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Page 1733 - Top MMA News and Mixed Martial Arts Headlines

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Spencer Fisher wants to kill two birds with one stone June 12th
link When Spencer Fisher squares off against Sam Stout in the main event at UFC Fight Night 10 on June 12 in Hollywood, Fla., he'll have the chance to kill two birds with one stone - avenge a hard-fought, split decision loss and move back into the UFC's lightweight title picture. After earning two impressive UFC wins as a welterweight, Fisher finally had the opportunity to fight in the newly-resurrected lightweight division at UFC 58 against Stout in March 2006. He was fighting at his more natural weight of 155 pounds, but Fisher had to take the match on just a few days notice, filling in for an injured Kenny Florian. Although Fisher had his moments in the fight, the judges gave the nod to Stout. He could've blamed the setback on the judges' scorecards or having to lose 23 pounds in two days, but Fisher didn't making any excuses for the loss. "The judges made what they thought was the right decision," said Fisher, who fights out of Davenport, Iowa. "If I hadn't let the fight go the distance it wouldn't have been up to them."
Submitted Jun 6, 2007 10:44AM by disorderlyvision - 0 comments
Art of War 3 – new date
link Pedro Rizzo and Jeff Monson face each other on September 1 Initially set for June 30th, Art of War 3 has a new date. It will be on September 1st, at the American Airlines Center, in Dallas, Texas. The main event will be kept and include Pedro Rizzo and Jeff Monson. Further participations from such well-known names as Jeremy Horn, Jake Shields, Ron Waterman and Ricco Rodriguez are expected.
Submitted Jun 6, 2007 10:42AM by disorderlyvision - 3 comments
Wanderlei Silva has new site
link The Chute Boxe star is visiting the USA Anybody that thinks Wanderlei Silva is taking a break is fooling himself. Although there has been no confirmation of a fight in the near future, the star of Chute Boxe is still working hard. Wand’s most recent commitment was this weekend, in the United States. More and more popular in the land of Uncle Sam these days, Wand participated in the inauguration of Randy Couture’s newest gym. Photos of the trip to the UFC heavyweight champion’s lair can bee seen on Wand’s new site. The address is still the same www.wanderleisilva.com.br, but the page has been reformulated and now web surfers can follow the steps of the idol from Curitiba around the world. It is worth a visit.
Submitted Jun 6, 2007 10:41AM by disorderlyvision - 0 comments
WEC ratings news
link The ratings for the WEC’s debut on Versus this past Sunday are in. The pre-recorded WrekCage show which came on at 8 p.m. ET drew a rating o 0.19 (189,000 viewers). The live two-hour telecast that began at 9 p.m. ET drew a 0.39 (416,000 viewers). The Tapout show at 11 p.m. ET recorded a 0.28 (286,000 viewers). To give you some perspective, The Ultimate Fighter on Spike last week drew a 1.16 rating (1.6 million viewers). Also, the first game of the NHL Stanley Cup finals drew a 0.72 (523,000 viewers) on Versus. The rating isn’t terrible but I’m sure Zuffa was hoping for a little better. But since the reviews for the first show was good, I think the ratings will grow over time. it probably would have better rating if more people got versus. it is on digital cable in my area, and i have basic, so i cant watch it.
Submitted Jun 6, 2007 10:37AM by disorderlyvision - 1 comment
Dana White: Coke needs us, we don’t need them
link Yesterday, I wrote a post about the situation with sponsors in the UFC. The primary focus was to point out that two of the four main UFC sponsors, Amp’d Mobile and Xyience, are in reported trouble. The other two, Toyo Tires and Mickey’s malt liquor, are not the biggest of corporate names to jump onboard a product that appeals heavily to an 18-34 year old demographic. Today, Dana White did an interview with NBC Sports and was asked about the issue of corporate sponsorships in UFC. Read full post. He is also asked if he would like for companies such as Coca-Cola or Nike to jump on board as sponsors. He says that he is very happy with Mickey’s and Toyo Tires (notice that he makes no mention of Amp’d Mobile). Not only does he say he is happy with the sponsors, but says that he doesn’t need Coke in order for the company to be successful. He said if they come on board that would be great but he doesn’t need them because 18-34 year olds are watching the UFC without those sponsors. Quote: “If Coke wants them, Coke needs to come to us.” This is an incredibly arrogant and short-sighted attitude to have and it needs to change real fast. Here’s a more specific quote from Dana White on the NBC Sports interview: “I’m cool with Mickey’s and Toyo Tires, man, believe me, you’ll never hear me bitch. The way that we’ve run this business and the way we have come up, think about it… we didn’t have any mainstream press, we didn’t have any mainstream sponsors, and look at how huge we are. I don’t ******* need Coke to keep doing what we’re doing, man. Believe me, the big time sponsors if they come on, of course that’d be fantastic. I don’t need ‘em. 18-to-34 year old males, they’re here hanging out with me. If Coke wants them, Coke needs to come to us. You know, this [UFC] wasn’t bought by smart businessmen.”
Submitted Jun 6, 2007 10:32AM by disorderlyvision - 3 comments
CFFC 5: New Kimbo Slice Video Promoting Upcoming MMA Event
link Infamous backyard brawler Kimbo Slice is going legit. Kimbo has been training for an upcoming fight against legendary boxer Ray Mercer at Cage Fury Fighting Championships (CFFC) 5. The event is to be held at the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, NJ on June 23. The CFFC is promoting the upcoming event at the end of Kimbo’s fight videos. The latest backyard brawl video has Kimbo taking on Chico, who puts up a good fight until he gets backed into a corner
Submitted Jun 6, 2007 10:28AM by disorderlyvision - 1 comment
Another Problem With IFL Battleground
link It's too fast. After watching the K-1 show, there's something to be said for smooth production that transitions quickly. But the IFL takes that practice too far. I watched IFL Battleground last night and was struck by the brief exposure each fight or fighter received. The program would give a quirky and brief intro to, say, Matt Horwich and then quickly go to his fight. Following the fight, however, the show either went to commercial or showed wannabe ring girls or something altogether different. As for Matt Horwich? We heard nothing more. Worse, Horwich was portrayed as a very unique character. For someone so unique and so one-of-a-kind, one would think finding camera time to be an easy task. Obviously that approach stands in stark contrast to the drawn-out "The Ultimate Fighter" reality series, but it's also in contrast to the UFC events. Aside from the hype leading up to the fight, there's also the hype during the event, discussion of the fighters during the fight, and in-ring interviews following each match. Even if you don't know the fighter, you get a much clearer sense of who they are following each fight, or at least, you generally learn enough to remember something. The IFL is so concerned with making sure "something is going on" during the program that they run rough shod over of the most critical aspects of promoting combat athletics: creating stars. Last night's program gave a lot of camera time to Jay Hieron, but when will we see him again? Next week will feature different fights from different teams, so Hieron will be placed on the back burner in favor of the flavor du jour. The IFL has stated their mission to create their own stars, but that's proving to be very difficult. Creating names and figures out of (virtually) thin air is a task that requires time. With rumors circulating that the IFL won't even be around past the fourth quarter, its safe to say the sand in the hourglass may be shifting too quickly to keep pace.
Submitted Jun 6, 2007 10:26AM by disorderlyvision - 0 comments
Top IFL Stars Shine on Friday Night on FSN
link NEW YORK, June 5, 2007- The International Fight League (OTC.BB: IFLI), the world’s number one professional mixed martial arts league, takes a look at some of the circuit’s most exciting athletes, including Jay Hieron and Chris Horodecki of the Los Angeles Anacondas, Vladimir Matyushenko of the Tokyo Sabres and Ben Rothwell of the defending champion Quad Cities Silverbacks in the latest episode seen on Fox Sports Net this week. The show debuts across the FSN Regional Networks on Friday, June 8, at 11 p.m. in most markets. Friday’s show features bout action and behind-the-scenes interviews with the four stars. Hieron, Horodecki, Matyushenko and Rothwell have been stalwarts in the IFL, which concludes its inaugural regular season this month, with playoffs set for August and September.
Submitted Jun 6, 2007 10:22AM by disorderlyvision - 0 comments
Englebrecht Announces Premier Mixed Martial Arts Series
link Newport Beach, CA: Following up on 23 years of Battle In The Ballroom boxing success at the Irvine Marriott, fight promoter Roy Englebrecht today announced a new mixed martial arts series at his Marriott venue, with the kickoff event called SummerFist 2007 set for Thursday, June 28th. After selling out his first MMA show on April 1st, which was held at the Marriott on a Sunday at 5pm and in conjunction with Fight Promoter University, Englebrecht realized that a mixed martial arts market exists in Orange County and decided to become the MMA promoter in the area.
Submitted Jun 6, 2007 10:20AM by disorderlyvision - 0 comments
Karo Parisyan went into his last fight, at UFC 71, looking for a victory and a title shot. With a dominant performance over a tenacious Josh Burkman, he surely took a step in the right direction. Burkman brought a 4-1 record into the fight with Parisyan, but the highly experienced Judo practitioner was just too much for him. With the victory over ‘The People’s Warrior’, Karo has won six of his last seven fights and has looked impressive. LINK
Submitted Jun 5, 2007 8:36PM by aznteabagger - 2 comments
Fitch Enjoying The Ride
By his own account, Jon Fitch was “a mediocre college wrestler.” This, despite being a four year letter winner at Purdue, the 2002 team captain and winner of the Most Dedicated Big Ten Conference Scholar-Athlete Award. For the Fort Wayne native though, this just wasn’t enough, and looking back now he chalks it up not to his talent, but to his attitude. LINK
Submitted Jun 5, 2007 8:34PM by aznteabagger - 0 comments
Couture called it, and now he readies for Gonzaga
UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture called it. Well, sort of. “I don’t think anybody expected that” says Couture speaking of Gabriel Gonzaga’s stunning knockout of Mirko “CroCop” Filipovic April 21st at UFC 70. LINK
Submitted Jun 5, 2007 8:32PM by aznteabagger - 44 comments
NBC Sports talks with UFC President Dana White
The first of a three-part interview with UFC President Dana White. LINK
Submitted Jun 5, 2007 8:31PM by aznteabagger - 0 comments
Tito Ortiz: Chuck Liddell is Dana White’s “Puppet”
MMA legend Tito Ortiz has some harsh words for one of his countless rivals, calling former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell a puppet for Dana White and the UFC. LINK
Submitted Jun 5, 2007 8:28PM by aznteabagger - 0 comments
Report: Steve Bruno Scratched from UFC Fight Night 10
American Top Team’s Steve Bruno (11-3 MMA, 0-0 UFC) will have to wait for his Octagon debut. The UFC newcomer was slated to face Chad Reiner (13-2 MMA, 0-1 UFC) next week at UFC Fight Night 10 but had to pull out of the fight due to injury, according to MMA on Tap. LINK
Submitted Jun 5, 2007 8:27PM by aznteabagger - 0 comments
With Matt Serra Hitched, TUF 6 Filming to Begin
Recently crowned UFC welterweight champion Matt Serra has officially tied the knot, according to his Web site, www.serrajitsu.com. The newlywed and welterweight winner of The Ultimate Fighter 4 will now head to Las Vegas for The Ultimate Fighter 6, which begins taping later this week. LINK
Submitted Jun 5, 2007 8:26PM by aznteabagger - 0 comments
Full-Time Fighter: Sean Salmon Discusses a Departure from the UFC
I said in my last blog that UFCjunkie.com fans would know what’s next for me before anyone else. Well, here is the story. My manager, Ken Pavia, has spoken with Joe Silva (the UFC’s matchmaker), who gave us some options with which to work. Ken and I spoke at length and came to this decision: I am leaving the last fight on my contract with the UFC for a later date and taking a “release” to fight for other organizations. LINK
Submitted Jun 5, 2007 8:25PM by aznteabagger - 1 comment
Send an e-mail to this idiot:
link Grand Rapids Press reporter Brian Vanochten in Michican writes the following article about the UFC and its fans. Please read the article. Get piss off and email this donkey at bvanochten@grpress.com please thank you. The Grand Rapids Press Reports. "UFC is a real low point in TV". Is UFC a sport or not a sport? The so-called sport of ultimate fighting, which is little more than glorified street fighting, has become America’s fastest-growing and most controversial form of televised entertainment. And the most repulsive form of television programming.
Submitted Jun 5, 2007 9:53AM by disorderlyvision - 11 comments
Chuck Liddell To Appear On David Letterman Show
link The following is from UFC.com: Chuck Liddell to appear on David Letterman Show You can't miss it when Chuck Liddell speaks for the first time on national TV with David Letterman about his loss to Quinton "Rampage" Jackson on the CBS "Late Show." Chuck Liddell on Letterman marks the first time an MMA fighter will sit on the stage with Dave to talk about America's fastest growing sport. Chuck joins Amy Sedaris and Jordan Zevon this Thursday night, June 7 at 11:30 PM ET/PT on your local CBS station.
Submitted Jun 5, 2007 9:46AM by disorderlyvision - 1 comment
link Houston Alexander entered the Octagon at UFC 71 in the role of the underdog. Forty-eight seconds and 20-plus unanswered strikes later, Alexander propelled himself from relative unknown to legitimate threat. The Omaha, Nebraska resident made his successful UFC debut dominating Keith Jardine.
Submitted Jun 5, 2007 9:41AM by disorderlyvision - 5 comments
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