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brookfang » Posted 3/6/15 10:17:00PM

If all I want is to get good at MMA, get nice arms, and get a six pack, what should I do? My biggest problem is that I don't know whether to focus on going to the gym to get the arms and the chest, or whether to focus on training. I found a Muay Thai training center nearby and have been going there somewhat often, but one of my friends (Who has been going to the gym for 5 years) told me that boxing is cardio and therefore negative gains.

I am 17 years old and 110 pounds, so I have been taking mass gain shakes. But I have been told by the Muay Thai gym that bulking up doesn't help your MMA career in Muay Thai. So to reiterate my goals, I want a six-pack, strong looking arms, and to be good at MMA. I've been thinking about maybe going to the muay thai gym and not going to the normal gym, instead focusing on bodyweight exercises like this one:

So should I focus on Muay Thai, and ignore the gym or should I try to mix in the gym? And should I keep taking mass gain shakes? I'm pretty small and I would like to be more around 140-160 pounds of muscle within the next couple of years. Hopefully I included enough information here, if not then let me know what else you need. Thanks for your help.

Gumby90 » Posted 5/27/14 11:18:00AM

All depends on your body as well, when I was your age I was wrestling, eating 700 calories a day, and mysteriously making gains from the weight lifting I was doing after practice.

If you want gains and you're that small try doing a classic 8 6 4 routine and eating as much protein as you can shove in your face. The thai cardio should technically rob your gains but realistically as young as you are doing the two workouts over time should give you cardio and bulk gains.

If you aren't making gains, maybe drop the cardio, but I personally don't have problems in that area.

jae_1833 » Posted 7/19/07 11:27:00AM

You're still young and likely have a very high metabolism. I'd say to do're not going to stop growing at 18 man. More than likely you'll stabilize at like closer to 23 or so.

BillsNewAccount » Posted 2/24/11 9:26:00PM

If you are looking to get bigger you just need to eat more. I heard peanut butter sandwiches before bed work well.

FKA » Posted 12/23/14 7:13:00PM


WorldChampions » Posted 7/14/15 5:57:00AM

You just go to join the gym and hire a trainer...
and the more important eat well...
But do not use any kind of artificial food for rapid growth...
You may get what you want but afterward the consequences are worst...

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