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roger » Posted 1/18/08 11:56:00PM

i seem to be having alot of problems on this card

chuck liddell vs rashad evans
chuck seems to be getting out of shape and rashad has been looking pretty good so i'm not sure about this fight

rich franklin vs matt hamill
rich usally fights at 185 and now is going to 205 and matt is a big 205 what is rich's ground game like? do you think he could sprawl matt's takedowns?

and martin kampmann vs nate marquart
don't really know much about these 2 but i do know martin choked out alexander and took a beating from him too

would love to hear what the rest of the play ground thinks and any avantages any of the fighters have on each other

Khaos » Posted 6/27/07 8:20:00PM

I think Rashads's cardio is a question, and that Liddell could outstrike him.

Frankln has some ground skills and is no stranger to 205, Hamil's wrestling may just win him this fight, this fights up in the air to me.

Kampmann has great jiu-jitsu,Marquardt is just a monster, he always looks good, I think this will be a hard fight,but that Kampmann will win a UD or SD.

Kampmann beat McFedries not Alexander. Kampmann's never foughten Alexander.

DiabloFreak56 » Posted 5/6/08 7:18:00PM

Liddell is just coming off a win vs Wanderlei. and rashad is coming off a draw with tito ortiz. Liddell has AMAZING takedown defense and i believe hell be able to sprawl rashad's takedowns and chuck has the stand up no question.

i have him winning Rd 2 Ko.

now hamill vs rich.

i believe hamill has the wrestling edge obviously and i think he can take rich down and control the whole fight on the ground. but if it stays up i think rich can end it when he wants i believe his stand up is alot better than matt's. also rich was a Big middle weight so its not that big of a deal of him moving up IMO.

now Nate vs Martin.

to be honest i dont know that much about martin, but nate is a great wrestler and has a good ground game so i can see this either ending with him subbing martin or in a UD.


jae_1833 » Posted 7/19/07 11:27:00AM

Liddell will easily sprawl and brawl his way to a ko.
Rich, not as easily but will most likely do the same... + a couple of knees.
Nate and Martin is going to be a war, I am picking Nate to win though because I think he is just as good a striker and that his strength will lead him to victory on the ground. Later though, like 3rd round or UD.

JDP_6375 » Posted 4/6/08 9:21:00PM

Chuck put on a stricking clinc against Silva who is a way better stricker then Evans will ever be. Evans and Ortiz only was a draw bc Ortiz grabbed the cage twice but was clearly winning that fight (Tito I'm still mad about that). Chuck whopped up on Tito twice. Chuck by KO.

Rich Frankin (I'm still not a fan) destroyed everyone on then Anderson Silva. He put a beating on Travis Lutter who is a BJJ beast and got out of his submissions some how which is still beyond me. Rich by KO.

Nate Marquart & Martin Kampmann will be a brawl. I like the slight edge goes to Nate b/c he is coming off a fustrating loss in his last fight that he feels he should not have lost. Nate by UD.

JackHammerXXX » Posted 6/24/08 7:34:00PM

I got Liddell in a 3rd round KO/TKO. I believe it will be a good fight, competitve. I think Rashad might get Chuck down, but won't do nothing with or won't have anytime cuz Chuck will just get up quick. Evans will gas in the 2nd, or 3rd round and get caught, plain and simple.
I got Hamill in a decision. I think Matt's an ox, and he'll drive through Richie's attacks. It'll be close, though.
Kampmann was due for a title shot, until he got hurt. So in came Mr. Marquardt. Now, that's what makes this fight alil more intriguing. I can't remember if I made this pick yet, but I see a long fight. But if somebody was going to end it, I think Martin might choke Nate out.

What about Hendo/Palhares, or Karo's next chance at redemption?

JDP_6375 » Posted 4/6/08 9:21:00PM

Hendo fought two of the best in the ufc this year and gave them both a fight so hendo will get redemtion next fight. Karo is one of my fav fights so I'm bias but I know he will win after he got robbed in his last fight

Ordep » Posted 7/8/07 9:23:00PM

Posted by JDP_6375

Hendo fought two of the best in the ufc this year and gave them both a fight so hendo will get redemtion next fight. Karo is one of my fav fights so I'm bias but I know he will win after he got robbed in his last fight

got robbed?...all i saw was him getting KTFO not robbed....

anyways.... about the topic...

Liddell KO Rashad... I just can't see how people say Rashad could be a contender, his record is ok, but look at performance.... a Draw (which actually lost) vs. TiTO and a SPLIT.. agist Bisping..... meh..... Chuck will expose his hype and KO him.

Hamill wins the Decision..... Franklin stated that his body was already set as a MW and he didn't want to go back to 205.... so I could see him at the W-ins on 203-204 pounds and not gaining much after that.... Hamill should use superior wrestling and strng to a decision.

Kampmann vs Marquardt.... though pick, but I'm going with Kampmann via submission due to a Nate mistake.

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