
Submitted Jul 3, 2009 10:47AM by ncordless - 3 comments
Filed under: World Victory Road / Sengoku
Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva likely for Sengoku in September, return to U.S. action possible
Former EliteXC heavyweight champion Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva (12-1) will likely appear at the as-yet-unannounced World Victory Road's "Sengoku 10th Battle" event in September. Silva's manager, Alex Davis, today informed MMAjunkie.com Radio (www.mmajunkie.com/radio) of the potential bout, as well as his client's desire to return to action in the U.S. "I think that probably by next year you'll see him back in the U.S.," Davis said. "I'd like him back in the States; that's our goal. Right now we still have a contract with Sengoku. He's probably going to fight in September. If that goes well, possibly for a Sengoku title at the end of the year."
Submitted Jun 30, 2009 7:37PM by sclasclemski - 3 comments
Filed under: World Victory Road / Sengoku
Interesting Developments in the Case of Satoshi Ishii
According to Yahoo! Japan, Satoshi Ishii's debut will likely be pushed back to Sengoku XI on November 7th instead of the rumored debut date of August 2nd. Sengoku's public relations' department cited that they didn't want to push Ishii, and they'd like to be very careful with the 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist Judo champion. This has caused a bit of a stir among hardcore fans as to what the holdup may actually be from Ishii, and there have been some strange things going on with Ishii as of late.
Submitted Jun 25, 2009 10:38AM by babytater03 - 0 comments
Filed under: World Victory Road / Sengoku
2 More Fights Added To Sengoku 9 Card
World Victory Road has today added 2 more fights to Sengoku 9 on August 2. A Heavyweight bout between Yoshihiro Nakao and Mu Bae Choi joins a Lightweight bout between Eiji Mitsuoka & Clay French as the additions, making 8 fights so far on the card.
Submitted Jun 24, 2009 10:07AM by DCRage - 0 comments
Filed under: World Victory Road / Sengoku
Akihiro Gono Signs With Sengoku
The "Wannabe Supremes" may be embarking on a tour of Japan soon. Akihiro Gono, recently released by UFC after a loss to Jon Fitch best remembered for his memorable ring entrance, has signed with World Victory Road and will debut for them at Sengoku 9 on August 2. Opponent TBA.
Submitted Jun 9, 2009 7:09AM by DCRage - 1 comment
Filed under: World Victory Road / Sengoku
World Victory Road signs Olympic gold medalist Satoshi Ishii to Sengoku
Satoshi Ishii, a Japanese gold medalist at the 2008 Summer Olympic Games' Judo competition, has signed with the Japanese-based World Victory Road to compete in its Sengoku event series, the organization today announced. Ishii, 22, is one of MMA's most promising heavyweight prospects. In fact, Ishii had been in talks with the UFC but ultimately decided to sign with an organization closer to home.
Submitted Jun 1, 2009 9:28AM by babytater03 - 5 comments
Filed under: World Victory Road / Sengoku
Sengoku 9: Kitaoka's Title Defense, Middleweight Title Challenger Fight Set
World Victory Road further filled out the top part of the card for Sengoku 9 today, announcing that Mizuto Hirota-not Kazunori Yokota-will face Sengoku Lightweight Champion Satoru Kitaoka for the title. Yokota was thought to be in line for the shot after beating Leonardo Santos at Sengoku 8, plus he beat Hirota in the LWGP. The promotion also announced a Kazuo Misaki vs. Kazuhiro Nakamura fight with the winner getting the first shot at Sengoku Middleweight Champion Jorge Santiago, who beat Misaki to become the inaugural champion.
Submitted May 22, 2009 8:07AM by DCRage - 1 comment
Filed under: World Victory Road / Sengoku
Sengoku 9 FWGP Semifinals Announced, Omigawa Draws Sandro
The TATAME website has revealed the matchups for the Featherweight GP Semifinals at World Victory Road Sengoku 9 on August 2. Former UFC fighter Michihiro Omigawa, looking to continue an improbable upset run, draws unbeaten Featherweight King Of Pancrase Marlon Sandro in his semi, while the other semi features Top 5 Featherweight Hatsu Hioki vs. Masanori Kanehara. Sengoku 9 also features the finals of the "Gold Cup", the culmination of a new TV show similar to The Ultimate Fighter.
Submitted May 18, 2009 12:38PM by DCRage - 1 comment
Filed under: World Victory Road / Sengoku
Sengoku Gets TUF with "Project: Gold Rush"
At a press conference yesterday, World Victory Road announced that Sengoku is currently developing "Project Gold Rush," a new Ultimate Fighter-style portion of their SENGOKU-G TV series which will see new and debuting fighters from gyms like GRABAKA, Yoshida Dojo and PANCRASEism competing for spots on the Sengoku roster. (Although, unlike the mother of all MMA reality shows, "P:GR" will presumably focus more on the prospects' training and less on bodily fluids / beverage hurling.) There will be 4-5 fighters from each gym spread across the bantamweight (60kg / 132 lbs), featherweight (65kg / 143 lbs) and lightweight (70kg / 154 lbs) divisions. Beginning later this month.
Submitted May 4, 2009 4:28PM by MMAcca - 2 comments
Filed under: World Victory Road / Sengoku
(Over?)Analyzing Omigawa: A Success Story for Japanese MMA
Four years ago, I was in an MMA pick 'em pool with four acquaintances. UFC and Pride cards, $20 buy-in, points for winner-method-round, and the total points winner took the pot. It was May 2005, and Pride's Bushido 7 was on the slate. I could already feel the 100 bones making the act of sitting down near impossible, almost Costanza-like. Being a massive MMA nerd and with Dream Stage Entertainment having retooled the Bushido program to heavily feature lightweights and homegrown talents, I figured I had a natural leg-up on my pool contemporaries who didn't feel the need to maniacally obsess over the sport. Naturally, I lost the Pride Bushido 7 pool. Actually, I didn't "lose" per se; I came in second place, by one point -- a fate infinitely more excruciating. Within the pick 'em pool, I was the only person who took the debuting Michihiro Omigawa over Aaron Riley. None too surprisingly either. I still consider it one of the worst fight picks I've ever made (maybe this is a column idea in and of itself), not just because of the fact that it robbed me of $100 but because it's as classic an example of overanalysis as you can get. Here was my idiotic rationale, as best I can recall: Omigawa's debut was coming on the heels of his teammate Makoto Takimoto getting a generous decision over sumo Henry "Sentoryu" Miller on New Year's Eve. As another pupil of Hidehiko Yoshida, one of DSE's few major domestic stars whom they wanted to keep happy, I expected Omigawa to be given considerable latitude for the officials. I anticipated that he would avoid mucking about on the feet with Riley, a battle-hardened brawler, and instead would quickly get some takedowns, at which point he would attempt to smother him with his gi and be given a gift decision by the judges due to the politics of the fight game. Anyone with a scintilla of common sense would've looked at the fact that Omigawa was a debuting judoka and that Riley was one of the sport's toughest customers, then would’ve commented it was a good thing Omigawa brought his pajamas with him: He was going to be put to bed -- which he was at six minutes even of the first round. However, with his recent underdog run halfway through Sengoku's featherweight grand prix, Omigawa now strikes different thoughts in my head.
Submitted May 4, 2009 11:54AM by ncordless - 2 comments
Filed under: PrideFC, World Victory Road / Sengoku, General MMA
Blagoi Ivanov (The man who beat Fedor in Sambo) Set to Face Kazuyuki Fujita at Sengoku IX
Japanese newspaper Tokyo Sports is reporting that the Bulgarian, Blagoi Ivanov, who defeated Fedor at the Sambo Championships will face PRIDE veteran Kazuyuki Fujita at Sengoku IX.
Submitted May 4, 2009 10:57AM by MMAcca - 2 comments
Filed under: World Victory Road / Sengoku
2 More FIghts Added To Sengoku 8 Card
World Victory Road today announced another 2 fights added to it's Sengoku 8 card on May 2: Non-FWGP fights featuring Maximo Blanco vs. Akihiko Mori and Shigeki Osawa vs. Kota Ishibashi. This brings the card to 10 total fights.
Submitted Apr 17, 2009 1:35PM by DCRage - 0 comments
Filed under: World Victory Road / Sengoku
Sengoku 8: Wiuff vs. Nedkov Added
Various sites are reporting that Travis Wiuff, best known as the former Yamma champion, has been added to World Victory Road Sengoku 8 and will face Bulgarian BJJ black belt Stanislav Nedkov. There are rumors this could be to crown a Light Heavyweight Champion but those have not been confirmed.
Submitted Apr 13, 2009 8:57AM by DCRage - 2 comments
Filed under: World Victory Road / Sengoku
Pancrase Changing Tour 3 - Kitaoka Returns to Pancrase
The next Pancrase event is shaping up to be something special. Pancrase has some very loyal fighters, and even though Kitaoka has moved on to bigger and better things, he still wants to fight in Pancrase.
Submitted Apr 6, 2009 3:10PM by Wolfenstein - 0 comments
Filed under: World Victory Road / Sengoku
Sengoku 8: FWGP Matchups Announced
World Victory Road today announced all 4 matchups for it's Featherweight GP Quarterfinals to be held at Sengoku 8 on 5/2. The promotion also announced or confirmed 3 non-GP fights for the card.
Submitted Mar 31, 2009 6:39AM by DCRage - 2 comments
Filed under: World Victory Road / Sengoku
Sengoku 8: Phan vs. Omigawa In FWGP Round 2
According to Nam Phan, he will face former UFC fighter Michihiro Omigawa at Sengoku 8 on May 2. The fight, expected to be announced this week, is one of 4 fights in the quarterfinals of Sengoku's Featherweight GP scheduled for the 5/2 card.
Submitted Mar 30, 2009 11:32AM by DCRage - 0 comments
Filed under: World Victory Road / Sengoku
Lawal To Have ACL Surgery, Out 3 Months
Muhammad "King Mo" Lawal now has some free time now to admire his "kingdom" from his "throne". He's due to have surgery for a completely torn ACL next week, an injury that apparently was bothering him going into Sengoku 7, and is expected to be out 3 months after surgery and including rehab.
Submitted Mar 27, 2009 10:18PM by DCRage - 1 comment
Filed under: World Victory Road / Sengoku
"King Mo" battled through more than just Kawamura for Sengoku win
"The problem is I have no PCL (posterior cruciate ligament) already," Lawal said. "And now my ACL may be gone." While Lawal's performance in the bout with Kawamura certainly paled in comparison to his three prior outings, understanding that two major ligaments in his knee were completely ineffective explains a bit about the fight.
Submitted Mar 26, 2009 2:37PM by Wolfenstein - 1 comment
Filed under: World Victory Road / Sengoku
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