Schiavello: Jones/Sonnen "Cheapens the title"

Does Jones/Sonnen Cheapen the Title?
Yes 21 58%
No 15 42%
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Jesus this has been blown out of proportion.

How many people bitched when Randy Couture came back to fight Tim Sylvia? There were some detractors, but I think most people were concerned about Couture's state of mind, and look what happened, the man won and ushered in a new age of heavyweight. That fight went down as one of the most memorable in UFC history.

Chael Sonnen is a worthy challenger, just because he doesn't have the record to back it up doesn't mean he doesn't pose an interesting challenge for Jones.

If Chael wins this fight, EVERYONE will stop bitching, and will instantly forget about this charade.

How many people bitched when Randy fought Tim? Noone, because they brought in JEFF FUCKING MONSON for the last title fight, thats who they had.

In comparison we have 3 of the 205 greats on hold for Chael whos only real strength is wrestling, and we've never seen Jones anywhere near being controlled.

We're bitching because this will live in infamy as the beginning of the Don King days in the UFC.....

Oh and when Jones drills Sonnen into retirement and plastic surgery at 2:00 of the first, remember this.

Jeff Monson was on 16 fight win streak before he took on Tim Sylvia. Let me repeat that....a 16 FIGHT WIN STREAK. Monson was a legitimate threat back then, as was Sylvia. It's all fun now making fun of big Tim, but he was a defending champ. To bring in Randy, who was probably on the worst skid of his career, the vast majority of MMA fans back then thought Randy would get beat down.

Or what about Ken Shamrock challenging Tito for his title in 2002? Matt Serra challenging GSP? How come Vitor Belfort didn't get shit for challenging for the title? Because he had two wins under his belt, neither of which were at 205?

Chael in his last 3 fights beat Bisping, Stann and then lost to Silva because of a stupid in fight decision. The only two people Chael has lost to in the UFC in his most recent tenure have been Silva and Maia. That's very impressive. Dan Henderson, the most likely outside of Chael to challenge for the title, has had one UFC fight, which he barely won (despite how exciting as it was), so to say he is far more deserving of Chael, when Chael has definitely fought the tougher of the competition in the last couple of years, is ridiculous.

People shit on Chael because he has a big mouth and has made some big, noteworthy blunders in his career, but he is the best challenger to fight Jones, with the exception of maybe Hendo. You, and many other people are short changing Chael, and making it seem like giving a challenger who doesn't have a proper record, a chance, is the downfall of the UFC.

This is nothing new. The UFC has been doing this well before even Dana White and the Fertittas got involved, and this is precisely the reason why the UFC is NOT Don King, because whether you personally like it or not, this is a fight the people want to see, and the buy rate will back that up.

In the days of every one of those shitty ratings fights you mentioned there werent 3 of the greatest fighters of all time at 205 and 265 in line getting shafted by someone who never broke .500 at the said weight class....

You cant make this look any less shitty than it is. And the people who want to see this fight are all the casual mass who buy replica belts etc... only reason any of us want to see that fight is to see how bad Jones can kill Sonnen with elbows...

When you lose a title fight you can move down to an empty division ala Frankie, but you typically dont support a guy moving up in weight to a division with 3 primo contenders waiting their turn...

Again, you cant make this shit into gold...

The people you mentioned are the majority of MMA fans, like it or not, and in case you didn't notice, there are quite a few people on this board by way of the poll in this thread, that don't think this is a big deal, myself included. MMA has never been about winning percentages, particularly the old PRIDE days. This isn't baseball.

In baseball they dont base qualifying teams on popularity. If they did the Cubs and Yankees would be playing every world series

Explain why someone coming off a loss should leapfrog Lyoto, let alone hendo... This argument isnt going anywhere so maybe this is my final post but I'd be seriously curious why a Lyoto fan wouldnt feel rectum pain about now.

It'll be over a year till Jones fights a real contender.

I would actually much prefer to have Machida fight, but I like watching Chael fight, and I think this is an interesting fight, so I am looking forward to it. The only problem I have is the whole TUF thing delaying the match, that is annoying.

I think that bit may be necessary to let Jones' elbow heal until April. From what I heard, that injury is going to keep him sidelined til March-April

can we stop mass quoting everything?

But I like giant mass quotations...

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I agree with Schiavello. Yeah Chael has a shot at winning but then what? Your champ just got beat by a 185er who can even finish there let alone win a title.

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