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Page 1764 - Top MMA News and Mixed Martial Arts Headlines

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Possible changes to next WEC card
link According to the rumors section of MMAWeekly.com, it appears there could be some changes to the WEC's next card on May 12. The original main event was lightweight champion "Razor" Rob McCullough vs. Rich Crunkilton for the title. The new listed main event on MMAWeekly.com is Crunkilton vs. UFC fighter Jamie Varner (Varner is also scheduled to face Jorge Gurgel at UFC 72 in June, but that could be scrapped). Also, MMAWeekly.com lists Jason "Mayhem" Miller vs. Hiromitsu Miura for the May 12 WEC card. While the WEC has not confirmed the addition of Miller to their roster, the Wrestling Observer also reported that Miller will be fighting for the WEC 5/12. Miller is without question one of the top fighters in the world not fighting in a major organization right now. He's fought once in the UFC, losing to Georges St. Pierre. In addition to being an exciting fighter, Miller is charismatic and has the potential to be a huge star. He already has a large cult following, but he has what it takes to become big time with the mainstream.
Submitted Apr 23, 2007 11:50PM by disorderlyvision - 0 comments
Five Ounces of Pain: Parity in MMA is good for growth
link Many diehard MMA fans around the world have suddenly been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder following upsets at UFC 69 and UFC 70. The upsets have also created heated debate within the MMA community as to whether parity is good for the sport, or if the lack of dynasties could cause MMA's popularity growth to plateau. My initial reaction while perusing Internet message boards following Cro Cop's loss was, why is this even an argument? Parity in MMA is good. No, scratch that. Parity in MMA is great!
Submitted Apr 23, 2007 11:48PM by disorderlyvision - 1 comment
statement by gonzaga
link From Napao: I choose the Editor-in-Chief of PuroresuPower.com (Zach Arnold) and the Brazilian Correspondent of ADCC News (Denis Martins) to publish my letter, because they are the people who looked deeply into the problems I had prior to my UFC 56 fight. They knew that I wasn’t 100% going into the fight, so they gave me the support to translate this letter from Portuguese to English and explain the situation. I would like to say that debuting in an event such as the great UFC 56 show isn’t an easy task for a fighter, even fighters who have lots of experience in other organizations. The pressure of debuting in an event that is considered by many to be one of the best in the world is huge. It is always good to debut with a victory, and better with a KO like the one I delivered to Kevin “The Shaman” Jordan. My lack of stamina in the fight against Jordan is something that I want to discuss further and give you an explanation about. People who know me and have seen my previous 5 MMA fights recognize me as a fighter who doesn’t like to stall. I like to trade blows or go for submissions for an entire fight. My only defeat in a fight was against PRIDE fighter Fabricio Werdum at Jungle FC 1. It was a three-round war that the crowd applauded us for. I always do a lot of strong pre-fight training for upcoming matches and I never expect to face a tomato can in fights. I always intend on showing my best game, no matter who the opponent is. I always will dash against who is in front of me with all of my strength. When my fight partner Marcio showed me the UFC contract, I didn’t hesitate in signing it because UFC was always a dream for me, a dream to participate in this premiere American MMA organization. I signed it and I had two months to prepare, which is enough time to provide an excellent showing for the UFC fans. I moved from my residence of Sao Paulo, Brazil to Massachusetts to participate at the training center where all of my preparation was done for the UFC 56 fight against Jordan. However, destiny conspired against me and gave me some unpleasant surprises which totally put me down. My wife was five months pregnant with twins and these would be our first two kids. We discovered that one of the children nearly died and that the other child was at risk of dying, putting my wife’s life at risk as well. We moved immediately to Rio de Janeiro, where we would have more hospital support and the support of my wife’s parents. The situation was growing more desparate and I couldn’t let my wife be alone in this tough moment. With seven months of pregnancy gone by, we had to make an emergency child birth. God reserved a place on his side to one of my daughters (Leticia) and he gave us the gift of a beautiful girl named Isabela (who stayed in the incubator for a month and five days to gain some weight). Now she is at home with my wife and I thank God for it. With all of this taking place, I arrived in Massachusetts 12 days prior to the UFC 56 fight and I didn’t have the time to prepare properly. I couldn’t tell the organizers and promoters of UFC (who trusted my potential) that I would have to cancel 10 days before the show. I couldn’t let this opportunity of showing my talent to the UFC fans slip away. I went into the fight against Jordan that night thinking that I had a good first round because I took him down, got the mount, and nearly submitted him by choke. Plus, I had some hits that landed and connected. However, I really gassed out in the second and third rounds, but I ended the fight with a beautiful KO. I would like to thank all of you who supported me and gave me enough strength after the fight. To those who criticized me during and after the fight, I can tell you all that I am not displeased with that. All the fans have their reasons for criticism because they expected more from me and I didn’t show it. I will talk from the bottom of my heart and the next opportunity I get, I will show 100% of my technique and will-power to erase the bad image that I showed from the UFC 56 fight. I am sure that the UFC fans will applaud me after I provide them a show that they deserve to see. I will show technique on the ground and on the feet. And a lot of heart! I will be prepared for a war the next time and fight with my strength, whether it is 3 rounds or 5 rounds if necessary. I do not have any fear of talking about my desire to win a UFC belt and I will show it for the fans in my next fight. Be sure of my words above — you can see it in me the next time I fight. Gabriel “Napao” Gonzaga
Submitted Apr 23, 2007 11:42PM by disorderlyvision - 1 comment
Revisiting PRIDE vs. UFC
link There used to be a line of thinking considered conventional wisdom among hardcore fans of mixed martial arts, which went something like this: PRIDE is the greatest fighting force known to mankind. The worst heavyweight in PRIDE could wear a blindfold and beat the best UFC heavyweight. Anyone who disagrees with this clearly just started watching the sport and doesn't know what they're talking about. These lines were repeated with a level of obsession usually only found at Star Trek conventions, and were uttered so often they were almost universally accepted as true. And they even might have been true, as recently as a couple years ago. But not today. Matches between fighters traditionally associated with PRIDE against fighters traditionally associated with UFC have been ongoing for several months, and, well, the results haven't been pretty:
Submitted Apr 23, 2007 11:37PM by disorderlyvision - 2 comments
5 Questions with Calvin Ayre (Bodog owner)
link 1. What does BodogFight offer fans of mixed martial arts that the competitors - UFC, PRIDE, Elite XC, IFL - does not? Our ultimate goal is to raise the profile of the sport in every geographic region around the world. One of the ways we are going about that is by utilizing exotic locations, which sets us apart from what other organizations are doing. Costa Rica and St. Petersburg, for example, not only provided us with beautiful backdrops for filming, they also provided our fighters with a unique experience they just cannot get with any other MMA promotion. Certainly, the success of these two shoots reinforces our view that we should continue to make use of such exotic locations in the future. We see this as a critical component of how Bodog Fight will differentiate itself. Stay tuned, because you never know where we are going to be next! 2. Can you explain what you intend to accomplish with your partnership with Elite XC, Strikeforce, Cage Rage and Spirit MC? Our mandate is to try and grow the sport and build the MMA community, so we're open to working with anyone who shares this vision. 3. Can you tell us more about season 3 of BodogFight? I believe our third season marks another gigantic leap in both the quality of our production and the quality of the fights themselves. It was no small task, though, shooting more than thirty fights in just three days. No one has ever really tried that before, and it's a testament to our talented crew that we were not only able to pull it off, but able to really raise the bar in doing so. As mentioned, the fights were all outstanding, as was the commentary team, which includes the legendary Royce Gracie. 4. BodogFight has been one of the few promotions outside of Japan to feature female fights. Do you think America is ready for that? Bringing female MMA to the world audience is something which certainly differentiates Bodog Fight from other organizations and is something we take great pride in. Our female roster includes several of the world's top ranked athletes, such as Amanda Buckner and Tara LaRosa. Whether America is ready for Female mixed martial arts is a topic of considerable debate; what I can say is that ratings for our female Bodog Fight episodes have been some of our highest yet, and rightly so, as their bouts have been among our most entertaining and action packed. There's no question that there's tremendous potential for growth in the women's fight game right now, and we are very proud to be leading the way. 5. When can those of us with DirecTV expect to watch BodogFight on PPV? Soon I hope. We are constantly negotiating with television networks and international carriers to air the Bodog Fight series and new outlets are consistently being added. DirecTV is certainly on the list of carriers we wish to associate with in the future.
Submitted Apr 23, 2007 11:31PM by disorderlyvision - 0 comments
More on Bodog Season 3 cast members
link When I interviewed Mike Brown I asked him who is the best pure wrestler in MMA. Did he say Lindland? Couture? Brock Lesnar? None of the above. His choice was Brad "One Punch" Pickett. And courtesy a press release from Bodog, we learn more about that standout wrestler and other members of this very talented cast
Submitted Apr 23, 2007 11:28PM by disorderlyvision - 0 comments
IFL Moves June 16 Event from Reno to Las Vegas
link The International Fight League (OTC.BB: IFLI), the world’s first team-based professional mixed martial arts league, announced today that it will move its June 16 regular season event from Reno, Nev., to Las Vegas. The event will be held at the Las Vegas Hilton, marking the first time an MMA event will be held at the hotel. Tickets for the event, which range in price from $50 to $200, will go on sale April 28 through the Las Vegas Hilton Box office, Ticketmaster or at www.ifl.tv.
Submitted Apr 23, 2007 11:24PM by disorderlyvision - 0 comments
New Crocop Interview April 23rd, 2007
Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovich talks about his recent loss to Gabriel Gonzaga, his health and his plans for the future. Link Translated: Croatian fighter Mirko Cro Cop is healing consequences of a hard defeat to Gabriel Gonzaga in the UFC 70 tournament in Manchester, Great Britain. Shocking pictures of unconscious Cro Cop lying in the cage looked unreal since we were used to see exactly the opposite ones for years. Mirko had similar experiences with Kevin Randleman in Pride and Michael McDonald in K-1. He lost by KO to both of them [that's not true, although it says so in the article], and both times he succeeded to comeback to the top. Although his charisma got seriously hurt, if not destroyed, Mirko claims he has the motivation and strength for a new comeback. Q: Do you feel any health consequences from Manchester episode? A: I don't have headaches, nor any visible consequences from Gonzaga's high-kick. If it weren't for the pain in the right ankle, I'd already be training. However, I have to passively rest for two weeks. The ankle is swollen, but I don't think anything is broken, otherwise I wouldn't be able to walk. Still, I'll go to see a doctor one of these days and have it scanned." Q: You seemed absent in the cage? A: I wasn't myself against Gonzaga. I just couldn't decide to begin an exchange of punches, to go forward. Something similar happened to me in my last fight vs. Sanchez, but I still won that fight. These things happen to me in cycles. First I learn a lesson in the ring, then I go wild and win in streaks. However, there are no alibies for this defeat, and I am not looking for any. Q: What determined the outcome? A: Gonzaga's elbows to my temple. When I got up, my vision was blurry and I didn't even see that right high-kick. Q: Did you make any mistakes in the preparation for the fight? A: The preparations were great and are not the problem. Right before the fight I was apathetic, no good, couldn't focus and I fought without any strategy. Q: What will your future in the UFC look like? A: I will definitely come back stronger. It's out of place to talk about the belt, but I will respect the contract. Of course, provided there are no new injuries. However, I don't know what could make me fight more after I work off the remaining 4 fights. Q: When can we expect you back in the ring? A: I believe I'll fight again in the UFC at the end of August or beginning of September. I expect to get a chance to rematch Gonzaga. Thanks to everyone who came to Manchester for me, and all who called me wishing me good luck. I got more than 200 calls and I couldn't answer everyone.
Submitted Apr 23, 2007 11:12PM by loller90278 - 4 comments
Fedor Emelianenko Free Agent? Dana says no
Zuffa may file a legal injunction against Fedor Emelianenko to ensure he will stay with Ufc/Pride Link
Submitted Apr 23, 2007 10:31PM by loller90278 - 2 comments
Sex Before A Fight: A Do or Don't?
link Attention, fighters! Go ahead and crank up that Marvin Gaye and bust out those leopard-print boxers. If you’ve been holding out before fight night, you may be doing more harm than good—according to recent studies. The old adage that discourages sex before a fight has been perpetuated by wrestling coaches, Olympic trainers and even Muhammad Ali himself, who swore off lovemaking at least six weeks before a fight. Claims that doing the deed would drain energy or “weaken the knees” have often kept athletes away from their partners before big events. Such beliefs have been attributed to the thought that ejaculation releases testosterone from the body, an idea that scientists say couldn’t be further from the truth.
Submitted Apr 23, 2007 1:41AM by disorderlyvision - 9 comments
UFC 70 a Near-Record Sellout
link A sold-out crowd of 14,921 filed into Manchester’s M.E.N. Arena for yesterday’s event, which featured Gabriel Gonzaga’s stunning upset of Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic. The capacity crowd tallied a live gate of $2.6 million — the third-highest total in the 12-year history of the facility
Submitted Apr 23, 2007 1:36AM by disorderlyvision - 6 comments
UFC Quick Quote: Manchester just the tip of the global iceberg
link “We are doing this fight in the U.K. and then we’re going to do a fight in Ireland and from there we’ll be expanding into Spain, Italy and Germany. The whole idea is that you move the show around. Las Vegas will still be the hot spot, where most of the big fights take place. But beyond that, the challenge is to grow globally.” – Majority owner of the UFC, Lorenzo Fertitta, talks about the planned international expansion of his promotion in a recent Q&A with the Las Vegas Sun along with UFC President Dana White.
Submitted Apr 23, 2007 1:33AM by disorderlyvision - 1 comment
link Dennis “The Piranha” Davis is one of the nation's top an up and coming lightweights. He holds several titles and plans on continuing his dominance in the lightweight division. His accolades include a FCFF lightweight Champion, CFC lightweight Champion, and 4–time Sportfight Lightweight Champion. Davis has a dangerous ground game and was originally trained by the world renowned Team Quest. He now trains with the legendary Randy THE NATURAL Couture in Las Vegas. Davis will be facing Luke LIL HULK Caudillo at ROF 29.
Submitted Apr 23, 2007 1:28AM by disorderlyvision - 0 comments
ROF 29 FIGHTER FOCUS: Scott Jorgensen
link Scott Jorgensen wrestled in college for Boise State University. He is a 3 time PAC-10 champion and finished in the top twelve at the NCAA national tournament. Scott began his MMA career in 2006 and has put together a 4-1 record. He was also a training/sparring partner of World Champion Urijah Faber for his last fight. Jorgensen will be challenging Tyler Toner, for Toner's 145 YOUNG GUN CHAMPIONSHIP belt.
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The Cage Vol. 7 Results
link Toni Valtonen defeated Miika Mehmet by unanimous decision in the main event of The Cage Vol. 7. The four man welterweight tournament saw Wasim Ul Masih work his way to victory by defeating both Fredrik Klingsell and Jasse Junkkari by way of submission in the first round. Wasim upped his pro record to 5-0-0 and showed great potential with his solid submission skills. 20.4.2007 The Cage Vol. 7 - Reincarnation Helsinki 1. -84 kg 2x5 min Mikko Koivumäki, GB Gym Turku - Finland vs Teemu Inkeroinen, GB Gym Helsinki - Finland Winner: Koivumäki, submission (triangel) 1. round at time 0.46 2. Welterweight Neoblood Tournament 2007 semifinal -77 kg 2x5 min Wasim Ul Masih, Riihimäen Heracles - Finland vs Fredrik Klingsell, Brasa - Sweden Winner: Ul Masih, submission (RNC) 1. round at time 1.19 3. Welterweight Neoblood Tournament 2007 semifinal -77 kg 2x5 min Jasse Junkkari, GB Gym Helsinki - Finland vs Tomas Raila, Team Bushido MMA - Lithuania Winner: Junkkari, submission (RNC) 1. round at time 0.52 4. -77 kg 2x5 min Pekka Rantala, Riihimäen Heracles - Finland vs Andre Mineus, Team Leo Neves - Sweden Winner: Mineus, tecnical submission (armbar) 2. round at time 3.03 5. -93 kg 2x5 min Jevgeni Smirnov, GB Gym Helsinki - Finland vs Magnus Cederblad, Brasa - Sweden Winner: Smirnov, KO (strikes) 1. round at time 0.33 6. -70 kg 2x5 min Ville Manninen, Riihimäen Heracles - Finland vs Karen Grigoryan, Rusfighters Sport Club - Armenia Winner: Manninen, decision (majority) 7. -84 kg 3x5 min Mikko Suvanto, MMA Imatra - Finland vs Gintaras Petrikas, Team Bushido MMA - Lithuania Winner: Suvanto, submission (RNC) 1. round at time 1.48 8. Welterweight Neoblood Tournament 2007 final -77 kg 2x5 min Wasim ul Masih, Riihimäen Heracles - Finland vs Jasse Junkkari, GB Gym Helsinki - Finland Winner: ul Masih, submission (brabo choke) 1. round at time 0.58 9. +93 kg 3x5 min Miika Mehmet, GB Gym Helsinki - Finland vs Toni Valtonen, Espoon Kehähait - Finland Winner: Valtonen, decision (unanimous)
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UFC Belfast card filling in
link UFC Matchmaker Joe Silva has confirmed three undercard matchups for UFC 72 June 16 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The card is headlined by former UFC Middleweight Champion Rich Franklin. As rumored, Hector Ramirez stands as Forrest Griffin’s first challenge since his TKO loss to Keith Jardine. On a card headlined by the architect of his last loss, Jason ”The Athlete” MacDonald will face TUF 3 alumnus Rory Singer. In what Silva described as "the best fight of the night", Tyson Griffin and Clay Guida will tussle in the lightweight division. Tuesday the UFC confirmed Danish kickboxer Martin Kampmann as Franklin’s opponent in the main event. At the UFC 70 post-fight press conference, Dana White commented that Kampmann is "a tough, up-and-coming guy. That's why we've got him fighting Rich. This is a tough fight for Rich." Welterweight Marcus Davis has also said, “Yeah, I’ll be fighting in Ireland.” Luke Cummo has been rumored a possible opponent for Davis. Lightweight fighter Dustin Hazelett, from Jorge Gurgel’s Academy, is also rumored to be on the Belfast card.
Submitted Apr 23, 2007 1:15AM by disorderlyvision - 1 comment
No Limits event
link IRVINE, Calif., April 21 -- No Limits MMA, in conjunction with Pro Elite, held "Proving Ground" Saturday evening, the first card in the Orange County gym's new event center. Although a few of the evening's matchmaking choices left many people scratching their heads, it's hard to argue against a night of fights during which only three matches even made it past the two-minute mark. The evening's main event pitted BJJ black belt Fabio Nacimiento against 23-year-old Millenia Jiu Jitsu student Ray "Lights Out" Lazama. It was hard to shake the feeling that this fight was set up for the No Limits fighter to walk away with a win in his home gym. Unfortunately for him, Lazama is one tough, scrappy kid and showed up intent on spoiling the party. The two exchanged pretty evenly on the feet, but with a minute remaining in the round Lazama landed a nice shot that drove Nacimiento against the ropes. With one last flurry Lazama dropped Nacimiento and forced referee Nelson "Doc" Hamilton to intervene. In a rematch from a Nov. 2006 bout that saw John Cronk get stopped by Mexican fighter Jorge "The Naked Man" Ortiz, history seemed doomed to repeat itself. This affair lasted 103 seconds before referee John Schorle stepped in to stop the fight. Bao Quach offered the crowd the knockout of the night with his minute and a half stoppage of Rex Payne. The Colin Oyama-trained fighter delivered a right hand that landed flush, putting Payne down and racking up yet another win for the No Limits team. Full Results Ray Lazama def. Fabio Nacimiento KO 4:19 R1 Jorge Ortiz def. John Cronk TKO (strikes) 1:43 R1 Bao Quach def. Rex Payne KO 1:34 R1 Takumi Nakayama technical draw Anthony McDavitt (stopped due to eye poke) 1:23 R1 Tim Persey def. Brandon Quigley KO 0:24 R1 Albert Rios def. Randy Bowers submission (rear-naked choke) 2:42 R2 Shane Del Rosario def. Gilberto Carreto TKO (strikes) 1:19 R1 Pete Sabala def. Tyler Weathers submission (guillotine choke) 1:15 R2
Submitted Apr 23, 2007 1:13AM by disorderlyvision - 1 comment
Cro-Cop's knee and ankle aren't damaged as badly as first thought
this was part of another news thread i did, but i thought it deserved it own since people seem to be asking Cro-Cop's knee and ankle aren't damaged as badly as first thought. There are some injured ligaments but "It's nothing to worry about," Cro-Cop told Croation media. Source: UFC Mania. link
Submitted Apr 23, 2007 12:45AM by disorderlyvision - 1 comment
UFC 70 Observations
link A few thoughts from last night's show: Dana White said recently that Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira's first UFC fight would be against a big-name opponent this summer. Could he be reconsidering after seeing two of his most marketable fighters get beaten badly by underdogs this month? Upsets make for exciting fights, but is it bad business to have the title belts changing hands as often as they do in the WWE? In 13 MMA fights, Michael Bisping has only once gone to the third round. And he's never gone to the judges cards. 13-0. Nine knockouts and four submissions. Before last night's Nyquil in Fight Form, Andrei Arlovski had only once gone to the judges in his career. In Arlovski's defense, it's hard to blame a fighter for exercising caution, even at the expense of fan boredom. It's a sport where one unlucky punch can wreak havoc on a career. Though the UFC officials say they'd rather see someone fight hard and lose than be cautious and win, they aren't the ones getting punched in the head. And at the end of the day, the win-loss column is the important thing. If it weren't, we'd see Tank Abbott fight every month. There were a lot of commercials during last night's show, but hey, it was free. The Couture-Gonzaga fight might sell better than some people think. The advantage of having your hot new star brutally knocked out on free TV is that lots of people saw it and might be curious as to how Captain America will deal with a monster like Gonzaga. And that was a brutal KO. One of the worst since Tank nearly decapitated Steve Nelmark. By the way, Randy looked huge last night. Was that a bad-fitting suit or has he bulked up? UFC 70: Updates and Fallout A few notes from around the web: UFC 70 drew more than 14,000 fans, with a live gate of $2.6 million, the third-highest in UFC history. "We are doing this fight in the U.K. and then we’re going to do a fight in Ireland and from there we’ll be expanding into Spain, Italy and Germany," Dana White tells the media. More at UFC Junkie. Gabriel Gonzaga says he went into the Cro-Cop fight looking for a knockout. "I was looking for the opportunity and took it," Sherdog reports. Cro-Cop's knee and ankle aren't damaged as badly as first thought. There are some injured ligaments but "It's nothing to worry about," Cro-Cop told Croation media. Source: UFC Mania. Dana White says the Couture-Gonzaga fight is marketable. "Our job now is to sell Couture-Gonzaga," he said. "I can do it." Michael Bisping admits he never saw the knee that knocked him to the ground in the second round of his fight against Elvis Sinosic. "I was like, 'What the **** was that,'" he says
Submitted Apr 23, 2007 12:43AM by disorderlyvision - 1 comment
CC short interview
http://index.hr/sport/clanak/redir/344730.asp Translation: Only one day after brutal and humiliating KO by Gabriel Gonzaga in Manchester, Mirko Cro Cop came back to Zagreb. Several of his friends, members of the special forces, were waiting for him at the airport. As soon as he got out of the terminal, walking with a limp, reporters gathered around him to hear his opinion on last night's fight, the fifth loss of Mirko's career. Although just 10 hours passed from the KO, Mirko was calm and collected, and if it wasn't for the visible limp, you could never guess it was the same man who lied unconscious last night in the UFC cage. "The fight went the same way I fought it, I didn't deserve any better", analyzed Mirko and continued: "That's seems to be the cross I'm carrying, I fall down every once in a while, I don't know why. I've been two times through such crisis, against Randleman and I came back, against Fedor and I came back. I'll come back after this again. It's part of my carrer, so I should handle it." It didn't take long since last night's defeat for speculations to arise whether Gonzaga's hick-kick ended Mirko's career aswell. But to our question whether he'll continue fighting after this Cro Cop answered: "Of, course, I will fullfil the contract, I have 4 more fights to go." After this short statement Mirko entered his car. Before anything, it's time to recover, and after that he'll start thinking about his next opponent. cheers
Submitted Apr 22, 2007 1:24PM by keith-hackney1 - 10 comments
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