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  1. UFC 77 weigh in
    I have tickets to the event and want to watch the weigh in live. Where and when can I see them?
  2. Any News on who KOS is fighting next in december?
    Sorry if this is suppose to be aske don the MMA Lounge section since it's not really news I'm just asking.... Koscheck is one of my favorite fighters. I use to hate his boring LNP but He has improved...
  3. John McCarthy... the arse kicker!
    I've got an idea of who we could have fight Couture..... Big John McCarthy. I knew McCarthy had to be atleast a hard ass at one point in time in his life, but I had no idea. The guy became a Referee...
  4. Vera VS Sylvia
    What do you guys think? If Tim just got back surgery, he may be as intense as he used to be. I wonder how that recovery is going. On the other hand, Vera is undefeated and a beast in the octagon,...
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  5. WW time to step up?
    I was thinking if you were one of the heavier WW out there and your in arguably the toughest division in the UFC wouldn't you want to step up to MWand see if you could cut it? Same goes for lighter...
  6. Time to stop punishing Arlovski
    Dana needs to put this guy back in the mix. If Nog does in fact fight MIR, then that winner should face Arlovski and the winner of that should get the title shot. The loser between Nog/Mir and...
  7. Nogueira v. Kongo in December?
    Kongo versus Nogueira? I think this is how it should be...both deserving to be in this spot. Of course Nogueria would have the ground advantage and Kongo, the stand up, but Kongo will really have to...
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  8. TUF tonight
    who do you think serra will pick tonight, i think he is going to pick george becasue he is serra's top guy, who do you think he will pick from team hughes. i predict barrea because hughes seemed...
  9. anyone know when mark hunt is making his UFC debut
    i was just wondering because i think he could stir up the heavyweight division if he has worked on his ground game
  10. Will Chuck ever reach the top?
    Will Chuck Ever Be Champion Again?
  11. What happens to Frankin with a loss???
    If Rich losses, whats next for him. He will have 2 losses to the current champ. Should he rejoin the stacked LHW divison. Theres no way he can cut down any more weight.
  12. Franklin seen to much of an underdog?
    Im looking at the odds andd people really dont think Franklin has the fight near his favor. I like Silva a lot but I really dont think he will stand a chance on the ground if franklin reaches there....
  13. Forrest Griffin: Still over rated or Under estimated?
    Look I ave been saying Forrest is one of the most over rated fighters in the UFC for the past year! With the win over Shogun, not only win but made him submitt ! I wanna know where everyone's head is...
  14. Griffin willing to fight Wandy
    Still possible that it might not happen due to his cut, but he acts like he'd be willing to. Forrest Griffin Comments on Possibility of Fighting Wanderlei Silva
  15. Andrei Arlovski
    is it contract disputes or is it his last performance against one of the best ground fighters in the world Febricio Werdum but i would really like to know what is going on in Dana Whites head for not...
  16. Randy vs Fedor
    This has became the Chuck vs Wandy of the last few years. IMO this is the most anticipated MMA match in history....Make it happen, please.
  17. Rich Franklin will be champ again!
    I believe that Rich Franklin is going to be very ready for this fight. I have not been following my heart when it comes to my picks, I have been going with my head. I have a gut feeling that Franklin...
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  18. Exclusive: Bas Rutten talks Fedor & more
    New interview today: 09/27/07 PDG: Fedor Emelianenko; it has been awhile since he has fought the top competition in the heavy weight ranks. Do you still consider him the #1 HW fighter in MMA? Bas: I...
  19. 8 reasons why Anderson Silva will crush Rich Franklin
    Sorry Guys...I know there's lots of Franklin fans here. Hell, I'm one of them. But I'm also a Silva Fan. So I'm Gonna be completely honest and give you the brutal, Honest Truth... Franklin better get...
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  20. Tito vs dan henderson to headline ufc 78
    not tito VS rashad!!!! LINK
  21. Is there a demand for Nick Diaz in the UFC?
    This is a poll regarding the comment below. I'm curious to see the results. Posted by nubby By the way, it doesn't really matter what you buy or what I buy, it matters what everyone buys. And guess...
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  22. Tito should fight Wanderlei
    If they are having sooo much controversy about who Tito's fighting at 78 why couldn't Joe Silva have him wait one more month to have a rematch with Wanderlei? No one wants to see two wrestlers hug...
  23. Jacare to the UFC!
    You heard it here first, Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza is heading to the UFC. Jacare is known for his world class BJJ and athleticism. He stated "Bye bye Brazil because I'm signed with the UFC." on a...
  25. Any fighters in the UFC still undefeated?
    I'm wondering if there are any guys in the UFC who have had at least one fight, who are still undefeated in their overall MMA career?
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  26. Mirko Cro Cop, Is He Done?
    I always thought that Cro Cop was one of the best fighters in the world, period. Lately, he has looked very pretty bad against the top in the UFC. I don't really hold the Gonzaga loss against him...
  27. Mirko has surgery!
    Mirko Cro Cop had a nose surgery Mirko Filipovic was dizzy yesterday, but not from the strikes, but from the anestetics. Our best free fighter finally decided to undergo a nose surgery. In "Sestre...
  28. Team Hughes vs Team Serra?
    What team would you rather be on? I like Hughes team, wanna train with him and danzig so damn badly!!!
  29. Bring Haynes back!
    Who else think Josh Haynes should come back for two more fights? One in lightweight, and one in heavyweight. Just so he could be the first man to have fought, and lost, in every division.
  30. Henderson at 185?
    Will the UFC unify the 185 belts soon, or does henderson stay at 205?
  31. Cheick Kongo vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira at UFC 79
    http://mmajunkie.com/2007/10/01/report-cheick-kongo-vs-antonio-rodrigo-nogueira-at-ufc-79/#comment-69367 Pride fighters are overrated Kongo 2nd round TKO
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  32. who should swick debut against at 170 now!?
    i was thinking about this and how would a fight with luke cummo play out and would you liek to see that !? solid test at 170 fight of the night all over this i belive
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  33. Just a thought on diffrent style of ranking
    i dont liek number rankings cause no one can agree with it ever and i was woundering what i you just ranked fighters in divison instead heres a short version on the 205 ranking i quickly put togethr...
  34. UFC's Biggest Upset of 2007
    What fight was UFC's biggest upset?
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  35. Houston Alexander vs Thiago Silva??
    This match is just a rumor at the moment, but would make a pretty good fight.
  36. Shogun's first appearance
    Having re-watched the Rua/Griffin fight I must say that Shogun definitely showed that he has what it takes to compete in the division. Before anyone flames just listen for a second. Shogun had a knee...
  37. Reasons why Fedor doesn't deserve the #1 Spot
    1) Fedor has fought relatively weak competition in his past 4 fights. Let us review them: A) Most recently Fedor destroyed a natural middle weight (185LBS) fighter in Matt Lindland B) Mark Hunt,...
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  38. HAHA! Forrest flips off Shoguns corner, in the FIGHT!!!
    HAHA! I find this so funny. Shogun's corner kept screaming ELBOWS! ELBOWS! ELBOW HIM! repeadly. So forrest dodged one elbow, gave shogun's corner the finger, then got smoked with a brutal elbow that...
  39. New Barnett Interview: Talks Pride/Randy and Pancrase
    New today!!!! PDG: If it was possible, would like to step in the cage with Randy before he retires again? Josh: Of course but it is never going to happen. I would love too. I have a lot of respect...
  40. Randy Wants Fedor!!!!
    Heres the link to the vid....didnt see it anywhere else on here sorry if i missed it. Randy
  41. Fedor Will Eventually Lose
    Fedor may be the best all round MMA fighter in the world but there is no way, if he fights all the top talent in the UFC’s HW division, that he can go undefeated. Randy Couture, Andrei Arlovski, Tim...
  42. UFC 78???
    to me this looks like a good fight card only one problem.....its in need of a main event!!!! i will not order this card if they dont put a good main event in there maybe stevenson vs. penn for LW...
  43. Do you still want to see Chuck Liddell vs. Wanderlei Silva?
    After Liddell's loss to Keith Jardine, Dana White seemed to think that a match between "The Iceman" and "The Axe Murderer" was now dead. I don't get it. Silva is now signed with the UFC. There...
  44. Who do you think will win?
    Matt Serra or Matt Hughes i think it would be a awesome fight but i will have to go with my man on this one Matt Hughes sorry Matt Serra
  45. Bisping vs. Rashad!!!!!!!!
    UFC.com revealed this as a matchup for 78
  46. tito
    so will he fight hendo now that rashad is fighting bisping, i hope so because i think it would be a great fight. tito would have a big size advantabe but hendo is much more skilled, i would have to...
  47. Will Jackson lose a 3rd time to wandy?
    I think so, those were brutal KO's. i think Jackson would see flashback, and ball up. IMO
  48. UFC 78 "Validation" - 17th NOVEMBER - Fight Card Discussion
    MAIN EVENT Bisping -VS- Rashad MAIN CARD Parisyan -VS- Chonan Doerksen -VS- Herman Edgar -VS- Fisher Houston -VS- Silva PRELIMS Lauzon -VS- Reinhardt Gono -VS- McCrory Lytle -VS- Alves Aurelio -VS-...
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  49. Dave Terrel - NOT - David Terrell?????!!!?!? WTF???
    The UFC has officially announced the 5 main card fights for UFC 78, in the article on ufc.com they have this Former middleweight title challenger David “The Soul Assassin” Terrell (10-2) makes his...
  50. So Nogueira is taking on Kongo in "early 2008"..?
    Nogueira vs. Kongo likely in early 2008. So does that mean that the winner of Sylvia-Vera gets a title shot? Or does that mean that Randy Couture won't defend his belt until... I dunno... May or...
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