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  1. UFC 75 Discussion (Full Fight Card With Pics)
    UFC 75: SEPTEMBER 8th, 2007 IN LONDON, ENGLAND Main card airs in the UK on Setanta PPV at 8:00PM (BST) and in the United States via tape delay on Spike TV on Saturday, September 8th at 9:00 PM...
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  2. Who is the UFC's "poster boy" now?
    I was thinking about how Chuck Liddell was for so long the face of the UFC, and he's still the most recognizable UFC fighter, the one that non-fans know. Dana White has referred to 205 lbs as his...
  3. Sean Sherk
    If Sean Sherk loses his appeal, does his record stay as a win or a loss, or does it show a disqualification? Just a question. I also think that he should be stripped of the title. What does everyone...
  4. Kos
    Does anyone think Kos has a chance against pierre? I really dont.
  5. brandon vera
    does anyone know what he has been up to or when he is slated to fight again? he looked so dominant every time ive seen him that i am anxious to see him fight again and am surprised that the ufc isnt...
  6. BJ: a new name.
    In his interview with CBS BJ Penn mentioned that he didn't want to be called "the Prodigy" forever. I agree that a prodigy is only trully a prodigy when they are new to their particular art. BJ is no...
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  7. UFC 76 "The TUFers get thrown to the wolves."
    Anyone else notice that this whole card so far is TUFers getting put in matches where they are underdogs? I'm not complaining, I love it actually. It just seems odd for the UFC to do.
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  8. Sherk and the Title
    With the resent Steroid contriversay what do you think should happen in the Light Weight Division??
  9. So far, so good: UFC not becoming a generic term for MMA.
    There's a phenomenon in marketing in which a product becomes so popular and ubiquitous that it's brand-name actually loses it's functionality and effectively becomes a generic term for the product....
  10. FightSport Mag's "5 to beat Fedor"
    FightSport Mag's "5 to beat Fedor" In this month's issue of FightSport magazine, there is a little blurb in there that lists 5 of the fighters who can currently beat Fedor. (I forget the order they...
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  11. new video....
    ....of bisping talking about ufc 70 and 75 on the ufc website so funny at the end when he goes "mark the hammer hamill, f*ck off"
  12. Bisping Training with Rampage? Couldnt this be a problam?
    Micheal Bisping is training with Quinton Jackson in Big Bear for his fight against Matt Hamill. Couldnt this be a problam. I mean is Matt Hamill with Team Punishment in Big Bear with Tito.
  13. UFC 74 Site Is Up
    Link Just in case ya wanna take a look.
  14. Any one know anything about Sokoudjou?
    Any word about if he has any intention on joining the UFC? This may have been addressed and if so I'm sorry I'm just wondering if anyone knows what he's up to.
  15. Would you?
    Go train for 6 weeks for TUF in Las Vegas, get to live in a nice house for 6 weeks. Drop everything and leave everything behind for 6 weeks. First off, would you? At what Weight Class? Which coach...
  16. The Reasons Why FIGHT! Magazine Picked Those 5 To Beat Fedor
    Since BeerisGood didn't put down why FIGHT! magazine thought these people could beat Fedor, here it is, starting with the biggest threat: (Remember MMA is all about the matchups) The article is...
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  17. What if the underdogs win?
    There are a lot of very popular fighters that are set up against unknown or possibly underrated fighters.....such as Cro Cop against Kongo, Liddell versus Jardine, Bisping against Hamill.....it is...
  18. Would a fight with Chuck Liddel vs Forest Griffin be more marketable than against Jardine?
    Even thought Forest had lost to Jardine I still believe he has the bigger fan base and would draw a larger crowd to see a bout between him and Chuck rather then Jardine. Shogun would be the best...
  19. Light-Heavywieght Title Contention...your thoughts?
    Ok, if all is fair in the UFC....and most of the time it's not when it comes to title shots...then the winner of Rua/Griffin & Liddell/Jardine should face each other for title shot to the winner of...
  20. Chances of Shogun having a bad UFC debut?
    I like Shogun, but you have got to wonder if he will suffer the same fate as some of the other fighters who have come over to the UFC in their debuts. Some have had a somewhat lackluster showing....
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  21. UFC 76 : KNOCKOUT
    this card seems to be shaping up to be a good one... liddell vs jardine shogun vs griffin fitch vs diego sanchez...those are some of the fights that will be on the card, if u have any updates..post...
  22. who wins sanchez of fitch
    i think sanchez what about u guyz
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  23. Mirko's Training Hard.
    A long awaited updates. "After almost a month long training camp in Pula, Mirko returned home. There will be no vacation for Mirko this summer, as he decided to spend his summer time in the gym, as a...
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  24. Should Dana ease up on Fedor?
    So it seems that Dana White's negotiations with Fedor Emelianenko have hit a snag. His insistence that fighters sign exclusive deals with the UFC (that is, they can't fight in other promotions during...
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  25. Pride Unleased???
    Should spike produce a show , like ufc unleased, but with pride fight to get the lesser mma fans who only watch ufc on spike to know who these fighters who are coming into the ufc.
  26. Which would you choose?
    If you have seen all the UFC-All Access show's of the fighters. Heres my question which person would you like to go train with and why? Matt Hughes Chuck Liddell George St. Pierre Renato Babalu...
  27. Chuck Liddell chose to Fight Jardine.
    Link Little suprising
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  28. super heavy
    anyone think that ufc needs a superheavy div?
  29. Joe Rogan: "Randy would maul Cro Cop..."
    Watched the UFC 74 website the other night ( http://74.ufc.com ) and watched the interviews and thoughts on the upcoming HW title fight with Couture and Gonzaga and couldn't help but get pissed off...
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  30. Wayne Weems booted from the UFC, without even a single real fight?
    I was looking at the TUF 5 guys to see who they had fought before the show, and I was shocked to see that Wayne Weems has already fought since the show ended, but it wasn't with the UFC, it was with...
  31. UFC 145 lbs division
    Does anyone know if UFC plans on starting a 145 lbs. division? Batam weight class?
  32. Babalu- If I lose Again I'm Done!
    Say it aint so. Hope he wins at 74. Link
  33. arlovski vs vera....
    .....if it happens what does everyone think? i think vera would take this, he is way too quick for arlovski
  34. Roger Huerta
    Is it just me or is the UFC babying Roger by giving him these lolly pop fights look at the fights they gave him Leonard Garcia , Doug Evans and Crane do u guys agree with me
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  35. Kendall got a gun pulled on him in Canada!
    Great video interview with him about his preparations for Patrick Cote and a big fight he got in to after buying something (weed maybe?) in Edmonton, Canada. Look for Kendall to be the next one...
  36. What is the deal with Pride?
    Man, I really enjoyed Pride fights. The style, the screaming lady, the stage, the japanese ref egging on aggression or penalizing their purse. How about the fights, what!!?! Awesome. I just can't...
  37. Nate Quarry to return at UFN 11
    Nate Quarry is returning to the ufc at UFn 11 in a rematch with Pete Sell according to ufc Junkie, its good to see him come back but its hard to tell how good he will be after being out so long with...
  38. couture on rome is burning
    randy is on rome is burning as we speak for those interested.
  39. New Dana White ESPN interview.
    He addresses the drug problems . Makes me wonder if the internet response to Josh Gross on the MMAtv forums was really him. Who knows? I wish he would clarify tthat though...
  40. UFC FIGHT NIGHT 11 (SEP 19th) Discussion
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  41. OFFICIAL! Wandy in the UFC!
    ufcmania Former PRIDE FC Middleweight Champion Wanderlei Silva will return to the Octagon for the first time in more than seven years sometime in December, according to an exclusive interview with...
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  42. Replacemant of Lutter
    I'd like everyone to give there opinion on this, apparently Lutter is out with a neck injury, if so who should fight Ryan Jensen???
  43. Five greatest fights of all-time in the UFC!!!!!!!!
    These are what I think are the top five UFC fights of all-time 1)Forrest Griffin vs. Stephan Bonnar 2)Huerta vs. Garcia 3)Tyson Griffin vs. Clay Guida 4)Tito Ortiz vs. Forrest Griffin 5)Sam Stout vs....
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  44. Cheick Kongo is in big, BIG trouble..
    Ok, I have been lurking these forums recently and am surprised at how many people think Kongo is going to win his upcoming fight against Mirko Cro Cop.. Its normal for the average fan who has been...
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  45. Jason Lambert's picks for UFC 74
    I thought it was interesting to hear another UFC fighter predict the winners for the next fight card. Lambert seems like a cool guy and I hope he wins his next fight. I just thought I'd pass this...
  46. Which Fighter in UFC History Had the Best Debut?
    Ur Thoughts?
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  47. Is Sherk next hughes?
    I was thinking about this after the franaca fight. Do you think sherk is going to dominate the lightweight divison as good as Matt Hughes did for his career. They seem to stick the same idea of a...
  48. TUF 5 Careers
    With ufc 74 having some TUF5 fighters in the show, how well do you think each other these guys will do in the UFC. I think there was the most pontential in that show since TUF 1. I like almost all...
  49. Chuck didn't handpick Jardine after all
    From MMAweekly. Anyway that answers that, now I just want him to Ko Jardine quick and emerge injury free to finally fight Wandy in December. - LIDDELL: "I'VE NEVER HAND-PICKED AN OPPONENT"...
  50. Legend vs legend ... worth it ???
    Ken shamrock announced a few weeks ago on beatdown that he's back in the gym and training to fight again soon. He spoke of the idea that superfights including legend vs legend should become apart of...
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