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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the game played?
Further instructions and information can be found on many pages of the site by clicking the "Info / Instructions" button that appears below the title of the page in question. You may also want to read the getting started guide or perhaps post a question on the Game Talk forum. If all else fails, contact us.
What do these icons mean?
My Fight Camp - Just like fighters have camps, teams, and associations to train with other fighters, site members can become a part of their own fight camp here on MMAPlayground. You can join someone else's camp if they invite you, or you can form your own camp and invite your friends to play alongside you. Each camp has its own leaderboards separate from the public game, a private message board, and more. Fight camps are a fun way to experience the game with a group of friends, workmates, or forum-mates. Your camp association will be shown on your profile and by your username when you post in the forums.
My Private Mailbox - This is simply an in-site mail system that you can use to communicate privately with other members of the site, kind of like sending them an email.
My Account Settings
Chips - This is the currency and reward system used in our single-event fantasy pools game.
When are the stats going to updated?!?! The PPV just ended!!
The administrators of this site are MMA fans just like you. Sometimes the person in charge of updating the stats for the site may go out with some friends to watch the fights and won't get home until a few hours afterwards. We know you want to see the results... they will be done in less than 24 hours of an event, that's the earliest we can promise and still stick to it every time. On other occasions though, the stats may be updated within minutes after the final fight of the night has taken place.
The event is locked already / how come I can't make my picks?
Most fight cards have undercard bouts which take place hours before the live fights are shown on television. In order to make sure someone at the event isn't able to enter in a pick after the fight has actually taken place, we lock events before the preliminary fights start. Additionally, we wouldn't want someone with some insider or first-hand information on a fighter to have any potential advantage over the rest of the users.
What happened to all the money in my fantasy bankroll? Why do I now have $1,000?
Because there are no "seasons" in MMA as there are in popular team sports, our pick'em and betting leagues start a new season every 10 events. When a new season starts everyone is back on equal footing for a chance to win it all. There are no seasons in the fantasy pools game - your chips will never reset.
I'm having trouble with the website in making a pick/placing a bet/doing something in My Fight Camp. What do I do?
Please make sure that you have both javascript and cookies enabled on your browser, and that the browser you are using is an up-to-date version. If you are experiencing a server type error then please copy the error, then paste it to us in the contact form.
What is that colored text beneath my username?
This is a title that changes based on how many posts you've made in the forums. Once you reach 1,000 posts you may customize this title however they wish along with making a forum signature.
A user keeps sending me private mail/unwanted wagers/unwanted fight camp invites. How can I stop them from doing this?
If you go to My Private Mailbox then click the link titled "Blocked List" you will be able to enter the username of anyone on the site that you do not wish to receive communications from and they will be blocked.
How come there are more/less people in my fight camp than it says when viewing the fight camp page?
As of season 2 here on the Playground, all fight camps are ranked in their respective divisions. This ranking procedure takes place after each event is done. During this rank procedure, fight camp sizes are updated. It is done this way for 2 reasons: 1) the fight camp ranking procedure is fairly resource intensive, thus is only done after an event takes place. 2) Fight camps routinely add and remove members and alter their camp size. As such, a camp may move from one division to another. In an effort to avoid the potential confusion of having two or more camps in a division with the exact same rank (1 or more of them being carried over from a prior camp division), we updated everyone's camp member count at the time of the rankings update.
How can I leave the 'Fight Camp' that I am in?
Simply visit the "My Fight Camp" page and click the link found at the bottom right of the page that is titled "Leave This Camp". If you are a fight camp leader you must first make someone else fight camp leader or disband the fight camp in order to leave.
I just started a 'Fight Camp'. How do I invite my friends and perform other tasks?
If you are a fight camp leader you will see a link visible on your "My Fight Camp" page near the top titled "Camp Control Panel". From this control panel you can invite members to your camp, update your camp avatar and slogan, remove camp members, make someone else camp leader, or disband your camp. If you wish to delete any messages from your camp message board simply click the link found near the bottom left of each message entry that will either say "Delete Post" or "Delete Topic".
How are fights that end in draws or no contest handled?
If a fight is declared a draw or no contest at the time of the fight, this bout will simply not be calculated into the points, ranking, or earnings. The result and scoring from a fight that is overturned at a later date (steroids, Mary-J, etc) will remain on the website. Asking someone to send back their per-event prize so that we can send it to someone else due to a scoring change isn't something we're up for. Plan and play accordingly! This game is based on who wins at the time of the fight.