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October 2007 MMA News Archive

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Phil Baroni's Suspension Reduced To 6 Months
The California State Athletic Commission on July 3, 2007, stated that fighter Phil Baroni had tested positive for Boldenone Metabolite and Stanozolol Metabolite following his Strikeforce main event bout with Frank Shamrock on June 22. He was subsequently fined $2,500 and suspended for one year. Boldenone and Stanozolol are common anabolic steroids that are banned from athletic competition in California. Baroni went before the commission on Tuesday to appeal and subsequently had his suspension reduced to six months. With the penalty being retroactive to the night of the bout, he will be eligible to fight again after Dec. 22. His fine was upheld. “I take this as a loss. I never did steroids,” said Baroni following the hearing.
Submitted Oct 31, 2007 10:14PM by wolfgarnaud - 7 comments
Mainstream media chimes in on the Randy Situation
Article from Time magazine via time.com discusses the Dana White and UFC situation and Randy. Article talks about the right of UFC, it's stars and discusses the back and forth of the Randy situation. Sort of fair take with little editorial bias.
Submitted Oct 31, 2007 6:08PM by marketmaven - 0 comments
Sean Sherk CSAC Ruling Postponed
UFC lightweight champion Sean Sherk (Pictures) will wait two more weeks to hear his fate after the California State Athletic Commission on Wednesday decided to recess the 155-pound Octagon ace's hearing until November 13. Sherk, 34, was set to go before the CSAC Wednesday morning to dispute tests which showed elevated testosterone levels and the anabolic steroid nandrolone in his A and B samples following his decision victory over Hermes Franca (Pictures) at UFC 73 on July 7. The CSAC stated that polygraph evidence and testimony filed by Sherk's Attorney Howard Jacobs was not disseminated to the entire commission for review. The lightweight expressed frustration to Sherdog.com at this morning's hearing, stating that he has invested $20,000 in the ongoing process. A ruling on Phil Baroni (Pictures), who tested positive for boldenone and stanozolol metabolites following his submission defeat to Frank Shamrock (Pictures) on June 22 in San Jose, is expected this afternoon.
Submitted Oct 31, 2007 5:34PM by wolfgarnaud - 13 comments
EliteXC to implement new weight classes
EliteXC President Gary Shaw announced today that the promotion will implement new weight classes to improve the safety of its competitors. “I am very concerned in the mixed martial arts world of this drastic cutting of weight,” said Shaw. “Fighters can fit better in these weight classes and fight for world titles without endangering their health.” EliteXC will remove the 155-pound weight class and add 140, 150 and 160 divisions. The company's weight classes are now: 140, 150, 160, 170, 185, 205, 265 and 265+.
Submitted Oct 31, 2007 4:34PM by wolfgarnaud - 18 comments
Update on the Sherk appeal
The Sherk steroid odyssey continues … another hearing has been set a month from now. No ruling until Nov 13th at the earliest … that’ll be the next date. Issue was Jacobs submitted a packet on Friday which no one looked at. Since they didn’t look at it, he asked for another postponement. The package contained polygraph information and other shit which doesn’t matter. Sherk said he’s spent 20k in legal fees and is pretty pissed off about all this and “isn’t happy about the recess”. Well hey … neither are we. Phil Baroni is up next, but I’m not sticking around to blog the result.
Submitted Oct 31, 2007 4:32PM by wolfgarnaud - 2 comments
Kevin Iole Retard Watch
I want to apologize to the average MMA fans who come here for general MMA news. We’ve been spending a lot of time talking backroom politics and business, and I promise that the moment something actually involving fighting happens, we’ll be the first to talk about it. Oh what? Werdum vs Gonzaga in January? Okay, I’ll try to find something funny to say on that which isn’t racist towards Brazilians.
Submitted Oct 31, 2007 4:03PM by wolfgarnaud - 3 comments
Official Documents From The UFC Regarding Randy Couture
The UFC held a press conference today to rebut Randy Couture's statments that the company had lied to him about his place in the UFC salary hierarchy. At the press conference UFC officials handed out documents to corroborate their side of the story.
Submitted Oct 31, 2007 3:47PM by wolfgarnaud - 2 comments
Is The UFC Re-Writing Contracts?
According to the Steve Cofield’s show on Fox Sports Radio 1460 in Las Vegas, the UFC is believed to be re-writing the contracts of several established stars in order to tighten up the legal language in them to eliminate any potential loopholes. With the potential of a court battle over Randy Couture's contract looming, it makes sense that the UFC would seek to shore up any deficiencies contained in the language of the contracts they write. This could also be construed as a sign that the UFC recognizes the possibility that Couture's contract may contain a loophole that could allow him to fight again in nine months. A point Couture and his lawyers seem very adamant about.
Submitted Oct 31, 2007 3:45PM by wolfgarnaud - 0 comments
Mmaweekly World MMA Rankings Updated
The latest MMAWeekly World MMA Rankings were released on Wednesday, October 31. This system ranks the top ten MMA fighters from all across the world in each of the six largest weight classes, as voted on by MMAWeekly.
Submitted Oct 31, 2007 12:38PM by Muay-Thai - 6 comments
Is Fedor Emelianenko a Top-Five Heavyweight?
UFC President Dana White again claimed that he tried to sign the fighter to a UFC contract — even though he thinks Emelianenko isn’t a top-five heavyweight. White again argued that the only reason he tried to sign Emelianenko was because Couture wanted the fight. Otherwise, he said, Emelianenko is a terribly overrated fighter.
Submitted Oct 31, 2007 12:15PM by Muay-Thai - 49 comments
Sean Sherk’s Future Decided Today
UFC lightweight champion Sean Sherk, who’s appealing a $2,500 fine and one-year suspension due to a failed UFC 73 drug test, will learn his fate today. Sherk’s hearing with the CSAC is set for today at noon ET/9 a.m. PT in Los Angeles.
Submitted Oct 31, 2007 12:12PM by Muay-Thai - 11 comments
The MMA News Report 10.31.07
A reaction to the latest UFC press conference, a detailed evaluation of which fighters will become the next UFC superstars, and an update on two talented UFC heavyweights. All this and more inside.
Submitted Oct 31, 2007 10:35AM by grappler0000 - 0 comments
Inside the Standard Zuffa Contract
At a news conference Tuesday in Las Vegas, UFC President Dana White steadfastly refused to discuss the terms of Couture's contract. For his part, UFC co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta said, "From our perspective, Randy is still under contract. We will do whatever we have to do to continue to protect our rights." Lot of Legal jargon but not a bad read. Makes me think Zuffa might have the upper hand. Plus Randy fighting Nog is pretty dam close in terms of awesoness to fighting Fedor. If Randy Beats Nog, then He must fight Fedor.
Submitted Oct 31, 2007 7:41AM by madmarck - 2 comments
Detailed Recap Of UFC Press Conference
The following is a detailed recap of the UFC press conference held today in Las Vegas and streamed online via UFC.com with UFC president Dana White, company owner Lorenzo Fertitta and UFC's CFO John Mulkey. The recap was written by MMANews.com's Matt Boone.
Submitted Oct 31, 2007 2:23AM by Muay-Thai - 3 comments
UFC Officials Rebut Randy Couture’s Pay Claims
UFC President Dana White, co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta, and chief financial officer John Mulkey today addressed Randy Couture’s complaints from a press conference the UFC heavyweight champion held last week at his training center in Las Vegas. White spearheaded the UFC’s rebuttal, specifically addressing Couture’s salary estimates, a complaint that he never received a signing bonus, and claims from Couture’s wife, Kim, that the UFC didn’t promote her husband during his UFC career
Submitted Oct 31, 2007 2:12AM by Muay-Thai - 1 comment
Dana White, Lorenzo Fertita's Press Conference
Earlier Today, Dana White And Lorenzo Fertita Held A Press Conference Regarding The Statements Randy Couture Has Made Over The Past Couple Of Weeks. Dana White Talks About, Randys Pay, And Even Has The Documentation To Prove It. His Relationship With The UFC Heavy Weight Champion, Talks Between The Two, And Regards To Fedor This Is From www.UFC.com, So For Any Reason If It Does Not Work, Go To This Site And Go To VIDEO ARCHIVE
Submitted Oct 30, 2007 10:07PM by RMFG_187 - 11 comments
Exclusive Interview With Kevin Randleman
MMANews.com's own Chris Howie recently caught up with former UFC Heavyweight champion and PRIDE fighter Kevin "The Monster" Randleman to discuss a number of topics. Below is a partial transcript of the interview. Check back here at MMANews.com later for part two of the interview. [L=http://www.mmanews.com/other/MMANews.com-Exclusive-Interview-With-Kevin-Randleman-[Pt.-1].html]http://www.mmanews.com/other/MMANews.com-Exclusive-Interview-With-Kevin-Randleman-[Pt.-1].html[/L]
Submitted Oct 30, 2007 9:48PM by wolfgarnaud - 2 comments
Things aren’t looking too hot for Randy
For those of you who didn’t read the novel of a live blog we did earlier today, let me summarize the UFC press conference for you: It was 10 minutes of facts and then 45 minutes of rhetoric. Mixed in were 5 minutes of stupidity from random douche ‘journalists’. Nowhere to be seen at this conference was Kevin Iole, who no doubt was off somewhere kicking the ass of the source who led him so astray. Their plan is to offer Randy another fight this week. That fight will be for sometime early 2008 and most likely be against Big Nog. If Randy doesn’t accept that fight then they’ll consider him retired and have other guys fight for the vacant title. If Randy simply does not intend to fulfill his contract, it looks like the UFC is locked and loaded for sexy court action. Wait a second … court action isn’t sexy at all. Shit.
Submitted Oct 30, 2007 8:19PM by Sam_Rothstein - 41 comments
Din Thomas arrested??
Din Thomas (Pictures) was arrested Tuesday in Port St. Lucie, Florida, for running in his local gym what a police spokesman called "illegal cage fighting" matches. The TCPalm reported that Thomas faces a felony prohibited-competitions charge after police entered his training studio and watched two men fighting in an "octagon-shaped ring" before roughly 150 spectators. "At the end of the day, he was having a professional mixed martial arts match that was not licensed through us," Sam Farkas, a spokesman for Florida's Department of Business and Professional Regulation, told the TCPalm. "It was a case of unlicensed activity." Sherdog.com confirmed the arrest with a representative of Thomas' American Top Team camp. According to ATT, Thomas was in the process of posting a $10,000 bond to obtain his release from jail. Thomas, a veteran lightweight currently competing in the UFC, lost his most recent bout on Sept. 19 to Kenny Florian (Pictures) in the main event of a UFC Fight Night card. He injured his knee in the match before succumbing to a rear-naked choke. Prior to the Florian loss, Thomas was on a three-fight winning streak in the UFC. Source: http://sherdog.com/
Submitted Oct 30, 2007 7:32PM by Mitchell740 - 6 comments
Lytle-Alves clash heads up UFC 78 Undercard
Welterweight contenders Chris Lytle and Thiago Alves get an opportunity to move up in the 170-pound rankings on Saturday, November 17th, when they battle it out on the undercard of the UFC 78 show being held at Newark, New Jersey’s Prudential Center.
Submitted Oct 30, 2007 7:30PM by aznteabagger - 5 comments
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