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  1. Chris Leben: Gracious In Defeat?
    I'm not fighter bashing but I disagree with Goldberg's comment that Leben was gracious in defeat. "**** these judges...???" I scored that fight 30-27 for his opponent despite the fact that I picked...
  2. UPSETS!!!!
    Jardine down now! My record sucks now!!!
  3. UFC Fight Night 10?
    i have no idea who 1/2 these guys are. "the meat cleaver"? "the grinder"? some of these fights are gonna be rough to pick. and didnt stout and fisher just fight not to long ago?
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  5. The official "I should have bet on Terry Martin" thread
    Man, I KNEW Martin was going to win this match! With the odds as they were in favor of Salaverry, I should have bet a couple hundred on him. Maybe I could have cushioned my losses on Liddell. Ouch.
  6. Live-beatdown tonight
    On Sherdog at 10:30 PST they got a live beatdown with Stephen Quandros and a couple other people. Wanted everyone to know since you all are most likely pretty pumped after QJ just KO Chuck.
  7. Fighter of the night: Karo Parisyan
    Karo's judo toss in the first was the best I have ever seen in MMA, I was out of my seat when that happened. So sick! And the way he finished the match was even better. Karo is the shit and should be...
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  8. Houston Alexander....WOW
    The guy got rocked early and then absolutly took it to Jardine, he must have drop him three or four times before putting him out cold and on his face with that last uppercut, i was shocked and amazed...
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  9. Funniest quote of the night
    Rogan " He got him right in the Package" Rogan " Something to the effect of "Some dirty tapout girls" Goldberg constantly calling Jeremy Stephens Joe Stevenson or Goldberg saying Rampage beat Chuck...
  10. When Can We See Babalu Again
    I know bad fight with Jason Lambert but if you put them up against eachother again babalu for sure i think he will be back to fight houston alexander. personally bad fight for babalu, he has proven...
  11. Pride fighers moving to ufc?
    My opinion on the whole buy out of Pride, by the Brothers was all rigged. They said that they would be two different Companys aka leagues right? WEll i think it was all planned out for them not to...
  12. Props to Chuck Liddell.
    I'm pumped Quinton won, but Chuck deserves huge props. He went on a hell of a tear, brought new fans to the sport, and STILL tried to get up even after eating that monster right. He just had no...
  13. Will Chuck Liddell's first actual KO affect him mentally...??
    This is the first time Liddell gets KTFO....do you think it will affect him in any way mentally? I think Chuck losing was a good thing for him,and for us fans because we will actually get to see...
  14. Hendo v. Rampage
    I am having a real tough time coming up with a prediction for this fight. Both Hendo and Rampage have heavy-hands and good GnP skills. I have Hendo ranked higher, but I have a feeling that Rampage is...
  15. UFC 71 Video
    I've got most of the fights up on my blog, Sprawl 'N Brawl . Enjoy!
  16. The WEC Middleweight belt is open right now...
    Think Chris Leben might be interested?
  17. Congrats to Din THomas..Sub of the night and www.WeLoan.Us sposnor
    woooohoooo another WeLoan.US UFC fighter racks up another win and submission of the night. Way to go Din great fight....All the fights were great last night....
  18. Rampage not peaked yet?
    After hearing the announcers talk last night that Rampage has never really had a training camp full time and trained with world class athletes like others, and the fact he is only 28 could we really...
  19. The ultimate question ??
    Is this the year of upsets or are we getting to see the early start of the next step in mma ??? 4 major ufc events, 4 major upsets as the underdog wins. Couture, GG, Matt serra and now Rampage...
  20. UFC 57 DVD
    Yo anyone know where I can find a copy of UFC 57 on DVD? thanx
  21. Official Chris Leben got robbed Forum
    What can i say he got punked by the judges it was a close fight but everyone (espn,FSN,sherdog,) gave the fight to Chris Leben but thats how the cookie crumbles
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  22. Dan henderson could be the man
    Take this home and chew on if for awhile. If IF hendo were to beat rampage he would be MW,LW & UFC LW champ that would just be unpresidented just the thought deserves a Party Banana
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  23. Who's the next Pride fighter to Join UFC?
    Who do u guys Dana will bring in next?
  24. Salaverry lost to... illegal blows?
    i want to start off by saying im not making this thread in any relation to the illegal elbow by joe lauzon last week on TUF 5. i watched the fight this morning and when Ivan hits the ground he...
  25. How should PRIDE be handled?
    Now that the fighters in PRIDE are going to the UFC and have a suit against DSE, what should happen to PRIDE? The loss the of PRIDE rules has saddened me over time and now I kind of want their old...
  26. Which 205lb. matchups should happen next?
    Here are my picks for which fights should happen next. In these matchups I am also acting under the assumption that all PRIDE fighters are fair game. Rampage v. Hendo(announced) Liddell v. Wandy (...
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  27. Kurt Angle having talks with UFC?
    Is this a stupid or smart decision to bring him in?
  28. Griffin VS Ramirez
    Who do you guys think will win Forest Griffin vs Hector Ramirez? I think Griffin will win but i have a feeling lots of people dont think Ramirez even has a chance. I think it will be a pretty good...
  29. will there also be a fedor vs couture match??
    sorry if this has been posted.. but after the rampage fight i saw dan henderson from pride.. question: will there also be a fedor vs couture match?? question 2: any updates if fedor will join ufc as...
  30. UFC - Blasters (fantasy card)
    Chuck Liddell - Wanderlei Silva Mark Hunt - Butterbean Houston Alexander - Thierry Rameau Sokodjou Terry Martin - Drew McFedries Phil Baroni - Mike Swick Robbie Lawler - Scott Smith Alessio Sakara -...
  31. silva vs irvin
    anyone know if there is footage of this fight anywhere online? every fight except for this one is on daily motion
  32. Jens Pulver on The Fight Card Radio Show
    There is a new interview with Jens Pulver on The Fight Card!!!!!! Jens talked about how it was coaching against BJ Penn, and also against Joe Louzon. His up and comong fight against BJ and who he...
  33. Sims vs Thomas - for real - June 23rd
    taken from the fight network i don't watch the show but i remember reading about the brawl and everyone started talking about how it would go down in the octagon.. well.. now we can find out FROM...
  34. Middleweight title
    If Nate Marquardt looses against Silva, who do you guys think should get the next shot ? Do you think they would give it to the winner of Franklin/ Okami or someone else? Any thoughts ??
  35. What the hell happened to Brandon Vera?
    After his fight in which he completley embarrased Frank Mir, i have heared nothing about him. Anyone know whats going on there because i thought he could become a big contender in the HW division.
  36. Gomi in UFC
    Anyone see Gomi going to UFC? He would own all UFC LW's! Everyone says he would lose to Sherk but Kawajiri is probably stronger then Sherk and Gomi beat him...So how does everyone feel he would do in...
  37. Thiago Silva vs James Irvin (Video)
    VIDEO That looks painful,, sucks that the fight went down like that.
  38. yushin okami overrated?
    I think rich is going to domiate okami because i believe he i overraated.dont get me wrong he is a very talented athlete but who has he fought? he beat kalib starnes who was doing pretty decent...
  39. Important poll, please vote! Want to see other orgs featured?
    Would you like to see fights from other MMA organizations (IFL for example) on the site for season 2? Or would you just like us to continue coverage of the ever-growing UFC and (hopefully, depending...
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  40. Another important one, help us choose a name for season 2
    With only 2 events left in our (o so creatively named) MMAPlayground Inaugural Season we are looking ahead to our 2nd season on the site. We have a long list of improvements coming for season 2 (site...
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  41. Is Pride done?
    Anyone else notice the influx of the top Pride fighters coming to UFC? I thought PRIDE was staying? It may just be the UFC in the future it looks like from what Dana is saying. Does this bother...
  42. If Chuck loses to Wandy....
    He will be out of the picture of a title for a while. Especially with all the PRIDE folks coming.
  43. Question about shoguns predicament
    Rampage is scheduled to fight henderson, liddell to fight silva. If Liddell wins against silva hell probably get a rematch for the title. And if silva wins than hell most likely beat rampage again...
  44. The most shocking upset this year
    There have been so many upsets in UFC-PRIDE this year its unreal, but out of all the upsets that have happened since the beginning of 07 which one was the most shocking to you?
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  45. Mauricio "Shogun" Rua Latest Exclusive Interview with MMAWeekly
    Ranked as the #1 light heavyweight fighter in the world by MMAWeekly.com, Mauricio “Shogun” Rua has been one of the fighters seemingly in limbo since the announcement that the Fertitta brothers,...
  46. Houston Alexander's next victim?
    Who will it be???
  47. Did anyone used to make fantasy picks on UFC.com?
    With all the talk about how to run the second season on here, I thought I'd ask if you used to make fantasy picks on UFC.com and if so, did you like their system? They had a system similar to the set...
  48. Karo 'Borat' Parisyan....hilarious
    I loved Karo's song about Judo at the end of his fight. He has now explained it. I knew I recognised it from somewhere. He has gone even higher in my estimation. A great fighter to watch, with superb...
  49. UFC gate keepers, who are they?
    I often hear that so and so is a gatekeeper to a certain division. It is usually a B level fighter who stomps equal competition but can't hang with the top 5. Who in your opinion is a gatekeeper for...
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  50. Which division has the most depth?
    I would have to go with lightheavyweight or Heavy weight personally.
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