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Page 1729 - Top MMA News and Mixed Martial Arts Headlines

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UFC News: Chuck Liddell interviewed tonight on David Letterman's Late Show
link In a high profile moment for UFC, and another mark of it reaching mainstream acceptance, Chuck Liddell was a guest on "Late Show with David Letterman" on CBS tonight. Letterman said he watches UFC and it frightens him. He said he's afraid that during all the time he's mouthed off to people in traffic, one of them could be a UFC fighter. "When you realize you can beat anybody just physically with your body, that gives you a peace of mind that the rest of us don't have, doesn't it?" Liddell said he doesn't have anything to prove. Letterman asked how it's changed since it began as a renegade sport. Liddell said it's been regulated and sanctioned. He said a few rules have been added, but the style overall hasn't changed. Regarding if it's safer than boxing, he said: "I think it's safer than boxing. Less permanent damage. You don't get hit in the head as much. I've seen pro boxing matches where the guy who won was hit with more power punches than I've been hit in my entire career. I was hurt more in five years of college wrestling than I have been in the last probably 13, 15 years of fighting." Letterman asked if he can legally put people to sleep. Liddell said he can do that if someone doesn't tap out. He said he's never tapped, but he was put to sleep once. He asked him about his title loss. Liddell said he made a mistake and threw a punch when he wasn't supposed to according to his trainer. He said his trainer warned him, and his trainer was right. He said beating Rampage Jackson is still on his to-do list. He said he shouldn't have thrown a wild left hook because it left him open. Regarding how he felt after the right, "Well, it kinda sucked." Letterman asked him if he minded them showing the clip. He was okay with it. They aired him getting KO'd. Liddell explained what he did wrong. Liddell said his strength is being a wrestler and a striker, and most often he stands and strikes. Letterman asked him who the heavyweight boxing champion. He said he doesn't know, but he could name the UFC Heavyweight Champion easily. Letterman showed a picture of Liddell and his eight year son on ESPN Magazine's cover. He said if his son wanted to be an MMA fighter, he'd be okay with it. He agreed that it is America's fastest growing sport. He said it's more fun to watch than boxing because there's so many more aspects to the fights. Letterman said it must be a great feeling to know they could line up a string of guys from the crowd and he could knock them all out easily. He ended with a plug for UFC on PPV and on Spike TV, but nothing specific. Keller's Analysis Liddell came across really well. He was humble, personable, funny, and a good sport. He wasn't dynamic or especially memorable, but he came across how he and UFC would both like him to. He represented UFC well. Letterman was especially good. He's clearly a casual fan, and didn't ask any stupid questions (well, at least not with prior knowledge they were stupid with the intent of being funny).
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MMA Legalized in MICHIGAN
link On Tuesday, June 5, legislation was approved unanimously by the House Regulatory Reform Committe to allow mixed martial arts matches in Michigan. Rep. Barbara Farrah was the sponsor of both bills and said that it will help bring income to Michigan's economy crisis, as it is the fastest growing sport in the US. Kenny Florian and Marc Ratner (UFC VP) testified to the panel. Go Kenflo! Kenny testified that he was hurt more during soccer than in MMA. Their next concern that will be addressed is the process of establishing quality refs and judges. They may need to participate in several amateur matches before getting involved in a pro fight.
Submitted Jun 8, 2007 1:12AM by disorderlyvision - 3 comments
AX Fighting #17 "Summer Scrap"
link AX Fighting returns to the Northwest! Saturday June 30th Fighters from all over the Pacific Northwest will meet at the Edmonds Community College to battle for the right to be called "Champion" Exciting fights include: Alex Zuniga vs. Alberto Santa Cruz Joe Carmen vs. Vern Beach Muhammed Mustafa vs. Jason Reno Dustin Nicholson vs. Chris Garcia Emett Cervantes vs. Ben Fodor Jesse Freer vs. Chris Gramblin For more information, or to order tickets online visit: www.AXFighting.com
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Salmon to replace Faircloth this Saturday Night
link 6/7/09: UFC veteran Sean Salmon will be replacing Ron Faircloth in this Saturday nights Fight Nite in the Flats III event in downtown Cleveland. Faircloth was not cleared by the Ohio athletic commission due to a previous medical suspension resulting from his bout at UFC 55 in Connecticut and was forced to withdraw from this weekends match up against Jason "Freebird" Freeman (8-1). Salmon will enter the NAAFS cage at 9-3 overall with his last two bouts coming in the Octagon at UFC 71 and Ultimate Fight Night 8 on Spike TV. As for the Freebird, when informed of the change, Freeman told PKW that he was excited about the opportunity to face Salmon and assures fans they will see the best of Jason Freeman come June 9th. In addition, Team Next Levels Chris Green (4-1) will replace team mate mark Hoppel this saturday and will square off against 2006 NAAFS National LHW Champion Chuck Ellison (5-1) in a preliminary bout. Dont forget to stop by The Power House Pub on Friday June 8th for the official FNF3 Pro Weigh-Ins!
Submitted Jun 8, 2007 1:09AM by disorderlyvision - 1 comment
link Reported by Sam Caplan of cbssportsline.com This past weekend, Fighting Entertainment Group made the first attempt by a fight promotion at holding a major mixed-martial arts show at an outdoor stadium in the United States. From both a financial and quality perspective, the show was a total failure. But if UFC president Dana White’s comments several weeks ago during a pre-UFC 71 conference call are any indication, Zuffa could be the next fight company to attempt a major outdoor MMA extravaganza. White expressed his desire for the company to eventually hold an outdoor show at the 50,000-seat Aloha Stadium in Hawaii. He gave no timetable for when a card will be scheduled and the UFC is not expected to promote a card in Hawaii until the state regulates MMA. MMA cards currently take place in Hawaii on a regular basis but state rules do not require the shows to be regulated. Aside from holding shows in Europe, the UFC wants to avoid putting on fight cards in areas where MMA is not regulated.
Submitted Jun 8, 2007 1:06AM by disorderlyvision - 2 comments
MMA in the Mainstream Watch
link Back in January I gave my opinions on what we can really use as markers to definitively say that MMA has reached widespread acceptance in American culture in a post titled 11 Signs That Mixed Martial Arts is Mainstream. We’ve seen a couple of those markers reached in the meantime. We have seen: An MMA fighter on the arm of a hollywood actress at the Oscars awards ceremony with Tito Ortiz and his lady-friend Jenna Jameson ESPN has begun formally covering mixed martial arts While no other of the criteria I gave have been met to my knowledge, a couple have come very close. I required that an MMA fighter would host Saturday Night Live. We’re still not there yet, but we’re getting close in Chuck Liddel’s appearance on David Letterman Thursday evening. While we haven’t seen Sports Illustrated grant Sportsman of the Year to a fighter yet, we have broken the seal with both Sports Illustrated and ESPN featuring cover stories on the sport of MMA. We’re getting there slowly but surely. Dana White recently was quoted as saying that MMA is nowhere near mainstream (sorry, I don’t know where I saw that to link you to it). What do you think? Have we crossed that threshold?
Submitted Jun 8, 2007 12:58AM by disorderlyvision - 0 comments
The Way It Is (And Not Much Else) - Franklin-Okami
link There is no denying it; the fight card for UFC 72 is the UFC’s weakest offering in quite some time. I am a devoted student of the game, and all I can tell you is that Rich Franklin is fighting Yushin Okami, Forrest Griffin is fighting (somebody) and that some fighters with Irish heritage are making an appearance. That being said, the intrigue of a Franklin/Okami battle is more than enough reason for me to tune in once again. The Way It Is: Barring a freak knockout or submission, Rich Franklin should overwhelm Okami early in the fight. Franklin is relentless. If you watch Franklin’s pre-Silva fights, he comes out swinging from bell to bell. As bad as he looked against Anderson Silva, Rich Franklin is easily one of the most effective, well-rounded fighters in the UFC. Punching, kicking, knees, takedowns, slams, and submissions are all a big part of Franklin’s impressive game. Most of all, with Franklin-Silva II lurking in the not-too-distant future, Franklin should be more motivated than he ever has to pull out a win in this fight to secure the rematch. Don’t get me wrong, Okami is great and he’s only going to get better. If the situation is right, I have no problem picking the underdog. In this situation however, I simply believe Rich Franklin will be too much for Okami to handle. Bottom line, Okami is good, but he’s not THAT good. Don’t count him out completely, but count him out.
Submitted Jun 8, 2007 12:55AM by disorderlyvision - 0 comments
Paul Buentello Joins The WheyUP Team
link The Head Hunter Joins the WheyUP Team Mixed Martial Arts fighter Paul Buentello will endorse new energy drink that is packed with whey protein Chandler, Ariz. ??" June 7, 2007 ??" Paul Buentello, a world-class Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter has joined the WheyUP team. Buentello, nicknamed "The Head Hunter" for his aggressive style, will endorse WheyUP for his upcoming bout on June 22 against Carter Williams (3-1-0 in MMA). The fight is scheduled to air live on Showtime pay-per-view. The Buentello-Williams match is on the undercard of the Ken Shamrock-Phil Baroni championship bout.
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The Legends of Fighting (LFC) premieres Friday on HDNet
link The Legends of Fighting Championships (LFC) is set to premiere on television sets across the country on HDNet Friday night June 8 at 10pm ET. Each 90-minute taped episode will showcase two title bouts and two feature bouts. This is a big step up for the local promotion based out of Indiana. “We will now be recognized not only on a local level but also on a regional and national level,” said Scott J. Sims, the LFC promotions manager. “We are looking to fill the void left by the WEC when the UFC purchased it.” The first episode will cover the May 26 LFC 18 “Pole Position” event which included a super heavyweight bout between Tiny Norton and Leo Sylvest.
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“Lil Hulk” Ready To Run Wild In The UFC
link At one time, it seemed as if Luke “Lil Hulk” Caudillo was going to be one of those good fighters that had a serviceable career, but never quite made it to the big time. During his first eight fights in MMA, Luke managed just to break even, and appeared to be on the journeyman’s path as a stepping stone for fighters on their way up the ranks. But times have changed, as Caudillo managed to win eleven of his next fifteen fights and more specifically, his last four in a row in impressive fashion, all leading up to his UFC debut on June 12 at Ultimate Fight Night 10 in Hollywood, Florida, where his opponent will be Nate Mohr.
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Schoenauer On IFL Anaconda's 3-0 Season
link With the IFL’s 2007 regular season just about over, the playoff picture for the World Team Tournament has begun to clear up after the fog of contenders has thinned. One team’s fate that was not in jeopardy, however, was the Los Angeles Anacondas. Going into last Friday’s IFL event in Everett, Washington, the team just needed to perform well, baring some sort of massive collapse, to lock up the top seed in the World Team Tournament. To that point, they succeeded. Key among their 3-2 victory over the tough Seattle Tiger Shark was Alex Schoenauer’s surprising win over the hot streaking Allan Goes in the evening’s light-heavyweight showdown.....
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Last Man Standing Promotions Presents Caged Kombat
link Josh Robbins Vs Roger Lawson Jerrel"Scooter"Dickenson Vs Jesse Sexton Steve Maness Vs Brandon"the Sandman"Hall Matthew"Chico"Yeary Vs TBA Mike Hamilton Vs Cory Brown Andrew"Burrito" Yeary Vs Sean Hicks Adam Robbins Vs TBA Mike Garcia Vs Rodney Kilgore(Not finalized) Jeffery Mullins Vs Scott Crabtree Kevin "Fivel"Yeary Vs Brandon Howard Others scheduled to fight are: Ryan Robinette,David Slone,Jason Keen and a couple others (fight card subject to change) Saturday June 16th at Lee High School in Ben Hur,Virginia Advance tickets are $5 off and are available at All Fitness Gym and Audia's Boxing of Pennington Gap,Virginia. For more information or if interested in fighting call Jason Coomer at 276-275-4266 or Steve Collier at 276-546-5288.
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KICK DOWN 38: "Destruction"
link Tickets on sale now! Date: Friday June 29, 2007 Venue: Red Lion Hotel I-70 and Quebec Denver, CO Mixed Martial Arts Bouts. Up to 13 action packed bouts. PRELIMINARY FIGHT CARD Brian Cristina vs Damond Clark Kick Down Professional Heavyweight MMA Title Cruz Chacon vs Chris Woods Tom Johnson vs John Sargent Joey Welch vs Jason Dake Louise Johnson vs Claire Curtis MMA Anthony Sanchez vs Kyle Johnson Kick Down am. Welterweight Title Dominic Blanco vs Isaac Colon Kick Down Jr. Featherweight MMA Title Tim Ridley vs Ken Scott Joe Salley vs Ben Shattuck Greg Shipporeit vs Rainbow Goodhunts Scott Tamblin vs Jeremy Hernandez Tony Miller vs Jeff Soucy Ticket Information: 1st Row..........................$50.00 2nd Row..........................$40.00 RESERVED (Rows 3, 4, 5,6,7)............................$35.00 Gen. Admission $25.00 Online: http://www.martialartsradio.com For Tickets Call: 720.422.5154 or (303) 692-4865 or (303) 368-7800. We accept Visa and Master Card (internet or phone only). (Tickets also available at the door.)
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Three-time ADCC champion to fight MMA in September
link The week after having been announced as K-1 Hero’s' newest reinforcement, Marcelo Garcia is already training hard to do well in MMA. With his debut set for the September 17th edition of Hero’s, the Alliance black belt spent the week at Team Quest, the team that is home to such forces in MMA as Dan Henderson, Rameau Sokodjou and the Brazilian Vinicios Pezao Magalhaes.
Submitted Jun 8, 2007 12:29AM by disorderlyvision - 1 comment
Baroni/Shamrock press conference one for the ages
link The UFC wasn’t the only MMA promotion to conduct a conference call today to promote a pay-per-view. EliteXC and Strikeforce hosted a conference to promote their upcoming PPV on June 22 at 10 p.m. ET from San Jose featuring Frank Shamrock vs. Phil Baroni for the vacant Strikeforce middleweight title. Shamrock and Baroni were the stars of the show with Baroni putting on one of the most entertaining performances during a conference call that I’ve ever heard. EliteXC usually sends transcripts of their conference calls and if I get it, I’ll post it here. Baroni may have set a World record for expletives used. I mean, I can’t remember hearing so much swearing. At one point he also told a reporter to hold on while being asked a question and Baroni asked someone in the background to bring him another beer and empty his ashtray. Later on, and I’m not making this up, Baroni could be heard urinating while on the conference call. In addition to the antics, Phil said that Shamrock has been inactive over the past 7-8 years because the money in MMA wasn’t that big until recently and that the only reason why Shamrock has come back is for the money. Baroni also indicated that he has an open invitation to return to the UFC anytime he wants. He basically said that he only wants to go back if he can secure a title shot. According to Baroni, Dana White has promised him that if he knocks out Shamrock that he will get a shot at the UFC middleweight title. Frank said some interesting things as well. He claimed that Renzo Gracie took the easy way out in their fight back in February during EliteXC’s debut card. He claimed Renzo knew there was no way he was going to win and that he saw his chance to get out and took it. Shamrock didn’t feel he even really hit Gracie that hard with the knees that were deemed illegal. Shamrock also said he has his next fights planned through 2009. I asked him about who he’d like to fight, specifically asking him if he wanted a rematch with Renzo and his adopted brother, Ken. Shamrock confirmed that both are matches he’d like to see made and I asked him if there had been any movement in talks with the match against Ken since the last time I interview him. He said he couldn’t comment in detail but that it’s on the table. Another name Frank said he’d like to fight is a fighter already on the Strikeforce roster that will be fighting on the undercard June 23, Cung Le.
Submitted Jun 8, 2007 12:26AM by disorderlyvision - 2 comments
Can Forrest Griffin rebound at UFC 72?
link I just got finished listening to a UFC 72 conference call and it left me with some concerns about Forrest Griffin. They’re is a saying that some knockouts can be so brutal that a fighter never truly recovers emotionally. Well, I don’t think Forrest is done as a fighter by any stretch of the imagination, but I do think his devestating loss to Keith Jardine at UFC 66 might have some lingering effects. While Griffin has never be the type to come off as arrogant or overconfident and has always had a tendency to poke fun at himself, my feeling was that he might be questioning himself a little bit. Remember the scene in Rocky III after Rocky got owned by Clubber Lang and Apollo Creed showed up at Mickey’s Gym out of nowhere? And Apollo kept telling Rocky that he needed to get back that “eye of the tiger?” Well, I think someone needs to have that talk with Forrest. Griffin stated on more than one occasion that his biggest concern about his fight against Hector Ramirez was the possibility of getting knocked out. He even said at one point that after the Jardine fight he’s just not sure his chin is as solid as he tought it was. I also asked Forrest about the reported re-occurence of staph infection in his knee and whether this bout had almost been called off. He didn’t address whether his fight with Ramirez was almost cancelled, but he did say the staph infection returned a second time and that he was on antibiotics for about a month. Once he confirmed the return of the infection, I instantly had questions about his conditioning. I assumed he was going to tell me everything was going great and it hasn’t really affected him (because fighters only talk about injuries after a fight) but I asked him anyway. Forrest didn’t sound too confident in his cardio and quipped that he’s pretty sure being on antibiotics for a month didn’t do any favors for his conditioning. He also said that he felt the extensive travel for his fight could have an adverse effect on his cardio. Maybe I am reading too much into things (something I have a tendency to do), but Forrest did not sound like a fighter who is going into UFC 72 expecting to win. My impressions of Hector Ramirez were the exact opposite. Ramirez sounded confident and hungry. He acknowledged that Forrest is a tough guy who can throw fists, but he seemed excited about that prospect, as if he was looking forward to a potential brawl. Based on all the talk, I just get the sinking feeling we might see another upset in MMA. Then again, talk is cheap.
Submitted Jun 8, 2007 12:25AM by disorderlyvision - 3 comments
Cabbage vs. James Thompson added to Cage Rage
link UK-based Cage Rage has a big event planned for Wembley Stadium in London on July 14. Just added to the card is a super heavyweight clash between James Thompson and Wesley “Cabbage” Correira.
Submitted Jun 8, 2007 12:23AM by disorderlyvision - 4 comments
Tommy Morrison to step into the cage this Saturday
link Tommy Morrison, a former WBO boxing heavyweight champion, will make his mixed martial arts debut Saturday at World Fighting Championship in Camp Verde, Arizona. He is scheduled to face the 340-pound John Stover, who is being billed as having 8 professional MMA fights. Morrison, who has zero mixed martial arts training, is calling this fight a one-time thing to help out his advisor Peter McKinn and to earn some extra money along the way. Morrison left boxing in 1995 after receiving a positive HIV test. Earlier this year, Morrison was able to prove that the positive test was false and was approved of a boxing license by the West Virginia Athletic Commission. He officially returned to the boxing ring on February 22 by scoring a second-round knockout over John Castle.
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Q&A with Dana White, president of Ultimate Fighting Championships
link Dana White, 37, is largely credited with helping turn Ultimate Fighting Championships from a farce into a force in the world of mixed martial arts. As UFC president, White has overseen staggering growth in the public consciousness and helped UFC stake a larger claim in the pay-per-view market than WWE or boxing last year. As it goes more mainstream -- UFC was featured on recent covers of Sports Illustrated and ESPN The Magazine -- White has ideas about how it can grow even bigger. He talked about a wide range of topics recently with the Star Tribune.
Submitted Jun 8, 2007 12:20AM by disorderlyvision - 3 comments
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