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Page 1789 - Top MMA News and Mixed Martial Arts Headlines

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Answer to the Interview from Ariel Sexton from the Gracie Camp in Costa Rica
Interview Answers for Ariel Sexton and the Ryan Gracie Camp: Please check out Ariel Sexton on www.youtube.com. He is the 170lb Champ of Costa Rica and is undefeated in MMA. He will be fighting in the IFL and UFC soon. At 23 he is very young and his training partner Juan barrantes is 19 has 5 pro fights and is tough as nails and he is definitly a stand out . Q & A with Ariel Sexton & the Gracie Camp in Costa Rica 1) What is the atmosphere training in a Gracie camp? What are the calibur of fighters in your camp and are there any standouts (other than yourself) who you feel are worth mentioning.

1..My Team in Costa Rica is fairly young guys and some girls... We trian every day , and some times twice a day, and that is what seperates us from the other schools. We have lots of very good Jiu Jiitsu fighters even better than me . Thats is what keeps it competative for everyoone . Everyone wants to be at there best at all times..My partner in crime Juan Barrantes is 19 and has 5 pro fights , and is tough as nails.Mark my word he is going to be a stand out . Plus there are a few other guys that are teedering on that fact to switch to fight mma.. our level is very high at the Gracie camp , and im very happy
2) You gave in my opinion a horrible heelhook to Donaldson, I'm a cringeworthy guy so maybe i'm wrong but looks like you wanted to take the guys leg off, any story behind this?

No . I think Mickey asked me this question before, and there was no bad blood. The only person I had beef with was Vasquez , becasue him and his camp would always taunt us and say how much better they are than us. So in that fight I had to celebrate a bit more Haha. We were doing lots of leg locks at that time ,and all the guys at our camp were injured even me from heelhooks and leg locks. So wee stopped doing them ... There was no intension to hurt anyone (dan) it wasnt even that hard its just a very scary submission.
3) Who do you think would make a good match up for in your first UFC fight? Anybody you are particularly looking for/want to fight in the division.

No idea... I just want to be explosive and win
4) Realistically what do you think your chances are in the division, how long until you expect to be challenging for the belt?

Excellent..In five years I will be a JJ black belt, and will have won at least one major B.J.J World title either in the IFL or the UFC or maybe both..
5) What methods/routines would you recommend to those who wish to start training to fight on the level that you are? How much dedication does it involve, how can your average Joe go about learning and then fighting MMA?

..good question.... I have to deal with that one every day... I teach Jiu Jitsu at a gym 3 days a week to lots of guys that want to eventuly fight mma. I think its very important to be exrta prepered to get in the ring. It take years of dedicaton to Jiu Jitsu then you have to know lots of stand up to hold your own. Plus you need to know wrestling so you dont get thrown around . Combine all those and you have 30% of it. LOL.. The rest come from you mentaly and focusing on winning . I would rather have a record of 25-0 than 40-10 its not the nunber of fights that will male you its the quality. It takes hard work to be succesful and disapline is number one... .
6) Do you feel that raining at a Gracie camp gives you any advantage in any area of MMA? If so which ones? What have you learnt from training at a gracie camp that you can pass on to others.

My advantage is definitly brazilian JJ... Its so efective . We are all trianaholics and submission specialists which means we have good condition and air in Costa Rica thats my stong stuff. It's very important not to over look the basics in J.J. Get a good foundaton so you can be dominant over those who dont.. right?. I have learned to always be humble and, that will take you futher than being cocky.. Trian hard , becasue your opponnet will be training hard also, and have fun with it ..
7) Where do you see yourself in five years time? In which organization, do you feel you will hold any belts by this time?

Well in five years ill be a JJ black belt , and will have won at least one major B.J.J. World title.. I will have some fights in the IFL ,WEC and the UFC. I will be a Gracie brother forever , i can never forget what got me this far.
8) Fluctuating in weight classes? Is this an option for you? Do you feel capable of doing so? If so where and when, will this ever be an option that you would consider, dependant on your results at the time.

Of course .. I am already giving it lots a thought becasue I am 170 full after Thanksgiving dinner ,you know what i mean ... If I am going to be sucessfull in the UFC. I will definitly have to consider it
9) How long do you train/study Mixed Martial Arts?

I trian every day at least three hours. When I have a fight I step it up ,and do about five hours daily.
What is your game plan when you get in the ring/octagon?

.We are submission specialists , I like to beat up my oponent first then tap him out.
I know when you won the Costa Rica 170lb belt you had to fight more than once in a night like the old UFC tournaments. What is that like?

fighting more than once in one night ...Well its tough becasue , you dont know who you are fighting , and thats the worst for me .. Then there are injurys so you have to take it easy in the first fight so you can save your self for the next 2.. Your adrenaline goes up and down which takes a toll on your body.
Ariel , Thank you for your time I know you are busy is there anything you would like you say to MMAPlayground ?

I want to thank everyone for all there questions .. Everyone calls me cbrico or kidpeligro.....which means both fast and dangerous. Mickey Thank you for putting this together , and by the way Thank you to the best sponsor in the World www.WeLoan.Us they will be sponsoring me and my camp as we fight around the world. Thanks again
Submitted Feb 6, 2007 2:10AM by www-WeLoan-us - 2 comments
Ex-Pride Fighters Headline UFC 67
Article by: Lars B. The most notable debut was that of Mirko Cro-cop who brought his larger than life reputation across the pond to battle a relative newcomer of the sport, Eddie Sanchez. As Eddie Sanchez entered the cage you could tell that this was one of his more nervous moments on earth, knowing that he was about to take on one of the most dangerous fighters on the face in the world. As the lights dimmed and the crowd began to stir with the anticipation of Cro-cop, people wondered what music he would choose to enter the famed Octagon. Maybe some popular Croatian tune that would internally light his fire? Maybe a tune from the Karate Kid…..”You’re the best around! Nothings gonna ever keep you down!”….. Nope. Cro-Cop enters to the theme music of PrideFC! Wow! Not many fans in attendance knew the significance of the music that he was entering too, but hardcore fans knew what that familiar beat of the drum was. But Cro-Cop was not there to represent Pride or the UFC. He was representing Croatia and Mirko. As the first round began you could tell that Sanchez was already in survival mode, back-peddling and circling away from that thunderous left leg of Mirko. Sanchez looked like a mouse trapped in a snake’s cage looking for a way to escape. Cro-Cop slowly stalked his prey undoubtedly knowing the ultimate fate of his opponent across the Octagon. Sanchez threw wild haymaker after wild haymaker but rarely connected. Cro-Cop unleashed one of his infamous left kicks to the side of Sanchez and from that moment on the North American MMA fans knew that they had a new superstar on their hands. Cro-Cop’s superior hand speed and power was no match for Sanchez, but you have to give the California native credit for even stepping into the cage. Cro-Cop repeatedly peppered Sanchez with left jabs and eventually landed a left high-kick to Sanchez’s head that sent him reeling backwards. With every punch and kick that the Croat threw the crowd gasped in amazement at the power and speed in which he delivered his strikes. One no more relevant than a low right leg-kick to the left thigh of Sanchez that sent shockwaves through the arena as the capacity crowd let out a collective groan. Cro-Cop eventually forced Sanchez to the ground after a flurry and Steve Mazzagatti jumped in as he had seen enough and called a halt to the fight at 4:33 of the first round due to repeated strikes on the ground. It was an impressive debut that introduced the deadliest striker in MMA to the UFC. Mirko will inevitably get a shot at the belt in a few fights, but I cannot see anyone in the UFC heavyweight division being able to even come close to defeating him. The UFC will eventually sign Fedor, whether it is through the purchase of Pride or from the direct acquisition of the #1 HW on the planet, and we will see Fedor/Cro-Cop II. That, my friends, will be the biggest fight in MMA history Former Pride light-heavyweight contender, Quinton Rampage Jackson was looking to make a big statement in his Octagon debut against one of the few men on the planet that has defeated him. Marvin Eastman defeated Rampage 6 yrs ago in KOTC 4 via a judge’s decision. This had the makings to be a great stand-up fight, and it was at times, but the first frame saw the fighters clenching and being separated multiple times by referee Big John McCarthy. Rampage looked hesitant most of the 1st round, admitting after the fight that it was the most nervous he has ever been before a fight. Jackson controlled the round and solidified it on the judge’s scorecard with a flurry at the end of the round that had Eastman on the verge of being taken out. Round 2 was a completely different Rampage. He looked as though he loosened up and began to throw his punches with confidence, and this translated directly into entertainment. Eastman did a good job of making a fight out of it, but Rampage eventually got what he wanted when he landed 3 consecutive upper-cuts to Eastman’s jaw that sent him pummeling to the canvas. Rampage followed and landed a few more punches before BJM could jump in and stop the fight. Rampage admitted after the fight that he was not ready to fight Chuck and he needed at least one more fight before challenging for the LHW title. It is almost sickening when the UFC hype machine already starts promoting a fight when it is more than 6 months off, but that is exactly what they did when the cameras cut to Chuck in the first row. Rampage/Chuck II will be a great fight, don’t get me wrong, but lets just not have it shoved down our throats for the next year. Overall it was a solid debut by Rampage. Many expected a huge slam that would bring the crowd to their feet, but Eastman proved to have a solid base and good wrestling skills that prevented Jackson from spiking the Beast on his dome. When all was said and done, Rampage stood with his hand raised and the crowd screaming, but all he could hear was “cha-ching”. In the main event of the evening, if you want to call it that, Travis Lutter took on Anderson Silva in a non-title fight. Travis Lutter’s embarrassing weight issues did not sit well with the crowd and they expressed this as he entered the arena. Many questioned if Lutter would be able to get the fight to the ground, where he is most comfortable, due to his drained physical state after cutting that much weight the day before. The question was answered quickly in the first frame as Silva landed a beautiful flying knee to the side of Lutter’s head, but the Texas native took the blow impressively and brought the fight to the ground as he grabbed a double-leg. Silva eventually kicked off Lutter and attempted to escape but he was quickly corralled again and brought back into the jiu-jitsu world. Lutter eventually gained mount and began to rain down unanswered punches to the face of The Spider. It briefly looked as though the fight was going to be stopped due to the lack of defense posed by Silva, but his gangly Kareem Abdul-Jabar-esque legs were long enough rise up and sweep Lutter as he was allowed to scramble back to his feet as round 1 ended. Silva was unable to defend another slow takedown by Lutter as round 2 opened, and the fighters found themselves back in a familiar position. Silva found an opening to deliver an up kick to the jaw of Lutter and then transitioned nicely into a triangle choke that looked to be sunk in pretty deep. To Lutter’s credit, he fought the submission valiantly and remained within the triangle for 1:30 before submitting to elbow strikes to the head. The Spider unleashed his prey from his legs, jumped to his feet and gave the crowd his patented air-guitar hip thing. Still weird to me. This fight was not surprising in the fact that Silva won, but how he won. No one expected Silva to be able to submit the accomplished grappler on the ground, but he proved to many doubters that he does have a pretty good ground game as well. Now that this debacle called TUF 4 is semi-completed can Dana now be reserved in the fact that having a game show to determine who fights for a belt is not a great idea? I hope so. UFC 67 had a very weird feeling to it with 3 former Pride fighters headlining the card, no titles on the line, and Joe Rogan was not wearing a black shirt. Mirko and Rampage proved that they are great fighters and will be huge stars here in the US as long as they can deal with the booing. Overall, the card was mediocre at best. This goes to show you that it isn’t about the names on the card, but about the competitiveness of the matches. Fight fans do not want to see a hopeless Eddie Sanchez get seriously hurt in the cage. But marketing has to be done and I guess we all have to accept that.
Submitted Feb 6, 2007 12:28AM by -mma-Lars- - 5 comments
The Votes Are In!
With about one hour left until voting closes for mmaplayground's inaugrual event, UFC 67: All or Nothing, it seems as though most of the participants have made their final picks. Turnout has been pretty impressive thus far and it will be interesting to see just how accurate the votes are. Almost all matches received over 2000 votes a piece, with Halverson vs. Huerta being the lone exception, and a number of landslide winners have been choosen. Here is how the voting faired. Anderson Silva (93%) versus Travis Lutter (7%) Silva received 2412 of the total 2588 votes, with Lutter raking in a dismal 176 votes. Overwhelming support for Silva in what is now a non-title fight match-up. Eddie Sanchez (3%) versus Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic (97%) "Cro Cop" received 2521 of the total 2588 votes, giving Sanchez only 67 votes. No surprise here, maybe with the exception of Sanchez receiving so many votes! There is a few risk takers out there. Quinton Jackson (97%) versus Marvin Eastman (3%) Jackson received 2496 of the total 2576 votes, with Eastman receiving only 80 votes. Clearly another landslide victory. Could be some very dissappointed voters out there, but not likely. Patrick Cote (60%) versus Scott Smith (40%) Cote received 1496 of the total 2499 votes. Smith raked in a respectable 1003 votes in what turned out to be the closest vote of the night. Should be a war! Sam Hoger (19%) versus Ryoto Machida (81%) Machida received most of the 2325 total votes with 1874, giving Hogar only 451. Fight may turn out to be a lot closer than the votes. Frank Edgar (5%) versus Tyson Griffin (95%) Griffin impressed a lot of fans in his last UFC fight. He recieved 2174 votes of the total 2280 votes in what turned out to be another clear choice. Edgar received just 106 votes. Dustin Hazelett (63%) versus Diego Saraiva (37%) Hazelett took down 1271 of the total 2030 votes, with Saraiva getting 759 votes in what turned out to be one of the closer match-ups vote wise for this weekend. John Halverson (19%) versus Roger Huerta (81%) Huerta was the clear winner taking in 1614 votes of the 1992 total, giving Halverson only 378 votes. Again, a lot of seperation in the votes. Terry Martin (31%) versus Jorge Rivera (69% Last but not least, Rivera received 1422 votes of the total 2069, giving him a clear edge over Martin's 647 votes. This fight could go either way in my opinion. So there we have it. The first show is in the books. Out of the nine fights on the card, an average of 2327 votes were given to each fight. It will be exciting to see if that number increases over the next few shows. The votes are in and all that is left to do now is enjoy the show. I hope everyone has a chance to see this card tonight and I look forward to reading the comments left on the forums. Nathan
Submitted Feb 3, 2007 1:07PM by -NewBreed- - 0 comments
Lutter 2 Pounds Over
Travis Lutter came in two pounds over weight at the UFC 67 weigh-in. The Nevada State Athletic Commission will give him two hours to drop the weight,or he will lose his title shot.
Submitted Feb 2, 2007 8:55PM by chubbud22 - 14 comments
VERY IMPORTANT: Updates from today continued
One VERY IMPORTANT update that was not mentioned earlier today has now been implimented on the site. This update affects the game pretty drastically, so we felt it was important to get it added to the site before the first event took place: In the past you simply selected the winner and when you thought the fight would end. Now you can also pick the way the fight ends: ko/tko, submission, unanimous decision, split decision. The fight ending result time field has also been updated to now include just a generic "judge's decision" entry since you will now be specifying the specific judgement in the new fight ending details field. Please note: All those who placed wagers that included either a unanimous or split decision have had the wagers updated to the new generic decision field. The very small handful of wagers that were set up wagering specifically on a split vs unanimous decision have been deleted as this is no longer an option for a fight ending time. Scoring will now be as follows: 5 points - correctly guess the fight winner ($10 bonus) 8 points - correctly guess the winner and the fight ending time ($20 bonus) 10 points - correctly guess the winner, ending time, and ending details ($35 bonus) These point totals (but not the bonus $) are doubled on the new "Hot" items bouts we introduced earlier today as well. Emails are going out to all site members in the next 24 hours to notify them of the updates and to remind them to solidify their picks for Saturday's big event! As always, a big thank you to the numerous people that suggested implimenting this to further enhance the game.
Submitted Feb 2, 2007 12:05AM by DoTheMMAth - 1 comment
2/1/07 - Website updates and new features
Event point scoring and the new "Hot" events To help further distinguish the "Pro's from the Joe's" here in our picks game we've implemented a new feature called "Hot" events. In a nutshell: At every event we will take the two fights with the closest split in picks (as determined here) and double the points awarded for those two fights. Those with the vision to foresee the outcome of the more debatable fights will reap the benefits! These "Hot" fights will be marked on the "My Upcoming Events" page accordingly. We've also increased the bonus points awarded for correctly selecting a fight's result to 3 points rather than 2 points. In the scoring output simulations we ran on our test server both of these items helped to alleviate some of scoring "gridlock" that can be expected on events like the upcoming UFC67 where quite a few of the fights have a heavy favorite that most users select. However, this shouldn't be too much of a concern considering that the season is spanned accross 10 events (80-90 fights to make picks on) and that some events are going to be more unpredictable than others. More changes coming to the site Since site launch a few weeks ago we have received TONS of really good feedback on improving things around here, and lots of it is going to be implmented over the next few weeks. Here's a rundown of some things you can expect to see in the near future here on MMAPlayground... Re the viewing of other user's picks Site programming will be updated so that users will not be able to view each others picks until after a fight has been locked out for selections. As a season nears its end this information could be used to another player's advantage. For example, someone is in 1st place with a slight leader over the 2nd place player. To make sure they are not passed in points, they could simply mirror the selections of the 2nd place player. Policing the wager slime Those who have read the site rules know that any who create multiple accounts and/or have others help them to "juice" their fantasy bankroll will be penalized. All user wager histories are publicly viewable on the site via their profiles. If someone has a suspicious history you can click the link at the bottom of their financial history page that says "Report suspected wager manipulation" to alert us. Wagering against the house Due to the overwhelming amount of feedback we've received requesting a house-based odds style wagering system we are currently working on (yep, you guessed it) a house-based odds style wagering system. This will NOT replace the existing wagering system, as the current format is easy to understand and a fun way to make personal bets with others (just like you would while jawing at the water cooler on the job). Both systems will be in place as ways for users to build their fantasy bankrolls. Community "wiki-ish" MMA organization and team/camp rosters One feature we plan to launch within the next week is a section where users can browse the fighters within each pro organization and weight class and in each fight camp / team. Taking a page from wikipedia's playbook, this section will be user-powered so that you can add and edit listings to help keep the rosters current. nate22 has already given us a good head start on things behind the scenes, thanks nate! The data from this new section will be used for the following upcoming feature as well.... Top 10 fighter lists If you've ever been on any of the popular MMA forums then you've most likely read or participated in a topic where users rank who they consider to be the top 10 most talented fighters in a weight division. Using the data from our MMA Rosters section and the input from all our site users, we will be introducing a new feature called "MMA Top 10's". We will take everyone's rankings for each division (and p4p) and average them all out to have a fan-powered ranking system. There's one catch however... the better your win/loss ratio of guessing fights correctly in our picks game is, the more "weight" your votes for the rankings have. This will make it so that the final displayed fighter rankings are more influenced by expert MMA fans rather than the casual MMA passerby in the hopes of providing a more accurate way of gauging a "true" top 10 list. Forum reputation system We've had some really good conversations in our forums over the last couple weeks. Some of you may already be familiar with forum reputation systems, but if not, just know that a forum rep system is an easy way for users to give "props" to other users for making good posts. Those receiving props for making these worthwhile and thought-provoking posts will be indicated by their username and in their profile as such. Well, there's a taste of what you can expect to see in the near future. Good luck to all with your picks and wagers on Saturday's big event! Keep the good feedback and ideas coming!
Submitted Feb 1, 2007 1:55PM by DoTheMMAth - 8 comments
Overeem vs Shogun confirmed!
Alistair Overeem and Shogun Rua has been confirmed for the next Pride. This wiil be another great match up, Overeem had Rua in trouble in the first one. I cant wait to see the second one. http://www.prideofficial.com/
Submitted Feb 1, 2007 1:24PM by chubbud22 - 7 comments
UFC 67: The Introduction of a Star – Mirko is Here
Article by: Lars B. All hail Cro-Cop! This Saturday will mark the day that many hardcore American MMA fans have waited for a long time; the debut of Mirko "Cro-Cop" Filipovic on US soil (and obviously the debut of mmaplayground.com). The former Croatian Anti-Terrorist soldier will drag his thunderous left leg into the biggest MMA production in North America, and arguably the world. The Octagon will house one of the most dangerous men on the planet for up to 15 minutes, but it will probably be closer to one minute. Cro-Cop will look to land one of his tree trunks to the side of 24 year old Eddie Sanchez’s head at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas Saturday night. Sanchez, The North County Fight Club member and Jason Lambert teammate, is coming off a KO victory over Mario Neto at UFC 63 and boasts a 6-0 professional MMA record, but don’t expect those facts to block a vicious high-kick that could send his head into the 17th row. The only thing that will prevent that from happening is hard work, heart, and a riot shield. Cro-Cop was brought in as a hired gun to clean up the UFC Heavyweight division. The much maligned division was in serious need of some lifeblood, and that is exactly what Dana White got when he signed the most feared striker in the world to a 2 year contract. Cro Cop’s contract with the UFC is a 6-fight deal that is speculated to be in the $6 - $7 million range, the richest contract ever dished-out by the once shallow-pocketed Zuffa. They purchased the rights to an international MMA star that can, and will, turn the North American fight scene on its head. On the streets of Zagreb women are naming their babies after this man. Men are left high-kicking street signs in an attempt to replicate the infamous weapon that their idol unleashes on his victims. This is not some Croatian "can". This man can do some damage! Cro-Cop may be fighting in an unfamiliar land, but do not expect Eddie Sanchez to be the fan favorite come Saturday night under the bright lights. Cro-Cop’s 21-4 record is littered with 14 KO’s that have been against some of the best competition in the world. Barnett, Silva, Coleman, and Minowa, to name a few, have all fell victim to the assault of the Croat. His latest triumph over the primal looking Wanderlei Silva has been repeated over and over on MMA highlight reels, and the KO truly solidified his position as one of the best fighters in the world. The biggest acquisition in the UFC’s history will have to be utilized carefully, and Joe Silva sees Eddie Sanchez as a fighter who will put up a heart-filled fight, but more than likely fall victim to a horrific knockout. The only chance that “Dirty” Sanchez has to win this fight is to smother Cro-Cop against the cage and somehow get him to the ground. Sanchez cannot treat Cro-Cop like a promiscuous female with STDs and keep him an arms length away. He must cut down the distance and not allow the Croatian to extend his weapons that he calls limbs. Look for this fight to end quickly and violently if Sanchez cannot do that. Sanchez has to be commended for having the stones to step inside the Octagon with such a feared competitor like Cro-Cop. It will surely earn him the respect of many fans and of the UFC brass. Look for Sanchez to get a winnable fight in his next appearance in the UFC, but the young California fighter has nothing to lose on Saturday night. When Big John McCarthy slaps his hands between these two fighters make sure that you do not blink, because this one could end in a flash. The arrival of Cro-Cop on the US MMA scene will be a catalyst for other international fighters to bring their abilities to the states. The growing pockets of Zuffa and the shrinking bankroll of PrideFC will play a big factor in the signing of big name free agents over the next few years. Now the question is; how will the somewhat uneducated US fan base accept these international fighters? I have a feeling that once Cro-Cop unleashes just one of those devastating left high-kicks that the US fans will welcome these foreign fighters with open arms. Enter Cro-Cop. Prediction: Cro-Cop wins by signature left high kick in the 1st The Numbers: Vegas - Cro-Cop -1500 Sanchez +800 MMAplayground.com Cro-Cop 2096 votes Sanchez 56 votes
Submitted Feb 1, 2007 8:35AM by -mma-Lars- - 6 comments
More Good News for MMA
Another news org. jumps on the bandwagon: Lets Get It On
Submitted Jan 29, 2007 6:15PM by zephead - 5 comments
Site updates, 1/27/07
Let's see... what do we have going on here at the moment.... UFC 67, inaugural season event #1, coming up on Saturday. Make sure you have your picks and wagers in place a few hours before the PPV event is live for us all to watch. The fight card seems pretty set in stone at this point. If there's someone you'd like to see get involved in the game from the get-go then by all means please use the Invite A Friend page to get them involved before our first event is locked out for selection. Fight Camp Directory - Taking feedback via the forum and from various site contacts we've updated the fight camp directory so that fight camps of similar sizes are pitted against each other for competition sake. You're now able to sort via things like overall win percentage, average member bankroll, etc, based on what fight camp "weight division" your camp fits into. A big thank you to all who offered creative feedback on how to rank things. Fight Camp Message Boards - These have been upgraded to match the feature availability that we enjoy here on the community forums, including pictures, edits, and other features. Account activations - A few members have been confused by the account activation process messages. We've simplified things and made the interface a little more specific so that hopefully it will be easier for people to sign up and validate their accounts to make their picks and wagers. Overall site progress - We've been online for a full two weeks as of now, are working our way towards 2,500 members, have some great fight camps formed up, good talk on our message boards, and great feedback to help improve things to pull us out of "BETA" stage here in our little MMA game world. A big thank you to all those who have spread the word and contributed ideas A big welcome goes out to all those joining us from (in alphabetical pollitically correct order so as to avoid offense): Auto Forum Universe, BloodyKnux, Bullshido, MMA.tv, MMAFighting, MMAForum, and Sherdog. WRITERS - We are still in need of 2 or so qualified, passionate writers to help keep the MMA community informed of recent MMA news and events. If you have writing experience and/or think that you have what it takes to keep us demanding MMA fans "in the know" on things, then please contact us. Next week - We're currently in the process of building a new feature which should help put a number of forum topics to rest.... we don't want to say much about it, but we plan on adding this new section to the site after next week's UFC 67 event and it will need lots of user input to make this something that the MMA community can reference. Your fantasy MMA picks will play a large roll in this feature (don't wanna say much more about it until it's launched) so make sure that you go with the fight picks that you feel strongly about. Again, welcome all who have joined us and thank you for the support you've all lended so far, Moderator Will
Submitted Jan 27, 2007 11:37PM by DoTheMMAth - 0 comments
HDNet Showing Live MMA Again
With the UFC buying WEC HDNet will no longer be showing their live fights. They will continue to show repeats. But this is the best part: (Towards the end of the story) Linky Loo
Submitted Jan 25, 2007 6:38PM by zephead - 0 comments
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