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  1. UFC's Jon Jones and Frank Mir play-fight in Russian hotel following after party
    Take a look at this post-after party fight between Mir and Jones that happened at a hotel in Russia. Link
  2. Alpha Male vs. The World
    Big night coming up for Team Alpha Male. -Joseph Benavidez vs. Demetrious Johnson -Urijah Faber vs. Michael McDonald -Chad Mendes vs. Nik Lentz -Danny Castillo vs. Edson Barboza Who do you guys think...
  3. TUF 20 Coaches - your picks.
    Who should coach the Strawweights on Season 20? I'm so burnt out on the current format. I'd like like to see teams of coaches. Hall of Fame coaches to be exact. Liddell/Bonnar/Coleman vs....
  4. Rank the fights of UFC on FOX 9!
    Rank the fights you're most excited for from first to last! 1. Johnson vs. Benavidez 2. Faber vs. McDonald 3. Mendes vs. Lentz 4. Jorgensen vs. Makovsky 5. Barboza vs. Castillo 6. Lauzon vs. Danzig...
  5. UFC on Fox 9 Pre-Fight Press Conference
  6. Dana's Hunt vs. Silva 2 shirt
    Did anyone else notice Dana sporting a Mark Hunt vs. Antonio Silva 2 shirt at the weigh-ins?
  7. rousey vs tate
    Anyone else think there is a good chance this goes Past the first round. If any girl in the UFC can get to the second round against Rousey I give it to Tate.
  8. Alpha Male watching Urijah Faber’s big UFC on FOX 9 win
    How close-knit is Team Alpha Male? Check out the fight team’s jubilant backstage celebration as Urijah Faber stopped Michael McDonald at Saturday’s UFC on FOX 9 event. Link
  9. Fights To Make After UFC on FOX 9
    Good fights yesterday, just got caught up on the main card this morning. Faber, Johnoson, Trujillo, Makovsky all looked great but there were some underwhelming performances from Stout and Mendes,...
  10. UFC on FOX 9 phantom cam with smooshed faces, split jaws
    The phantom cam highlights are in for this past weekend’s UFC on FOX 9 event, and they include the usual smooshed faces, split jaws, airborne fighters, blood splatters and your everyday slow-mo...
  11. Rank the fights of UFC 168!
    Rank the fights you're most excited for from first to last! 1. Weidman vs. Silva 2. Rousey vs. Tate 3. Poirier vs. Brandao 4. Siver vs. Gamburyan 5. Miller vs. Camaoes 6. Barnett vs. Brown 7. Tibau...
  12. #SilvatoGOLD, #TeamSilva, #silvaUSA
    found this great video and it gave me chills for those who dont know Anderson Silva is my HERO! lol. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PW5ypf_VBc&app=desktop
  13. ufc digital network
    Well year is almost up and Yet UFC hasn't annouced the monthly fee Suppose to be lower than 15 bucks a month but higher than 5 dollars I know UFC is going away with facebook prelims A perk of the...
  14. GSP's Day Off
    Pretty funny Video
  15. Only one more week...
    Nothing gets me pumped more than this NickTheFace promo for UFC 168 Link
  16. Ronda and Miesha: Best Friends
    UFC 168 Promo
  17. Who do you think will be UFC's Fighter Of the Year?
    Besides the 5 options above there are a few more options such as Anthony Pettis, Matt Brown, Cain Velasquez, Jon Jones and Georges St. Pierre.
  18. UFC 168 Face-Offs: Weidman Offers Silva The Belt
  19. Everything UFC 168
    Where: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - MGM Grand Garden Arena When: Saturday, December, 28 - 10pm ET/7pm PT/3am UK Fight Card Main Card (PPV): - Chris Weidman vs Anderson Silva - Ronda Rousey vs Miesha...
  20. UFC's special announcement?
    According to BE the UFC will be a holding a special announcement preceding the Facebook prelims. What do you guys think it is? Lesnar vs. Carwin 2? Both are said to be attending the event. Link
  21. Cyborg still wants Rousey
  22. Travis Browne has arrived!!
    I wanted to pick him but went back and forth between him and Barnett finally I stuck with him. And I'm happy I did what a statement that was last night taking out Josh Barnett like that. With out a...
  23. Fights to make after UFC 168!
    What an awesome night! The facebook prelims were fun but then it started a little slow on FOX Sports 1 and I was a tad worried cuz I had all my bros over but as soon as the Tibau/Johnson KO happened...
  24. Tito back in the UFC?
    Not sure how credible this site is but the additions/cuts look accurate. Link
  25. UFC 169 Barao vs Cruz - What do you think?
    I think Barao by a clear, one-sided decision. So much of Cruz's game is built on his unorthodox rhythm and timing. He was able to close the distance and land while completely throwing off his...
  26. your ufc awards for top fights , newbies , and and stories of 2013
    My top 5 fights Best fight Bones vs Gus Melendez vs Sanchez Hunt vs big foot Rousey vs Tate And Silva vs stann Best New commers Go with Brandon thatch And Connor McGregor Stories of the year The...
  27. UFC to hold another 'special' announcement
    This one set for Saturday, January 4th at 4am/1am ETPT. Link
  28. Ten Best: The Submissions of 2013
    Another year is in the books, and it was a good one for those practiced in the art of the tap out. But which finishes stood out from the rest? Read on to find out. Link
  29. Heads up for Canadians
    All I've heard all week is that UFN 34 tomorrow in Singapore is only available through UFC Fight Pass. Well, I checked it out and Sportsnet 360 is showing the main card tomorrow at 9 am. Atleast, the...
  30. Has Anderson Silva ever got cut in his MMA career?
    Hey Guys. Just thought id post this because through all the years I've watched Silva i have not once seen him have a cut or even a bruise in an MMA Match. Have you? any links? Even when Chael pounded...
  31. 171 who do you like ?
    •Johny Hendricks vs. Robbie Lawler – for vacant welterweight title •Carlos Condit vs. Tyron Woodley •Hector Lombard vs. Jake Shields Hendricks by G and P 1rd Condit by UD Lombard by G and P 2rd
  32. Does the UFC need Faber to win?
    With the loss of gsp and Silva does the ufc need Faber to win on Super Saturday night? He is way more popular than just about every champion and is pretty entertaining as a fighter. He could still...
  33. UFC 168: X-Cam Highlights
    The UFC's X-Cam captures the biggest hits of UFC 168 in super slow motion. Link
  34. By the end of 2014
    Carlos Condit will be champion.
  35. TRT is not helping Vitor Belfort!!!!
    It's gotta be either his new red spandex shorts or his mullet /lightening bolt/cross hair cut. Can someone post some photos to prove my point.
  36. If Faber comes out with long hair....
    He'll beat barao. That's Fabers weakness. That and Mike brown. And Aldos leg kicks. It's the hair!!!
  37. Fight Night Atlanta Fast Facts
    Before UFC Fight Night: Rockhold vs. Philippou takes place on January 15 in Duluth, Georgia, we take a look at some of the facts and figures behind the event. Click in parentheses to watch past...
  38. Rank the fights of UFC Fight Night 35!
    Rank the fights you're most excited for from first to last! 1. Rockhold vs. Philippou 2. Dillashaw vs. Easton 3. Moraga vs. Ortiz 4. Miller vs. Sicilia 5. Lorenz vs. Tavares 6. Ozkilic vs. Smolka 7....
  39. TUF Nations Tournament Question
    Does anybody else play this game at UFC.com? I've played in previous seasons but for some reason when I log on thru Twitter it tells me that I'm already registered but doesn't give me an option to...
  40. The dangers of using UFC's Fight Pass
    There are a number of potentially serious security questions about the UFC's Fight Pass service, unfortunately the promotion isn't interested in answering them at this time. Link
  41. GOAT
  42. Fights to make after UFC Fight Night: Rockhold vs Philippou
    Fun card yesterday! Most guys are middle of the pack but none-the-less, there are lots of interesting fights for the winners and losers of this event. A lot of guys impressed me such as Dillashaw...
  43. Rank the fights of UFC on Fox 10!
    Rank the fights you're most excited for from first to last! 1. Henderson vs. Thomson 2. Cerrone vs. Martins 3. Elkins vs. Stephens 4. Gonzaga vs. Miocic 5. Caceres vs. Pettis 6. Wineland vs. Jabouin...
  44. What is brock never cut back any weight for ufc
    If there was no weight limit in the ufc heavyweight division and brock lesnar never had to cut down to 265 do you think he would of done better, worse or the same? He was alot bigger and had more...
  45. Can anyone tell me why Carlos Condit is fighting Tyron Woodely?
    i mean the UFC has him ranked 2, and woodely at 10. i could see him fighting a #8 ranked mat brown. or a #7th in Jake Sheilds. Cant realy see why this fight is taking place. there are so many other...
  46. UFC Fight Night 35 'Fight Motion' highlight video
    Fox Sports posted the slow motion highlight video from Wednesday's Fight Night event. Link
  47. UFC fighters and Dwight Howard
    Some people believe dwight howard would dominate the heavyweight division in the UFC, specially on that sherdog website. How do you think a basketball player such as dwight howard would do against...
  48. Attn: Canadians!!! UFC 2013 year in review...
    ...is showing on sportsnet before TUF:nations TONIGHT! Begins in an hour- 9pm(Atlantic) / 8pm(Eastern) 2 hours of the best UFC action from last year!!! YES PLEASE
  49. Looks like Cung Le has been eating his spinach
    Or maybe he's taking a little something something on the side?
  50. Don Frye is Back With More Machismo-Fueled Predictions for UFC 169
    Don Frye told us that he’d be back after his UFC 168 installment of “Predator’s Predictions”, and since the only lie he ever told was that he’d call your mother the next day, “The Predator” has...
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