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Getting Started on MMA Playground

MMAPlayground.com is a fantasy sports website that covers mixed martial arts (MMA). We offer a variety of different games to participate in along with an online community for MMA fans. Read along for instructions and information on what to do on the Playground.


Creating an account on MMA Playground is quick and free. Simply fill out the information on the registration page, click the account activation link we send to your email, then log in to the site with your username and password to start playing.

The Games

Pick'em Leagues

The premise for this game is simple: pick the winner of upcoming fights to score points. Additional points are rewarded for correctly predicting how a fight will end. Further instructions and detailed scoring information for this and many other areas of the site can be found by clicking the “Info / Instructions” icon that appears directly beneath the page title on many parts of the website.

MMA doesn't have seasons as many popular team sports do. For gaming purposes, on MMA Playground we consider 10 events to be a “season”. After the 10th event is over, we crown the top point score as winner and start the next “season”.

We have 3 different pick'em leagues that you can participate in.

The Big Show covers full UFC cards (prelims + main card)

Casual League covers UFC main cards only (Note: For UFC main cards with only 4 fights we will also include the final prelim fight)

Best of the Rest combines the best fights from all other fight promotions going on in a single weekend into a composite fight card

Betting Leagues

Our two fantasy betting leagues run in tandem with their correspondingly named pick'em leagues, meaning that when a 10-event season ends and begins in both The Big Show and Best of the Rest betting leauges, the same holds true in the pick'em leagues. Every betting season starts players out with a $1,000 fantasy bankroll to make odds-based wagers on upcoming fights. Place your bets and grow your bankroll over the course of a season to win.

Single Event Fantasy Pools

Join or create fantasy “pools”, where your put your picks for any single upcoming event found in our 3 pick'em leagues against the picks of other players in a variety of formats (1v1, winner take all, and tourney-style). Joining a pool costs “chips”, which is a currency system built into the website. Everyone starts with 10 chips and can earn more by getting a top score in a pool and collecting “the pot”. You also earn chips simply by participating and making picks for any fight card.

Unlike our pick'em and betting leagues, there are no “seasons” the fantasy pools game. The chips you earn and accrue in this game don't ever reset.

Fighter Rankings

Our fighter rankings system provides a fun way for MMA fans to rank who they consider to be the top 10 fighters in a weight class. These rankings are then counted as “votes” and tallied into the official MMA Playground top 10 rankings. Further instructions can be found on the interface page used to search and rank your own top 10's.

Community Features


Our popular MMA forums provide a place for fans to discuss the games, MMA headlines, find a fight camp, go off topic, and talk about all other aspects of MMA. Once you are logged in to your activated account you can join the discussion yourself by posting topics and replies, creating polls, and more. Consider stopping by the Introduce Yourself forum to say “hi” and get any help you may need navigating and mastering all the site features from the friendly natives.

Fight Camps

Just like fighters have camps, teams, and associations to train with other fighters, site members can become a part of their own fight camp here on MMAPlayground. You can join someone else's camp if they invite you, or you can form your own camp and invite your friends to play alongside you. Every camp has its own leaderboards for each game, a private message board, and more. Fight camps are a fun way to experience the game with a group of friends, workmates, or forum-mates. Your camp association will be shown on your profile and by your username when you post in the forums.

Private Mailbox

Your private mailbox is an in-site mail system that you can use to communicate privately with other members of the site, kind of like sending them an email. You may also receive system notifications in your private mailbox in addition to fight camp message broadcasts for those of you in fight camps.

MMA News

Our community MMA news aggregator helps you stay on top of all the latest mixed martial arts headlines. If you have come across a breaking story or development feel free to check out the MMA News Share forum for further instructions on how to post it.