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BrandonWHearn » Posted 1/21/17 10:05:00PM

Are the betting results gonna update? The next event starts in 20 hours and the event from last weekend hasn't been tallied yet so the money can be bet.

One Championship / LFA 73 / M-1 Challenge 103
[parlay wager] $945 M. Bokov
C. Kelades
C. Motta +185
+185 -$0
Wakamatsu vs Eustaquio $945 Yuya Wakamatsu +240 =?
Issa vs Takenaka $945 Daichi Takenaka +235 =?
Altamirano vs Motta $630 Carlos Motta +185 =?
Gadzhibabayev vs Souza $945 Roggers Souza +400 =?
Pletenko vs Kelades $630 Chris Kelades +280 =?
Bokov vs Hassan $315 Movsar Bokov +185 =?
Grabovich vs Boeno $945 Maxim Grabovich +215 =?

Schatte » Posted 9/22/07 6:44:00PM

Actually the last 2 events are finished but not updated. I don't think anyone is monitoring it anymore with JLS on hiatus.

There are at least 4 fights that have been cancelled on this next card.

Stone » Posted 7/4/07 1:06:00PM

Sorry guys, i didnt realize no one picked up this slack. I could do it. But it will only leave 5 hours. Thoughts?


BrandonWHearn » Posted 1/21/17 10:05:00PM

if you've got the time. I just did really well finally hahaha

Stone » Posted 7/4/07 1:06:00PM

So I took a look at it, and that was the last event that was inputted into the system. I am not really sure how to update the one that is there based on the situation it is in.

I will try and figure it out, but as of now, I think we are going to wait for JLS to return to kickoff BOTR. If I can update the last ones, I will.

If there is any news or updates, I will post them here.
JLS should be back for Sept 8th.


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