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FKA » Posted 12/23/14 7:13:00PM

With the Autumn winds coming just around the corner and preseason starting very soon i thought I'd start this years Football thread.

Feel free to talk all things football......
Smacktalk,statistics,predictions etc.

FKA » Posted 12/23/14 7:13:00PM

Raiders need to give Penn a new deal he deserves it and we got the money.Amari cooper is giant looking haha he is a beast.

FKA » Posted 12/23/14 7:13:00PM

Tonight is first taste of football this season..

Cowgirls and cards..

Enjoy fellas.

FKA » Posted 12/23/14 7:13:00PM

Sean Smith apparently is as big of a liability off the field as he has been on the field....

Was arrested today on felony assault charges....

Tbh im not a fan of smith anyway imo this was good to remove him he is a liability.The ridiculous contract he signed is a negative but if we dont cut him til next season we won't have any dead money from the deal.

Gareon Conley needs to get healthy ASAP!!

FKA » Posted 12/23/14 7:13:00PM

Raiders released every young talent at Lb we had aside from the draft picks.......apparently veteran talent will be brought in by waivers.

Not a fan lol our defense is still far from settled and its not a good look.

Meanwhile KC is doing good acquiring talent and denver is looking to resign osweiler lmfao...

FKA » Posted 12/23/14 7:13:00PM

Tonights the first official game of the season cheers fellas!!!

Chiefs and pats......tough spot for a raider fan....division rival vs arch enemy lol.

FKA » Posted 12/23/14 7:13:00PM

Great game man i really enjoyed it.

Pats came out and quickly looked like it'd be 14-0 after gronks diving catch.......but it was reversed and from then on so was the momentum.

Kc came on strong and relentless stopping pats on 3rd down multiple times and alex smith made the defense look like rookies.

Tough spot for me watching but ill be honest i was rooting for Kc.

Eric berry,and hightower were injured during the game hightower is believed to be a mcl sprain but a mild one,meanwhile Berry is possibly looking at an Achilles tear.

Now on to the FIRST SUNDAY GAME!!!!

FKA » Posted 12/23/14 7:13:00PM


Offense looks great and will only get better as they gel more but Beast mode still looked beasty,Cook is a great addition to the offense,and todd downing made a great showing.

Defense is a work in progress looked like crap first half but we tightened up in the second half and got some stops and GIORGIO is a boss man!!

Great way to start the season 1-0 on the road as underdogs week home opener against Jets is a winnable game if we execute well again.

Tomorrow is san diego vs denver good for scouting i suppose haha.

JLS » Posted 6/6/12 1:54:00PM


I'm drinking the Kool-Aid


FKA » Posted 12/23/14 7:13:00PM

Chargers almost pulled off the late win haha not bad game.

Broncos and chargers have some issues which is great for me haha.


FKA » Posted 12/23/14 7:13:00PM

Well......afc west is crazy .....

Raiders go on a major losing streak only to bounce back in the game of the year thus far action wise against division foe and arguably one nfls top teams in the chiefs....

San diego meanwhile is sneaking in wins SHUTTING OUT THE BRONCOS LMFAO!!!! and beating raiders by a narrow margin.

Broncos on a whole are inconsistent but still a decent team but wow chargers fucked them raw dog lol.

Raiders signed bowman and i was like wtf????? But I'll admit he proved me wrong and was an upgrade to our defense will be interesting to see how he pans out.

Football is great :)

FKA » Posted 12/23/14 7:13:00PM

Nothing better then beating the broncos haha

Braden » Posted 3/6/12 2:55:00PM

Good to see Cooks and Brady are gelling

FKA » Posted 12/23/14 7:13:00PM

Game was rough with both our top receivers out but we got it done using the tight ends and the receivers who had to rise up.....and a monster effort by beast mode baby!!!

Holton had an insane catch and our defense is looking more cohesive under pagano so growth is good.

Still far from where we need to be but progression instead of regression is good.

Afc wild west is up for grabs!!!!

Braden » Posted 3/6/12 2:55:00PM

Patriots in ANOTHER Super Bowl... it's good to see!

Boy, do I hope they pull out another one!

Let's go Pats!

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