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  1. do you think randy is the best fighter in all time
    randy is my favorite fighter i think yes
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  2. 205 is a mess now.
    Good God, with Shogun losing to Forrest who lost to Jardine, but has beaten Rampage convincingly, and Jardine losing to Houston, but beating Chuck not only will we probably be deprived of the...
  3. Machida for the title shot!
    Machida has shown he is a damn fine force at 205. Has he only had 3 fights? Yes, but does that really matter in this division right now? He hasn't finished a fight yet. DOes it matter? He is...
  4. Fitch for split decision?!?!
    I don't know about you guys, but I thought Fitch won by UD. I could see maybe one of the rounds going to Diego, but not two! Anyways, I was wondering what everyone else thought about the fight. I...
  5. Huerta v. Guida UFN in Dec.
    This fight was just passed from Josh Gross to Jordan Breen on the Beatdown. This should be a great fight!
  6. Would be so Nice!!
    I think the way the LHW Div. is right now,they should have an old school tourney. lidell.wandy,hendo,tito,machida,houston,griffin,jardine and evans..winner fights rampage!!! tell me you wouldnt order...
  7. CDC
    What was the deal with the medical masks during weigh in?
    Pure and simple.... Ever since he Won the first TUF he's done nothing but left everything he has inside the octagon. HE's never been in a boring fight. He lost to Jardine, but everyone gets caught....
  9. Knock OUT ??
    UFC 76 was call knockout becase of who was ont he card , Chuck Liddel, Shogun, Forrest, Jardine, Diago, Tyson and what happed they all went to a desison with the beside Forrest -Rua whats up with...
  10. Liddell vs. Silva
    Do you think that Dana will still book this fight anyway? They are both coming off two losses. They both need to get back on track. What better way to do it than against each other? Or do you think...
  11. What was your fight of the night for 76?
    I knew coming into this PPV that any one of these fights could be fight of the night...But this could be real hard to choose because there was no great finishes except for the Forrest Fight maybe if...
  12. Why was Wandy shaking his head after chucks fight?
    Was it because he thought that chuck won? Or was it because he thought it was a bad performance by chuck?
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  13. marcos rosales
    he was the judge that scored both chuck and diego the winner, what is with that. personally i thought jardine should have won a unanimous decision and giving chuck the win on the cards was worse that...
  14. Will Fedor Suffer In The UFC As Well ?
    Yes, Fedor is a machine. Although he has weaknesses, who do you think has the best chance of defeating him ? I mean, every dog has his day, he can't win forever. He will win some, and he will lose...
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  15. LHW: No one deserves a title shot
    Hate to say it, but at the 205 weight class, no one currently deserves a title shot. So in order to find out who does deserve a title shot the following must happen: Chuck Liddell - Chuck is in a bad...
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  16. Old Man BJ
    Is BJ ever going to decide what hes going to do. I think he could possibly be a dominant champion, if he hurries up. Hes not getting any younger. He needs ti fight.
  17. LHW division?
    Chuck Vs. Rua Forrest Vs. Page Machida Vs.Hendo Jardine Vs. Wandy for no 1 contenders spot Tito Vs. Rashad Houston Vs. ??
  18. Any Aoki news?
    Has anyone heard any news on Aoki? If their in any negotiations. He has a sick ground game, and might be a good addition to the UFC.
  19. Machida being overlooked?
    This guy fights almost perfect. Perfect timing, great striking, and from what I saw last night, solid BJJ. I've never seen him remotely in any trouble what so ever and BJ Penn even said that Machida...
  20. where does chuck go from here?
    does he retire or does he sit back and put the pieces back together??
  21. Hughes vs GSP 3
    If Hughes defeats Serra and takes the welterweight belt again, Who will win the Hughes vs GSP 3?
  22. Vera vs. Sylvia
    Just curious what everyone else thinks. Will Vera's youth & confidence be enough to hang with / take out Big Timmeh ? Or will it be Timmeh's anger of losing his belt that wins him the fight ?...
  23. Diego to lightweight?
    http://www.mmanews.com/ufc/Diego-Sanchez-Contemplating-Move-To-Lightweight-Division.html I honestly think it would be a great move and help his career out...what do you think?
  24. LHW tournament
    I'd like to see them hold a tournament with 8 guys for lHW forrest/jardine hendo/liddel wanderle/ houston shogun/machida i think they could start it in december with one round of competition then...
  25. Fedor News : UFC Possibly Signing Fedor After October....
    Dana White:“Fedor wants to fight in the World Sambo event. I won’t let him fight in it if he’s signed with us. The Sambo tournament is in October, and I think he’ll sign after that. In fact, I am...
  26. UFC 77: MacDonald vs Okami
    I'm hoping this won't be an undercard, probly will... Anyways this could be a ver good one. Just wondering, any thoughts on the outcome??? This one can really go one way or another. The Athlete for...
  27. whos the fav chuck or wandy!?
    if the fought who would be the fav now with them both haveing back to back losses!?just curious of ur opinion say if they fought in dec
  28. BJ Penn next fight??
    BJ Penn is scheduled to fight Sherk for the Lightweight title. But if Sherk get's suspended, he'll fight Joe Stevenson for the title. Who do you guys think would win any of those 2 fights?
    After the latest UFC people might have a lot of quetions , I will answer them , I'm gonna tell you guys the things I see in the future Keith Jardine - I see him fightin a rematch with Forrest Griffin...
  30. Wandy vs Jackson for LHW?
    In another thread, someone posted: "Wanderlei Silva - Coming off two devestating losses to Dan Henderson and Mirko Filipovic, Wanderlei is definitely not in the title picture for at least two solid...
  31. Lightweight Title picture in the UFC?
    Bj Penn vs Joe Stevenson for the Vacant title Clay Guida vs Roger Huerta Tyson Griffin vs Kenny Florian Winner of Guida/Huerta vs Winner Griffen/ Florian for # 1 contender
  32. Shogun Forrest
    Am I the only one who noticed that Shogun only lost coz he was gassed!? Shogun was all over Griffin, then he got tired, let his arms down, and eventually even stopped grappling! Shogun underestimated...
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  33. Griffin by SUB??
    Did any one out there pick Griffin to win by SUB?? Just wondering. (Not me)
  34. Wanderlei will Disappoint
    I think there is too much hype surrounding Wanderlei in his return to the octagon. His record is impressive, at first glance. If you look deeper, half the guys he KOed have terrible records. Thats my...
  35. Are you serious? I got your back Chuck!
    Alright so seriously, I've read a lot of posts today and a lot of people have it that Chuck Liddell is now a nobody, Griffin deserves a title shot, and Jardine didn't prove anything. First off Chuck...
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  36. Title shots WTF
    I would like to know why everybody wants to give Wanderlei a title shot right off the bat. I think that is bull shit. Let him fight a few other people, and WIN, before he gets a title shot. Just like...
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  37. Shogun Support Thread
    This thread is for support of Mauricio "Shogun" Rua, if you want to flame or say he's overrated go to Sherdog and do it there not here. Shogun is one of my favorite fighters of all time and just...
  38. Dan Henderson's next fight?
    After losing to Rampage, do you guys think Hendo will fight in UFC again and if so, who should he fight?
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  39. Karo vs Lombard
    Karo Parisyan vs Hector Lombard. Well there you have it. Karo is going to fight some unestablished fighter before anything else. Looks like Fitch may have his shot soon. Lombard Stats
  40. ww tourney
    everybody is talking about a lhw tourney, but the ww division is just as tough to predict. i know it will never happen but its fun to set up a bracket with some nice first round matchups. 1.Serra...
  41. Wand calls out Forrest
    This is taken from Wanderlei's web site - Wanderlei says he would like to fight with Forrest Griffin Wanderlei Silva was an outstanding personality at UFC 76, taken place on September 22. Wanderlei...
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  42. Forrest vs Shogun statistics.
    RUA Strikes Landed 55 Strikes Thrown 106 Connect percentage 52 Arm strikes 22/49 Leg strikes 8/13 Ground strikes 25/44 Takedowns 4 Submission attempts 0 GRIFFIN Strikes Landed 164 Strikes Thrown 280...
  43. I Have an Idea for Dana White
    I have an Idea of what I think will happen with the UFC welterweight division. Or at least what Dana White should do. I think Jon Fitch and George St. Pierre should fight to see who is the Number 1...
  44. Chuck to fight Shogun?!?!?!?
    "He’s already said he’ll be back in the gym next Monday,” said Hackleman, who has coached Liddell for 16 years. “He’s going to fight again, hopefully as soon as possible, maybe in December. We’re...
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  45. Why Wand is going to do very well in the UFC...
    I was just reading through a bunch of posts relating to Pride fighters not doing so well in the UFC and etc... I stumbled across a claim that Wanderlei Silva is calling out Forrest Griffin for...
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  46. Points for submission escapes
    There are a lot of fights that we see that go to a decision. That decision is based on a 10 point system. Well, that works for boxing. My question is if somebody tries to put someone into a...
  47. Who should fight who...
    This is what will help us determine who should fight Quinton. Winner of Griffin and Jardine should face Jackson. Of the other fighters, only winners should face winners and losers face each other....
  48. Rashad Tito winner??
    With the struggles of Chuck...Tito is now back in the title picture, he matches up well with a lot of 205....he could fight Chuck 10 times and not win, becuase of his outstanding takedown defense....
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  49. Whats next for the UFC MW division??
    After Silva Franklin II......who will be the next to get a title shot??
  50. Ryo Chonan v. Thiago Alves?
    Alves v. Chonan @ 78? I think it would be a good test for the young, yet extremely talented Alves.
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