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  1. How Long Will They Keep Their Titles?
    How long will Anderson Silva and Sean Sherk keep their titles for? They are dominating, Sherk's cardio is just amazing, his build is amazing, he is gonna be unstoppable for a long time to come....
  2. Would you support making the last round untimed for the UFC to avoid draws or contreversial decisions?
    I was thinking about this because not only was there a draw last night, but there have been so many close fights in the last couple of years. A lot of these could have gone either way IMO....
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  3. Sakurai at UFC 73
    So I saw Mach Sakurai was ringside at UFC 73 and got a little bit of airtime. I was at a sports bar so I couldn't hear what was going on. Does anyone know anything more about this? Was anything...
  4. rich or anderson in rematch???
    who do u guys think will win in the rematch against rich franklin vs anderson silva 2 at ufc 77? i think it will be a good fight and rich frankling will win.
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  5. Frank Edgar maybe the next big thing?
    Seeing how this guy is undefeated, and beat Tyson. I must admit beating griffin is saying a lot griffin has many quality wins over great fighers. I think there fight was close, but I did have edgar...
  6. UFC standup policy.....
    I'm a big fan of the UFC, but there is one thing that does bug me, and that is the stand up policy the UFC has. I've noticed favored fighters are allowed to stay on the ground longer, or be stood up...
  7. UFC 73 Backlash?
    Maybe just having so much big names on the card, and just hyping the card up had some backlash of some sort. Frank Edgar watch out for this kid in the 155 pound division. That was a good fight. Chris...
  8. Martin Kampmann
    Does anybody know what is going on with Kampmann's injury. I love watching skilled muay thai champs fight, and I was really looking forward to the franklin kampmann fight. Does anyone know when he is...
  9. Shogun vs Machida - UFC 76?
    taken from: gainesville.com this is a HUGE article, so read it if you want to, but here is the part about shogun vs machida --- Henderson (22-5), Pride's 204-pound and 183-pound champion, will face...
  10. TSN off the record
    hey if you got tsn turn it on. boxing vs mma
  11. Tito/Rashad 2....WTF!!!
    Ufcmania.com just released an article on Dana white saying that Tito and rashad would get an immediate rematch.....WTF!!!!..That fight was not good and they want to do it again.....Put tito against...
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  12. Diegp Sanchez/John Fitch UFC 76
    I can't see how Diego will win this one if he got tooled by KOS.....UN decision for Fitch ...Yes diego his a big step in competition for John but i really dont see how diego his going to provale in...
  13. The state of the UFC's Lightweight division.
    Right now, I think 155 is my 2nd-favorite division in the UFC. The "top tier" is a little thin right now, but it's still early and there are a ton of studs who could be looking for a title shot in...
  14. Dana White: Belts will be unified at UFC 75
  15. Sherk Earnings!!!!!!!!
    Tell me how in the (well you know), that Bonnar makes 4 grand MORE than Sherk. This is absurd.
  16. Who's next for Huerta
    The real question his......His the UFC finnaly going to test this guy....Throw him in the Cage against Tyson Griffin franky Edgar or Thiago Tavares...or they could also bring someone from Pride...
  17. Din Thomas/Spencer Fisher
    It looks like this could be the headliner for UFN 11. Thomas has been much improved at 155 and Fisher looked great against Stout. Should be a pretty decent fight.....
  18. how impressive was lytle's submission.....
    ....i just watched it on ufc on demand that was awesome, double submission
  19. Evan Tanner Opponent?
    Any rumors about who evan is going to return againest? Wonder if they are going to give him someone tough. Here are my choices. Kalib Starnes, Thales Leites, Ed Herman. Just to name a few.
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  20. Thiago Tavares
    Does anyone else have as much respect as I do for this guy? I don't know a whole lot about him, but watching him fight Black was amazing. His bjj looked awesome, he switched from submission attempt...
  21. Who should fight the winner Gonzaga/Couture?
    Without assuming Fedor will sign for ufc in time for this.....who out of the much improved HW division of the UFC do you think deserves a shot at the winner?
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  22. Leben vs. Swick 2- Sept. 20th
    ufcjunkie.com reports that Swick vs. Leben will happen on UFN11 on spike sept. 20th. The UFN will serve as a preamble to the start of the next round of TUF. I personally can't wait fr this fight but...
  23. SI's UFC Future Stars
    Worth a look. Good to see SI giving more and more coverage. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/multimedia/photo_gallery/0707/ufc,futurestars/content.1.html Thoughts on the selections?
  24. What Tito did wrong...
    I've been going over the fight. Having recorded it I am fairly certain that Tito could have done a lot more damage. There were at least three different situations where Tito should have been throwing...
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  25. Fedor's first fight to be for the title
    Here's a link to the video. LINK
  26. Din Thomas
    Is it just me or does this guy deserve more attention? It seems Huerta is getting all of the attention, while Thomas is getting none at all. Din has an impressive 20-6-0 record and has beaten Clay...
  27. Kenflo Most underated!
    I think Kenflo his one of the most underated fighters in the UFC...his stand up has greately improve and his BJJ his still top of the food chain...iKnow he lost to Sherk in a really wierd fight but i...
  28. Chute Boxe in UFC
    Weigh in on how you feel Chute Boxe will do in the UFC without stomps, soccer kicks, knees to downed opponents. Don't forget however, that elbows are in for UFC, though not in Pride. I'm inclined to...
  29. 75 on HBO or Spike?
    http://www.mmanews.com/ufc/UFC-75-Possibly-Airing-On-HBO-Or-Spike-TV.html Take it for what it's worth My links never work. Copy and Paste it in the address bar.
  30. alves return
    i'm proper happy about this....he's an awesome fighter with so much potential, so good to watch whats everyone think of his chances?
  31. Thiago Tavares Interview - ''Sherk is the man to beat''
    Tavares did a interview for the brazillian website worldfight And talk: "Sean Sherk is without a doubt the best in the category - he is the man to beat. Hermes was very tough, although he lost, he...
  32. Wandy/Chuck...for real this time?
    According to ufcjunkie the fight has been agreed upon to take place at UFC 76 in Anaheim. Let's hope it's actually happening. I can't wait, 76 is shaping up to be freaking awesome.........
  33. Verbal Agreement Reached for Chuck vs Wandi @ UFC 76
    Former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell (20-4 MMA, 14-3 UFC) and former longtime PRIDE Fighting Championships middleweight champion Wanderlei Silva (31-7-1 MMA, 1-2 UFC) have verbally...
  34. Hollywood
    If/When Hollywood defeats Rampage. Do you think Dana gives him a shot at Franklin/Silva winner? Unification of 2 divisions would make Hollywood a LEGEND!!!
  35. Chuck Liddell vs Wanderlei Silva UFC 76
    Former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell (20-4 MMA, 14-3 UFC) and former longtime PRIDE Fighting Championships middleweight champion Wanderlei Silva (31-7-1 MMA, 1-2 UFC) have verbally...
  36. UFC 76 WOW!
    heres the rumored card so far Chuck Liddell vs. Wanderlei Silva Lyoto Machida vs. Mauricio “Shogun” Rua Jon Fitch vs. Diego Sanchez Evan Tanner vs. TBA Jason Lambert vs. TBA man cant wait what a card
  37. Tuf 6 will ruin 2007 WW MMA
    I think by far the most exciting division in the UFC is the WW division. There are so many fighters that really could claim they've earned a shot at the title. Karo, Kos, Diego, Gsp, Fitch. In what...
  38. The state of the UFC's Middleweight division.
    I was going to do these posts in order of preference: Welterweight is my favorite division right now, followed by Lightweight, etc. But I've been thinking about the Middleweights lately, precisely...
  39. UFC The Game
    Yes I know there was games in the past but this one looks amazing, watch and drool! http://www.gametrailers.com/player/21750.html
  40. Chuck Liddell Next Fight?
    UFCmania.com Chuck Liddell willing to fight in September and November. Even though I know Forrest Griffin would like to fight Chuck. but ive got the opponent for Chuck Liddell and that would be...
  41. Who is Tim sylvias next opponent?
    im thinkin brandon vera??? no?
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  42. sean sherk will walk through BJ
    idk but i think bjs only chance is a guillotine or a lucky ass punch
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  43. Frankie Edgar
    What are your thoughts on him? I know a lot of people jumped on his bandwagon after his great performance against Griffin but now that we've seen him rocked, come back and do another impressive...
  44. Jason Lambert VS Wilson Gouveia at Uffc 76
    Mmaweekly.com posted today that this fight is scheduled for ufc 76. I think thats a very solid match up. both guys had impressive victories in their last outings.
  45. evan tanner
    From his website, alittle bit of personal life revealed by evan, adventure's with one man and his boat, check this dude out !!!!!! Cant wait to see him back in the ufc !!!!!!...
  46. Chuck Liddell Vs Keith Jardine to Headline UFC 76
    ufcjunkie.com says that this will be the main event of ufc 76. atleast chuck gets to fight.
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  47. Would anyone pick Terry Etim over Tibau?
    I'm trying to remember back to 70, but he did a really good job, and he's still undefeated right? So is there any reason why not to pick Etim over Tibau? I'm open to all opinions, just it and the...
  48. Who's next for Jeff Joslin in the UFC?
    What's next in line for the incredibly talented and underrated Jeff Joslin? Last we heard the Karate / BJJ blackbelt was set to fight Chris Lytle at UFC 73, but dropped out from injuries. So...
  49. Liddell vs. Jardine
    Who is stupid enough to bet on Keith Jardine to win? I would love to hear anybodys opinions on how this fight will end apart from chuck Liddell victorious by KO/TKO. I'm willing to take any bets!
  50. Question on UFC 75?
    Am I the only one who, thus far, has all of his fights ending in tko or ko?
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