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Michael Bisping’s on-air beef with Colby Covington was untimely (and unnecessary)   [View Full Version]
Braden » Posted 3/6/12 2:55:00PM

It’s exceedingly easy to hate on Colby Covington, especially after he vowed to take his newly won interim belt to the White House for Donald Trump to run a cold finger over. But it’s quite another to dress him down on a post-fight show right after he wins that belt, which Michael Bisping did late on Saturday night. If you expect high-road professionalism from Bisping in his role as an analyst, five words spring immediately to mind.

Good luck with that, booday.

In fact, the whole segment — which lasted five minutes and aired live on Fox Sports 1 after UFC 225 — took on the complexion of an SNL skit, with Covington on one half of the split screen sporting shades, his belt and his trademark smug smile, and Bisping on the other, taking umbrage at how Covington called the panel out for doubting his chances against Rafael dos Anjos. It was uncomfortable, weird, comical, even a little mortifying — and sometimes all of those things at once (like when poor Michelle Waterson forgot her question).

It was also untimely. Check it out for yourself.


jbmoviefan » Posted 6/15/11 5:17:00PM

If Covington is gonna continue on with this persona he needs to practice it a bit more. He seems to stumble over his words quite a bit.

Budgellism » Posted 4/8/07 11:45:00AM

Bisping made him look like a complete idiot and I loved it.

Colby is the type of person that writes out all of his material and memorizes it beforehand. That much is clear because whenever he's put on the spot in a live situation he stumbles over his words like the jackass he truly is. Colby's a good fighter/wrestler but he's awful at this trash talking thing. As hard as he's trying to hide that I see right through it.


whodat » Posted 4/16/07 12:41:00PM

Colby definitely has trouble veering off his written lines. He keeps repeating them over and over.
He thought up the one eye remark off the dome which was impressive for Colby.

Maybe I'm the only one who thinks Bisping was a tad out of line with his remarks in the role he was supposed to be playing at the time.

isk » Posted 12/5/07 12:38:00PM

Absoluitely okay with every analyst & reporter dogging Colby whenever possible. Dude's either nakedly racist or pretending to hold an indefensible position for personal gain. He can be treated with decorum after he's made genuine apologies backed by action (like donating some of that semi-championship money to a worthy cause).

Braden » Posted 3/6/12 2:55:00PM

I agree with whodat, that Bisping should have tried to be a little more professional since he was working at the FOX desk... but it's Bisping, so I get someone taking a shot at him is going to get him going, but he should have tried to bite his tongue.

Colby needs to work on letting things come naturally. It does sound like his lines are written, and he gets stumped when put in the position where he has to think of something on the fly. It needs to come out organically, like Conor. Conor doesn't even think, he just lets it roll of his tongue, which is something Colby isn't able to do. That's what he needs to work on if he's going to truly play this villain roll successfully.

JLS » Posted 6/6/12 1:54:00PM

I rarely root for Woodley but I hope he puts Colby's lights out!


aussiemma » Posted 1/27/12 10:34:00PM

I actually don’t mind Covington, sure he says some dumb shit at times but some of the stuff he comes up with can be kind of funny. He definitely needs to improve and hone his character a bit more but I would 100% rather have him champ than least with Covington he is creating this persona whereas Woodley is a whigney bitch and perennial victim for real. I really hope Colby can avoid the power of Woodley and destroy him with his cardio and pressure.

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