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  1. Where's Forrest?
    Anybody know or hear any rumors about where Forrest Griffin is at? He was the champ and now he hasn't fought since December. Rashad is on top with Machida & Rampage up for title shots, Liddell and...
  2. Herring out, whos in?
    Herring injured, Dos Santos vs Velasquez at UFC 100? UFC 100 could be about to have another important fight added to it as dangerous Brazilian, Junior dos Santos is being lined up to face American...
  3. UFC 99: Wanderlei Silva vs Rich Franklin (poll)
    Well I pick Wandy via KO but as the fight goes to round 2 and 3 it might be Franklin by decision as well. I'll be rooting for Wandy as usual.
  4. UFC 96 Riley v Nelson
    Does any one have a link for this fight. Its the only fight I havent watched from UFC 96.
  5. Heaviest Hands
    Speaking strictly UFC here but who are your 10 ten KO artists? I am speaking over the history of the UFC not just now.
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  6. The American Psycho vs The Hammer
    Just announced... How does Bonnar win this one?
  7. Griffin vs. Jardine 2
    This is going to be a very entertaining rematch, Forrest has greatly improved since the first fight and has pretty much changed his style of fighting. Jardine has improved as well, I was really...
  8. How would Lyoto have done
    in pride. Let me say first i am a huge machida fan, and i dont agree with people saying he is boring. I am however curious, if he had been in pride with yellowcards being thrown A LOT, would that...
  9. More fights per UFC card
    Suddenly the next three UFC cards are all about up to 12 fights. What's the deal with this new 12 fight format?
  10. Spike edits Hughes-GSP 2
    I was just watching one of the "new" episodes of UFC Unleashed on Spike.They showed Hughes-GSP 2,and they edited out the second groin shot that Hughes took in the first round.They left in the first...
  11. Anthony Johnson Says John Howard Backed Out Of Upcoming Fight At TUF 9 Finale
    "I was supposed to fight John Howard for the Ultimate Fighter Finale, but supposedly he backed out, so uh, I don’t know. I don’t know why he backed out, you know, he’s a fighter, he fights for the...
  12. Dan Hardy vs Marcus Davis
    Now that Dan Hardy is trainng with freddie roach for his up and coming fight with marcus davies at ufc 99.What does the playground think his chance are of winning.
  13. New ufc game video.(must see!!)
    New video up on IGN.Looks incredible!!! http://xbox360.ign.com/dor/objects/876973/ultimate-fighting-championship-2009/videos/ufc09_trl_fighttech_031309.html Is that Tito at 2:49 for a second.I think...
  14. ufc 100 main card might be a dilemma??
    with the card now beginning to look full 7 bouts signed with another two coming dolloway vs ?? and jon jones vs?? this might be best card i will go to yet only 5 time slots lesnar vs mir hendo vs...
  15. UFN 18: KOTN/ SOTN/ FOTN/ Fighter
    Im looking forward to Rivera's KO over Osterneck.
  16. Forrest Griffin vs. Thiago Silva
    This is an interesting fight, they are both coming off losses. Thiago was previously undefeated, Forrest was previously the champ. I think Forrest will win if not finish this one, Thiago's cardio...
  17. Rashad Evans vs. Lyoto Machida
    I'm sure there are lots of fans for both of these guys. I'm pretty torn on what I think will happen. I'm think Machida by UD or Rashad by TKO. Probably going with Evans. Only saw a pro Machida poll...
  18. Miller/Browning
    This has Fight/Submission of the Night written all over it but I am stuck on the pick right now. I currently have Miller by submission in the second I think, and that's what my heart is telling me...
  19. Hot Event 2x
    First off i was just wondering how hot events are chosen? and then i dont know anything about the fighters for the hot event 2x coming up at fight night 18 Aaron "A-Train" Simpson vs Tim "Wrecking...
  20. Is the 100 main card set?
    GSP-ALVES LESNAR-MIR HENDO-BISPING COLEMAN-BONNAR???? AKIYAMA-BELCHER?? FITCH-THIAGO??? the top three are obvious...are the other two going to come from these, or can we expect another 'BIG" fight....
  21. Would you pay more?
    to see the prelims? like 5 or 10 dollars for another hour of fights? obviously they cant show them ALL (especially on a card like 97 with 12 fights) but many times i really want to see some/all of...
  22. UFC 2009: Undisputed - full fighter roster revealed
    Finally all is revealed. Kind of dissapointing that there is no Junior Dos Santos and no Shane Carwin. Ryan Bader and Efrain only being downloadable I think is pretty bogus to. link
  23. Saw a video of Wanderlei Silva
    I must ask this question what you guys think of his idea of a 195 division he really wants it. He said he talked to dana about it and he seems to think it be good what are your thoughts for a 195...
  24. ufc 2009 video game create a fighter??
    i am very curious to see how many slots will be given for the create a fighter i know there are alot of fighters out there that was left out i am thinking at least 8 to 10 slots to create fighters if...
  25. Anyone picking Alves?
    Am I one of the only ones?? I really think Alves will take this, he is the biggest and best striker gsp has faced. Anyone else picking Alves?
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  26. gsp- i did cheat.. but not how you think..
    Pretty funny stuff by George, nice to see he has a sense of humor. This is not a greasegate vid. link
  27. tuf 9 finale
    Damn this finale is looking awesome! Anthony Johnsons is gonna fight Tamden McCrory on it now as well....they must not be looking to bring in much of the cast cause its filling up quick
  28. FN 18 In Nashville
    I am super excited about this, being a Tennessean this is our first UFC event and I could not be more pleased. I was wondering if anyone else is attending this? If so you should try to atleast meet...
  29. UFC Hall Of Fame Additions
    Hey everyone. I'm doing a little research for my next article and it's going to be about who the UFC should elect into their Hall Of Fame next. I know that the UFC usually does one person at a time...
  30. How does Gray stack up
    Gray seeks bout with contenders (Sherk, Guida, Sanchez) So how does everyone think gray will do against these three top contenders Gray vs Guida in this i fight is see gray dominating guida on the...
  31. What if wandy comes in heavy?
    Its already a catch weight right? So what happens? I assume same thing as always and they agree on a new weight with wandy taking a hit to his $$$. Just curious.. I DO NOT think this will happen as...
  32. British stars in ufc
    Am just wondering what the other side of the pond thinks are boys are holding out like in the elite divison(ufc).We seem to of come a long way in a short time over the last 3-4 years.What is your...
  33. WEC 35: Condit vs. Miura (FREE Video)
    Spike.com has the entire WEC 35 fight between Carlos Condit & Hiromitsu Miura up to introduce fans to Condit ahead of UFN 18. Video
  34. Belfort in the UFC
    I would really like to see Vitor return to the UFC at middleweight...He has a lot of interesting match-ups. Belforts boxing is so crisp. I thought Lindland was a bad match-up for him but he put him...
  35. Lorenzo reveals UFC future plans
    Lorenzo was recently over at the UG, pretty much doing a Q & A, and this is pretty much the breakdown... -They are hard at work getting Ken Flo and BJ set for August 8th in Philly. -The UFC will...
  36. Penn vs Kenflo
    Who do you got. I'm picking Kenny by referee stoppage from a cut in the 3rd round
  37. Tibau vs Stephens
    Should be a great fight. Im a fan of both fighters. Was wondering what everyone thought about who is going to win. I think the striking and KO power advantage definately goes to Stephens, while I...
  38. Catone vs Credeur
    Haven't seen much discussion on this fight, but I think it's a close one to call. I was very underwhelmed by Credeur on his stint on the ultimate fighter, but since the show he has impressed me with...
  39. Is Kampmann a tougher fight than people think?
    I seem to think so. Condit will have his work cut out for him on Wednesday when he tangles with the Hitman. This is a level up from the WEC, so I hope Carlos doesn't take this one lightly because...
  40. Cole Miller Fight Documentary "Magrinho"
    This is an 8-minute cut of the upcoming feature length documentary on UFC fighter Cole Miller. We will show the lifestyle, struggles, and heart of a young fighter growing up in a vastly expanding...
  41. matt hamill vs brandon vera at ufc 101??
    heard this fight will be signed any day this week maybe even tommorrow good fight it did make sense in ohio that both guys would cross paths winner might just break ufc top 10 in light heavy a loss...
  42. Why TUF shouldn't go anywhere?
    I just finished reading the article Enough TUF on Sherdog http://sherdog.com/news/articles/enough-tuf-16787 I would just like to say that I hope TUF stays around for a long time because for one it is...
  43. Who's next for Nate "The Great" Marquardt?
    Nates last fight was at UFC 95, i was just wondering when he is comeing back and who he would fight. Anderson Silva-fight at UFC 97, then talk of him fighting Maia Dan Henderson - fighting at UFC 100...
  44. Name the best "prospect" from each UFC weight class
    For example Maia for MW. Someone who is relatively new to the UFC. HW-Shane Carwin LHW-Luiz Cane MW-Damian Maia WW-Dan Hardy LW-Efrain E. Lightweight was hard one for me
  45. Weigh-In Results
    Feel free to post them here when they're available.
  46. Fighters you're rooting for at UFC Fight Night 18
    A couple guys I'm rooting for but not neccesarilly picking... I hope Cole teaches Junie a little lesson about respect, and I'm also hopeful that Rafael Dos Anjos can pull a miracle off on Tyson...
  47. AM I THE ONLY ONE!!!???!!?!?!?!?
    despite his dramatic improval I still do not like junie browning and his antics did everyone jus forget hes kind of a asshole
  48. Ryan Bader -vs- Junie Browning
    Not really. I'm actually referring to the commercial that was being shown all day on Saturday during the Ultimate Fighter Season 3 marathon. It was an advertisement for Ultimate Fight Night (tonight)...
  49. Alessio Sakara vs. Rousimar Palhares set for UFC 101
    According to MMAJUNKIE.com
  50. Rogan v. Buffer?
    HUH? click This must be an April Fools or something?
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