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  1. Dana White in Bruce Lee History channel show tonight
    http://mmapayout.com/2009/05/dana-white-featured-in-bruce-lee-docu-tonight/ http://mmapayout.com/2009/05/dana-white-featured-in-bruce-lee-docu-tonight/
  2. MMA Playgrounds Favorite UFC fight of all time vote 16
    The next 6 are: 1. Thiago Alves v Josh Koshcheck UFC 90 This was Alves third big victory in a row. Koshcheck took this fight on short notice. He took a lot of punishment as Alves found his full flow...
  3. Video Request: Tavares -Pellegrino UFC 88
    Props for the 1st one that can find me a working link to this fight. I've tried the most common known websites plus Google but none of the links found worked for me. Thanks.
  4. Chuck Liddell I Believe Is Punch Drunk
    I don't think he is so punch drunk where it dramatically effects him (or maybe it is based on his recent performances), but I recently watched the PRIDE 2003 Grand Prix DVD involving Chuck, and after...
  5. Crocop v. Al-Turk
    cc is back : i would love a cc head kick knockout, but i'm still worried that he won't be 100%
  6. Best (T)KO Head Kick in UFC History
    What's your personal fav ?
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  7. MMA Playgrounds Favorite UFC fight of all time vote 17
    This is the last 6 of round 1: 1. Stephen Bonnar v Jon Jones UFC 94 This was the first time we got to see how good Jones is. Some of his takedowns were awsome and as for his spinning back elbow, need...
  8. Who Should Replace Herring?
    Any thoughts who should replace Heath Herring to fight Cain Velasquez? Junior Dos Santos would be a very exciting fight between two young up and comers. Maybe Carwin if he's recovered from his nose...
  9. TJ Grant on Facebook
    TJ has just updated his status and told the world of facebook that he is fighting Kampmann on TUF 9 Finale.
  10. Cheick Kongo vs. Cain Velasquez
    Looks like Kongo stepped up and took this hard fight on short notice. I dont believe it will matter much, because at the Wolfslair, he is always training hard and consistantly. I do believe he will...
  11. MMA Playgrounds Favorite UFC fight of all time vote Rd 2 Vote 1
    The first 6 for rd 2 are: 1. Royce Gracie v Kimo Leopaldo UFC 3 This was the first UFC fight for Gracie which he didnt completely dominate and have his own way from start to finish. Kimo had raw...
  12. MMA Playgrounds Favorite UFC fight of all time vote Rd 2 Vote 2
    The next 6 are: 1. Randy Couture v Chuck Liddell UFC 43 Around this time the UFC HW divison was taken over as the NO 1 division in the UFC by the LHW division and that was mainly down to three...
  13. Wilson Gouveia interview: Bisping is overrated and Anderson said f**k the fans
    Apparently when Ed Soares was translating Anderson's Portugese into English, he wasn't relaying everything that was really said. Link
  14. Happy Birthday, Bruce Buffer!
    The man himself is 50 today. To celebrate, here's a Bruce Buffer highlight reel I came across: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8puU1AIIWs&feature=player_embedded Now if you'd excuse me, I'm off to...
  15. WORST Decision in UFC History
    not trying to break any rules or anything but just watched the video from Wilson Gouveia interview: Bisping is overrated and Anderson said f**k the fans and they were talking about the hamill bisping...
  16. MMA Playgrounds Favorite UFC fight of all time vote Rd 2 Vote 3
    The final 6 of rd 2 are: 1. Chuck Liddell v Wanderlei Silva UFC 79 This was a fight we had been waiting for for a long time, and both fighters did not dissapoint. They both stood and traded for 15...
  17. UFC 98 Weigh-In Results
    Everyone who hit the scales made weight. Mike Pyle will weigh-in later due to his being a last-minute replacement for Chris Wilson. George Roop (154) vs. David Kaplan (156) Brandon Wolff (170) vs....
  18. MMA Playgrounds Favorite UFC fight of all time THE FINAL
    The 3 fights are: Tito Ortiz v Frank Shamrock Stephen Bonnar v Forrest Griffin Chuck Liddell v Wanderlei Silva
  19. UFC 101: Declaration - Poster
    UFC 101: Declaration[1] is an upcoming mixed martial arts event to be held by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) on August 8, 2009 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.[1] A previously announced bout...
  20. Just watched Yushin Okami vs Dean Lister
    I have to admit that Yushin certainly has some of the absolute best hands in the UFC MW division. He is so very, he is very powerful. He stuffed Lister on the ground. He had no problems anywhere with...
  21. The weigh-in is sometimes very telling in itself
    Sometimes after watching the weigh-ins i'm inclined to change my picks or up my wagers. I got Nover to take Bradley,but after watching their weigh-in I saw how ready Bradley looked and had to lay...
  22. Eating Crow
    I have been one of the biggest critics of machida's fighting style on this site and I will glady admit that I was dead wrong. Lyoto is not a boring fighter he is a master of his craft, the guy is...
  23. Machida by Domination
    Machida dominates Evans! Beautiful... The best fight this year hands down.
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  24. Pat Barry
    I was initially pretty excited about this guy, although I knew that his ground game was an obvious question mark and that it was more than likely weak, I was pretty disappointed tonight. It was...
  25. Sherk vs Edgar
    Am I the only one who thinks even after watching the fight that Sean could easily have won this? Sean... You're a wrestler with 2 foot long T-Rex arms. Come on man. Shoot for the takedown please!! I...
  26. who?
    who is the best HW in the ufc atm? imo brock and mir are great fighters, but i dont think they are the top HW's in the ufc.. its 1 52am and i was just thinking
  27. Machida vs.
    someone i would like to see Machida fight would be Vera. i think that fight would be a really good match up. who would you like to see Machida fight?
  28. TUF to hold up competition again?
    I thought i read that Jackson was going to be one of the coaches on TUF 10? So now that Machida is champ, does this mean we get to see the belt tied up AGAIN for 8+ months?
  29. Hughes vs Serra
    What did you all think of the fight? I thought it was vintage hughes at his best. Serra once again showed some nice power but hughes wrestling and top control ultimately overwhelmed him. Even though...
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  30. UFC 98 Prelims
    If people could post any video links to the prelims here, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. How about the Polish Experiment with another big win. Could have easily made KO of the night along...
  31. If...........
    Rashad can drop to MW should he do it? I just rewatched that fight a bunch of times and Machida made him look like an ameteur. I do not see him getting the LHW UFC title back ever, however at 185...
  32. UFC 98 Next Opponents
    Lyoto Machida - Rampage Jackson Matt Hughes - Karo Parisyan(when Karo returns) Drew McFedries - Goran Reljic Frank Edgar - Penn/Florian Winner Brock Larson - Josh Koscheck Tim Hague - Junior Dos...
  33. Who is next in each division?
    Besides the obvious, like the ones already scheduled who is next?
  34. Wandy against Franklin
    I'm still not sure who I'm picking here. I could use a little help. Right now I'm leaning towards Wandy by decision. Only because I see Franklin get rocked at least once in every fight and I can't...
  35. Rashad Evans UFC 98 Entrance music?
    Anyone know what that track was called and by who? I swear its the same track the Simpson's used for Drederick Tatums entrance when he fought homer Simpson's haha, always wanted of know the name of...
  36. who impressed u the most last night??
    alot of good fights, i think the most impressive was frankie edgar he picked sherk apart, for the 3rd fight he transforms into a kickboxer stick to the ground n pound sherk frankie had a game plan,...
  37. Phillipe Nover Vs Kyle Bradley - Stoppage OK ?
    it's available to download from the UFC Video Vault but i can't find a free video of it anywhere. The best i've found is the following gif: Looking at the gif Nover seems ok and also, Lavigne seems...
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  38. Sherk running down the strip
    Can anyone confirm? I guess after his loss to Edgar he ran out of the arena still in his gloves and fight shorts with no shirt on and ran down the Vegas strip.
  39. The MMA Playgrounds greatest UFC sub Vote 1
    After finding the MMA Playgrounds favorite fight its time to find out are favorite finishes. I will run a sub and (T)KO parallel with each other until we have a winner in each category. Here goes.
  40. The MMA Playgrounds greatest UFC (T)KO Vote 1
    Here is the first 6 (T)KO's.
  41. Best Style to Beat Machida
    Randy Couture, he always finds a way to get in your face and get in close, now machida is a completely different animal from anybody randy has fought but i think his style is best suited for lyoto,...
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  42. The MMA Playgrounds greatest UFC sub Vote 2
    The next 6 are:
  43. The MMA Playgrounds greatest UFC (T)KO Vote 2
    The next 6 are:
  44. Machida as a potential tuf coach
    I'm going to be honest, i have no problem with them naming he and rampage coaches and holding up the belt for a little while but i must say that i don't think lyoto will make a great coach. what's he...
  45. UFC: Heavey Weight #1 Contender????
    After arguing with a friend about this for the better part of my night i bring this to the playground for a better understanding, my thoughts on this are pretty simple, my friend wants a cain/kongo...
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  46. Dana's announcement on the VGA's?
    What do u think dana will have to say? I am assuming something we already jnow, maybe the silva/griffn fight, or cro cop is back maybe too,I dont think it will be anything new tho
  47. The MMA Playgrounds greatest UFC (T)KO Vote 3
    The next 6 are:
  48. The MMA Playgrounds greatest UFC sub Vote 3
    The next 6 are:
  49. Rampage/Evans for TUF Coaches, Who fights Machida??
    It was confirmed today that the Coaches for TUF 10 Will be Rampage and Evans, interesting choice but from the reading sounds like it was Rampage who wanted it like this. Plus i love the fact that the...
  50. Do Hendo and Chuck have beef?
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