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M-1 Global News - Page 5

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2009 M-1 Challenge Season Opener - Results
TEAM FINLAND VS. TEAM BENELUX * Danny Van Bergen (Benelux) def. Juha-Pekka Vainikainen (Finland) via unanimous decision * Jane Tulrinta (Finland) def. Tommy Depret (Benelux) via submission (D'arce choke) -- Round 1, 2:30 * Lucio Linhares (Finland) def. Kamil Uygun (Benelux) via submission (arm bar) -- Round 1, 1:22 * Marcus Vanttinen (Finland) def. Jason Jones (Benelux) via unanimous decision * Toni Valtonen (Finland) def. Sander Dayvis (Benelux) via knockout (slam) -- Round 1, 0:18 Team Finland def. Team Benelux, 4-1 THE IMPERIAL TEAM VS. SOUTH KOREA * Do Hyung Kim (South Korea) def. Mikhail Malyutin (Imperial Team) via unanimous decision * Myungho Bae (South Korea) def. Erik Oganov by submission (Imperial Team) via submission (rear-naked choke) -- Round 2, 2:12 * Dmitriy Samoylov (Imperial Team) def. Hyun Guy Lim (South Korea) via unanimous decision * Jae Young Kim (South Korea) def. Mikhail Zayats (Imperial Team) by knockout (kick) -- Round 2, 4:02 * Alexey Oleinik (Imperial Team) def. Sang Soo Lee (South Korea) by submission (Ezekiel choke) -- Round 2, 4:27 Team South Korea def. The Imperial Team, 3-2 TEAM USA WEST VS. TEAM BRAZIL * Dave Jansen (USA West) def. Flavio Roberto Alvaro (Brazil) via unanimous decision * Eduardo Pamplona (Brazil) def. Dylan Clay (USA West) via TKO (strikes) -- Round 3, 2:48 * Reggie Orr (USA West) def. Juliano Cioffe Belgine (Brazil) via split decision * Raphael Davis (USA West) def. Jair Goncalves Junior (Brazil) via TKO (strikes) -- Round 1, 4:05 * Jose Edson Dos Santos Franca (Brazil) def. Carl Seumanutafa (USA West) via split decision Team USA West def. Team Brazil, 3-2
Submitted Feb 23, 2009 12:37AM by MMAcca - 0 comments
Filed under: M-1 Global
Bobby Green, Carl Seumanutafa join Team USA West for M-1 challenge
"Affliction: Day of Reckoning" late replacement Bobby Green (7-2) and EliteXC veteran Carl Seumanutafa (4-1) will fight for the debuting Team USA West in the 2009 season of the "M-1 Challenge Presented by Affliction." M-1 Global today released the lineups for the new team, managed by M-1's Steve Bash and California-based promoter Roy Engelbrecht. The 2009 M-1 Challenge season opener is set for Feb. 21 at the Emerald Queen Casino in Seattle.
Submitted Feb 4, 2009 1:14AM by MMAcca - 0 comments
Filed under: M-1 Global
Affliction Day of Reckoning post fight quotes
Here are post fight quotes from the winners of Affliction Day of Reckoning. Fedor talks about capitalizing on Arlovski's mistakes, Barnett talks about his performance, and Dan Lauzon makes mentions of the low blows by Bobby Green. Some interesting quotes in case anyone hasn't seen
Submitted Jan 25, 2009 1:08PM by BDON911 - 13 comments
Filed under: Affliction, M-1 Global, Interviews
Bao Quach to replace Hominick at Affliction
Bao Quach will replace Mark Hominick, says nolimitsmma.com I dont know how credible it is, but it makes sense.
Submitted Jan 13, 2009 2:20PM by loller90278 - 5 comments
Filed under: Affliction, M-1 Global
Pedro Rizzo Returns In February
With only one fight in 2008, Pedro Rizzo stayed out of the card of Affliction’s second edition, that happens in January 24th at California. Despite the time without fighting, Rizzo wishes to come back to the rings in the following month, at a M1 event. “Affliction will make four shows in 2009, and will be ten of M1, which is partner of Affliction. I spoke with Tom Atencio to see if he puts me to fight at M1, that will happen in February. I think it’ll happen, it’s not closed yet, but there’s the possibility of fight”, said Pedro, training in the expectative to the fight. “I’m already training, February is coming… It’s only two months.
Submitted Jan 6, 2009 4:28PM by MMAcca - 5 comments
Filed under: M-1 Global
M-1's "Crazy Russians" Extend UFC An Invite
For over a year now UFC President Dana White has used an open forum to label the management of Fedor Emelianenko, led by M-1 President Vadim Finkelchtein, as "the crazy Russians." However, during a recent M-1 Challenge event, Finkelchtein responded to White's statements in an interview conducted by M-1 executives Joost Raimond (serving as Finkelchtein's translator) and Jerry Millen (serving as the interviewer). Thanks to a three-part series, members of the U.S. MMA media are finally being presented the other side of the story so that they can form an opinion for themselves. All 3 parts can be viewed after the jump.
Submitted Dec 8, 2008 1:50PM by DCRage - 3 comments
Filed under: M-1 Global
M-1 announces February event at the Playboy Mansion
M-1 Global will become the second-ever mixed martial arts promotion to host an event from the famed Playboy Mansion in Beverly Hills, California on February 21, 2009. The announcement was made official late this week on the promotion’s English-language website.
Submitted Dec 7, 2008 1:10PM by MMAcca - 1 comment
Filed under: M-1 Global
Aleksander Emelianenko Returns To Action, Scores KO At M-1
Top heavyweight Aleksander Emelianenko, expected to have fought for Affliction before being pulled in July for still-unknown reasons, returned to action today at M-1 Challenge. He scored an early KO over Korea's Sang Soo Lee at M-1 Challenge 9.
Submitted Nov 21, 2008 6:20PM by DCRage - 5 comments
Filed under: M-1 Global
Fedor Emelianenko, M-1 welcome "superfight" with UFC's Brock Lesnar
M-1's Official Statement on Brock Lesnar's victory "In a match between Fedor and Lesnar, we do not feel that at this stage Lesnar would be able to make it out of the first round," the statement read.
Submitted Nov 18, 2008 11:01PM by Muay-Thai_Mogwai - 12 comments
Filed under: UFC, M-1 Global
M-1 strengthens its positions in MMA
Vadim Finkelstein started off with the following statement: "After some important negotiations several major agreements were reached, namely a strategic agreement with one of the major boxing promotion organizations of the North America Golden Boy Promotions, leading American clothing manufacturer in Affliction and with an American business magnate billioner Donald Trump. This alliance will have huge consequences for progress and evolution of MMA in the whole world."
Submitted Nov 7, 2008 10:06PM by Wolfenstein - 1 comment
Filed under: M-1 Global
M-1 Challenge Being Aired on Bravo 2 - Starts Monday (UK Only)
M-1 Challenge begins on Bravo 2 - Monday 3rd November, 9pm. Think of it as the opening jab of the comeback fight...the spinning kicks are on their way in 2009 - more details when the ink has dried!
Submitted Oct 29, 2008 1:37PM by Ben_Hutch - 5 comments
Filed under: M-1 Global
‘Fighting Fedor’ Reality Show in Works
Affliction has partnered with M-1 Global, which is shopping around a reality TV series called “Fighting Fedor” that will feature a 16-man tournament with the winner eventually getting a shot at Fedor Emelianenko on an Affliction card. The partnership was officially announced Thursday at Trump Tower, along with some details on the show. A promo video presented by M-1 Global explained that participants from various countries will travel to St. Petersburg, Russia, where they’ll train at the Red Devil camp and compete in the tournament. The video said the show will be on “American TV,” though it doesn’t have a home yet. “We’re currently having negotiations with many different networks and channels,” said M-1 Global President Vadim Finkelchtein through an interpreter. Finkelchtein said networks are particularly interested because the show will focus on heavyweights. He also noted the international scope of M-1 Global, which through the M-1 Challenge has hosted events this year in Spain, Holland, England, Korea and Japan...
Submitted Oct 16, 2008 4:00PM by ncordless - 20 comments
Filed under: MMA Personalities, M-1 Global, Affliction, General MMA
M-1 Exclusive! Gegard Mousasi: "Fedor inspired me"
We caught up with the DREAM middleweight Grand Prix winner & champion. In this exclusive interview Gerard tells about his emotions before & after the GP Finals, starring in a movie alongside Fedor and how it feels like training with the best heavyweight in the world. Further he reveals future plans, bureaucratic origin of his name, hints at moving up the class and much more.
Submitted Oct 14, 2008 2:50AM by Wolfenstein - 3 comments
Filed under: M-1 Global
M-1 Vice President Jerry Millen talks new show and life with Fedor
Former PRIDE USA Vice President Jerry Millen is one of the most maligned individuals in mixed martial arts. But whether you like him or not, he has an insight into the business of MMA that very few individuals possess having worked for PRIDE both in Japan and in the United States. After his tenure in PRIDE came to an end in the months that proceeded Zuffa’s acquisition of the promotion in 2007, Millen took some time off before being approached by an old friend from his PRIDE days, Vadim Finkelstein. Finkelstein, the manager for former PRIDE heavyweight champion Fedor Emelianenko, had plans to grow his Russian-based M-1 promotion into a global superpower. In Millen, he was looking for an experienced hand to help direct the company’s International television operations.
Submitted Sep 18, 2008 11:04PM by MMAcca - 1 comment
Filed under: M-1 Global
Exclusive: Fedor on Couture Bout
Loretta Hunt interviewing Fedor.
Submitted Aug 13, 2008 9:42AM by ncordless - 1 comment
Filed under: MMA Personalities, General MMA, M-1 Global, Other MMA Organizations
Affliction Slugfest? Big Ben vs. Mighty Mo Possible
Affliction is reportedly trying to put together Ben Rothwell vs. Siala "Mighty Mo" Siliga for their next PPV on October 11. The fight is pending K-1 approval as Mo could still be a wild card in the upcoming K-1 GP finals, and if he is invited the Affliction fight would be off.
Submitted Aug 13, 2008 6:39AM by DCRage - 5 comments
Filed under: M-1 Global
Affliction, Fedor Prove MMA is Bigger Than UFC
There’s much to be said for selling out. For Affliction, it happens to be a good thing. The clothing company turned mixed martial arts promoter packed the Honda Center in Anaheim, Calif., on Saturday. Nearly 14,000 fans were treated to highlight reel moments of Dominique Wilkins proportions throughout the night. But it wasn’t all fashionable fun in the organization’s inaugural show. From the try-hard red carpet that ushered VIPs in and out of the arena to the distracting, unnecessary smoke machines that went on through most of the event, Affliction’s presentation had enough plot holes to compete with the latest batch of summer blockbusters...
Submitted Jul 22, 2008 8:46AM by ncordless - 11 comments
Filed under: M-1 Global, UFC, MMA Personalities, General MMA
Affliction Pay-per-view Expectations & Bar Sales
The pay-per-view numbers for Affliction: Banned will be among some of the most anticipated and watched of the year. A strong number will be evidence that there is a market for MMA outside of the UFC. A weak number will provide support to the notion that there is no market for MMA, only for the UFC. The obvious question then is: what constitutes a good or a bad number? Last week, Affliction Entertainment COO Michael Cohen told MMAPayout.com that he guaranteed the event would do above 50,000 buys, while Affliction VP Tom Atencio has publicly stated that it would take 250,000 buys for the show to break even. Based on the fact that no MMA event outside of the UFC has broken 100,000 buys, conventional wisdom around the industry is that anything above that mark would be a success. MMAPayout.com has learned that bar sales for Banned are believed to have been around 700. For comparison, it is believed that the UFC typically has between 750-1,000 in bar sales. However, it should be noted that it isn’t clear whether or not the Affliction event was offered at a discount to the UFC’s events. That number may give credence to what appeared to be a growing sense of optimism concerning the event’s chances on pay-per-view within the industry over the last week. Officials at InDemand were also reportedly excited about the events prospects.
Submitted Jul 20, 2008 10:21PM by ncordless - 13 comments
Filed under: M-1 Global, Other MMA Organizations, Miscellaneous
Exclusive: Affliction to broadcast entire "Banned" fight card
In Saturday's upcoming battle of counter-programming with the UFC, Affliction has again raised the stakes with its debut "Banned" card. Affliction Vice President Tom Atencio today told MMAjunkie.com (www.mmajunkie.com) that Saturday night's pay-per-view broadcast will run a full four hours and will feature eight bouts. Additionally, FSN will air three bouts, rather than the previously reported two fights. In other words, between FSN and PPV, the entire "Banned" fight card will be televised.
Submitted Jul 17, 2008 8:21PM by babalu2720 - 14 comments
Filed under: M-1 Global
From Surviving the Streets of Russia to MMA: The Story of Aleksander Emelianenko, Part 1
by Evgeni Kogan "I'm ready. It doesn't matter with who or where. On foot or on horseback. With maces or poleaxes. To fight. To first blood or to death. It doesn't matter, I'm ready to fight." -- Aleksander Emelianenko (Pictures) Living in the shadow of a big brother isn't easy. When you are in the same profession and he's more accomplished and better known, it's hard to stand in the spotlight unobstructed, as your own man. Side by side, the achievements that you've worked your whole life for, that you've gone through hell for in order to become a better person are less dazzling, less impressive when compared to his. You have less say in your fighting future, less media attention when he's caught in a perpetual avalanche of flash bulbs and microphones. You're fighting on the televised undercard when he's headlining the pay-per-view. Dude is so russian
Submitted Jul 17, 2008 1:15AM by ncordless - 2 comments
Filed under: M-1 Global, PrideFC, Interviews, MMA Personalities
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