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  1. LOL @ foxsports top 10 list
    fox sports top 10 pound for pound mma fighters Putting chuck above fedor and gsp? I mean comeon. Chucks good... but not pound for pound above fedor or gsp. And matt lindland is on the list? what'sup...
  2. Little Pride rant...
    I love pride and even prefer it over ufc, but whats up with them having beltholders have non-title fights like all the time? and I dont get the point of Hendo vs Wandy? IMO if a beltholder gets...
  3. what if randy wins?
    i'm not worried about randy getting hurt in the silvia fight. i want to know what he is gonna do if he actually wins? is he gonna defend the tiltle against cro-cop? i can't see that working out well...
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  4. Do you consider joe rogan a good commentator?
    I used to not really like joe rogan much, figured he was just another hollywood guy with his fear factor show and whatnot, but over the last year or so i've come to respect him more and more as i've...
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  5. I wish UFC was Once a week.
    I wish UFC tornaments were held every weekend, or even fortnightly. We dont get pride in the UK so I have to wait ages between tornaments. Yes they would need loads more fighters, and its probably...
  6. What's going on with Vera?
    It seemed like he pretty confident and like was ready to take a crack at the Syvlia and the heavyweight title. Haven't heard a thing about him fighting again in a while. I know he had 1 fight left on...
  7. Sergei Kharitonov vs. Gilbert Yvel
    Sergei just announced this on his official website. Go Sergei! I hope he makes a good comeback
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  8. Sylvia vs. Couture, who wins?
    who will win, i am alittle scared for couture, evan though i cant stand sylvia.. but who wins
  9. Serra v.s. GSP?
    when it does happen will Serra just try to hold GSP through the whole fight like he did with the guy in TUF or will he just go down in 30 seconds?
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  10. Gomi's UFC field trip?
    http://www.fightopinion.com/2007/01/15/report-gomi-heading-to-ufc/ IMO if this did happen Gomi would be a wrecking ball in the 155lb division. Would Pride really get much out of it though? I mean,...
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  11. THQ To Make New UFC Video Games
    January 15, 2007 - The higher ups at THQ have informed IGN that it will announce a brand new licensing deal tomorrow (January 16) that grants the Agoura Hills-based publisher the rights to release...
  12. Rich Franklin vs Jason the Athlete should be a great fight
    Rich needs to step up or this could be it for him
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  13. How does Wand finish Hendo
    Fighting in the US with no soccer kicks or knees to a downed opp? This could be a better match than people think
  14. Caol Uno v. Joe Stevenson
    So this fight is on for ufc 69, who ya got?
  15. Pride 33 Fightcard
    anybody with rumors on whos fightin post em here!
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  16. Favorite Fighter
    Unfortunately I can only fit six on the poll - excuse me if I left your guy off
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  17. Dana White UFC fight club chat
    Dana had some interesting things to say on his chat: Raiderbeast says: Before leaving tonight, can you tell us if another big Pride fighter will show up in the UFC anytime soon?? DanaWhite says to...
  18. Why Wandy vs Hendo as main event?
    Moving a guy from a lighter weight class( even if he is a stud)doesn't make sense to me. To top it off they have already had both of these champs lose on grand prix's. Your just adding another loss...
  19. Questions for Lodune Sinclaid
    Looks like our first interview will be with none other than the Vanilla Gorilla himself, a great guy who has offered to answer any questions that we may have for him. So whatever you got, lets please...
  20. Lindland fighting Fedor
    He says he's crazy and this proves it. Lindland is a great middlewight, One of my Pound for pound best fighters, he did frustrate Rampage, but he's nuts if he thinks he could beat Fedor. Coleman...
  21. What if Cro-Cop loses?
    It seems that everyone is just assuming that Cro Cop will win in his first UFC fight agaisnt Eddie Sanchez, and it is probably a safe assumption, but what happens if Cro Cop gets knocked out? Cro Cop...
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  22. Rashad Evans next to fight Liddel or Griffin?
    I don't know who should fight him next also Jardine who beat Griffin needs one more win vs someone good again for title contention also?
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  23. Nick Diaz signs with Pride
    http://nickdiaz.tv/index2.html Fighting at LW, very good news, looks like his first fight will be on the upcoming US card. Discuss.
  24. who rates UK fighter Michael Bisping?
    I think Bisping, "( The UK guy who won the last Ultimate fighter competition) , might struggle when he gets some decent competition. He's a natural fighter, and doesn;t seem short of confidence, just...
  25. UFC 67 reninds me of Prides first US show
    Lot of exciting fighters, but very few competitive fights, Scott Smith v Cote and maybe j. Rivira v T. Martin are the only ones without a very discernable favorite
  26. UFC Fight Night 8
    Lister will submit Marquardt. Herring will TKO O'Brien. Franca v Fischer will end in a submission. I don't have any strong feelings about any of these other bouts. Anybody wanna lend a little...
  27. Fedor Recieves Great Honor...
    Pride Heavyweight Champion Fedor Emelianenko is to become the first MMA fighter in Russian history to be granted an audience with a Russian President. Fedor has been invited to the Kremlin on January...
  28. Cro Cop: 'This does not mean goodbye to Pride'...
    Translated excerpt from the Gong Interview: Cro Cop: I don’t think my UFC contract means I have to say goodbye to Pride forever. GONG: Really? Why? We heard that you have been contracted to the UFC...
  29. Questions for Ariel Sexton CR MMA 170lb Champion and member of the Ryan Gracie Camp in Costa Rica
    everyone post questions that you may have for the Ryan Gracie camp in Costa Rica and there CR MMA 170lb Champ Ariel Sexton . Ariel just won a 3 fight tounament all in the same day to win the CR 170lb...
  30. Bisping
    anybody else think Dana and UFC are hyping Bisping a little too much? I mean he's a good fighter and all, but he looked a little shakey at 66. With Dana saying things like hes the future of the ufc,...
  31. Melvin Out For PPV
    Melvin is out at UFC 67 accoring to Sherdog.com; something about a hand injury. What does this do to the bets? Hopefully they just go away. I'm not betting on his replacement lol
  32. Tito now claiming early stoppage
    I admit Tito is not in anyway a favorite of mine, stuff like this is why. I respect his fighting and coaching ability, but it's his mouth and the constrant stream of insecurities that issue forth...
  33. Tim"The Maine-Iac"Sylvia
    Tim Sylvia biggest fight is coming in Cro Cop anyone see him beating Cro Cop?
  34. pride 33
    i know pride has signed cung le and zelg. any word on any of them fighting on the pride 33 card. has anyone heard of any other rumored fights for pride 33. I heard Brandon vera and aarona might be...
  35. Gomi vs. Diaz ??
    Gomi is technical and Diaz is unothordox. and i cant spell
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  36. Your vision of the future... the belts 3 years from now in Pride / UFC
    Who do you think will be holding the belts 3 years from now in Pride / UFC? UFC welters: GSP still has it IMO, unless someone who is a current unknown rises up and really dazzles us all. GSP is...
  37. Who is the best Ref for the NSAC?
    I think Big John is, i would say herb dean but that AA fight through me twords big john. what do you guys think?
  38. Gomi interview about his bout with Diaz
    http://www.pridefc.com/pride2005/ind...ws&news_id=991 Dream Stage Entertainment held a press conference at the Aoyama, Tokyo office on January 23rd to announce four fight cards for the upcoming...
  39. Who is Ryoto Machida??
    Just kiddin.. I am glad to see him on a fight card finally. The question "who is Ryoto" will be answered!! Anyone thinking he will lose feel free to throw the $$$ bets down w/ me.
  40. www.WeLoan.Us check us out on Heath herrings shorts
    too bad he lost he will be back....WeLoan.Us
  41. Rashad vs Jardine???
    This excerpt is from an LA Times article. LA Times Article "Perhaps the most interesting exchange took place after the show at the press conference. When a reporter asked about a prospective match...
  42. Heath Herring was a total disappointment
    That was a horrible performance by him, he looked like total shit. I have a feeling he did not train very hard for this fight because he gassed during the later rounds. And what was up with those...
  43. The new Ed Herman??
    I thought he appeared more focused last night. Lightning fast transition into the armbar!! He was cocky and overconfident on the show. I think we may see a new Short Fuse!!! Any thoughts??
  44. Hermes Franca vs. Sean Sherk?
    I'm a huge franca fan. I have been for awhile, you can ask my friends about this. I like Spencer Fister alot myself, but I was the only one out of my friends going for Franca. I hope franca gets a...
  45. Do you think Evans/Salmon was a good fight?
    I know the fight was exciting, and the finish was just spectacular, but would you consider it a good match up? Or did Rashad just whoop on some can to pad that already impressive undefeated record? I...
  46. Was the Marquart/ Lister fight televised? Good?
    I only caught a few parts of the fight night (unfornunatly Herring vs Obrian was part of it), Was the Lister/Marquart fight televised? If it was, was it anygood?
  47. Non-Title fights
    A lot of people seem to crack down on Pride because of too many champs fighting non-title fights. How do ya'all feel about this? Do you think having non-titles fights cheapens the belt and the...
  48. Rashad vs Dana White after the fight?? hopefully it will iron out
    Perhaps the most interesting exchange took place after the show at the press conference. When a reporter asked about a prospective match with Evans vs. Keith Jardine, who made a name for himself by...
  49. If everyone is a MMA Fan you should post some questions for the fighters..
    Come on lets keep them wanting to come back. I sponsor alot of fighters but If no one is going to ask questions why bother to bring them on?
  50. The future of the UFC LHW division.
    With the high level of talent in this division i'm curious to see the consensus as to who the next man holding the belt will be. I've been reading some forum posts and the 5 I listed seem to be the...
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