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  1. UFC Fight Night 27 weigh in results
  2. Condit Kampmann 2 Tix
    I have 3 extra tickets to the Condit Kampmann 2 fights tonight in Indy. I know this is very late notice but if you can make it to Bankers Life by 6:00, the tickets are yours. The tickets are free but...
  3. Sonnen hints at fight against Rashad Evans at UFC 167
  4. Rank the Fights for UFC 164-Henderson vs Pettis
    1. Henderson vs Pettis 2. Koch vs Poirier 3. Mir vs Barnett 4. Mendes vs Guida 5. Varner vs Tibau 6. Couture vs Iaquinta 7. Palelei vs Krylov 8. Gaudinot vs Elliot 9. Rothwell vs Vera 10. Krauss vs...
  5. Official UFC 164 Weigh in Results
    MAIN EVENT – UFC LIGHTWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP Anthony Pettis (154.5) VS Benson Henderson (155) PPV MAIN CARD Josh Barnett (255) VS Frank Mir (248) Clay Guida (146) VS Chad Mendes (145) Brandon Vera (241)...
  6. Choose your side!
    Who will you be rooting for in tonight's main event?
  7. 'Phantom Cam' footage from UFC Fight Night 27
    The folks at FOX Sports claims their "Phantom Cam" footage from Wednesday's UFC Fight Night 27 in Indianapolis is the best yet. They're not exaggerating. Link
  8. Fights to make after UFC 164
    Heeeeeelllluuuuuvvvvvaaaaa night. Pettis, Barnett, Mendes, hell even Rothwell. They all showed up tonight and impressed the hell out of me and i'm assuming you guys as well Anthony Pettis - He is...
  9. Lightweight Gleison Tibau admits he was over 180 pounds on fight night
  10. Who do you think won last night? Camus or Kang
    I thought that the judges got this one wrong. I was really confused when I heard 30-27. That was just bad judging there. I personally had the fight in favor of Kang 29-28. I had Kang winning the 1st...
  11. 25 post-fight facts about 'UFC 164: Henderson vs. Pettis II'
    "UFC 164: Henderson vs. Pettis II" went down Saturday night at Milwaukee's Bradley Center, and the organization's ninth pay-per-view fight card of the year was infused with historical moments. Link
  12. UFC 164 Results: Chad Mendes Wants Jose Aldo or Ricardo Lamas Next
    Team Alpha Male standout Chad Mendes did everything in his power to make sure he wasn't the odd man out in the crowded featherweight title picture, becoming the first man to knock out Clay Guida in...
  13. Rank the fights of UFC Fight Night: Texeira vs. Bader!
    Rank the fights you're most excited for from first to last! 1. Glover Teixeira vs. Ryan Bader 2. Joseph Benavidez vs. Jussier Formiga 3. Ronaldo Souza vs. Yushin Okami Those three fights alone have...
  14. Brandon Vera Was Not Really An Olympic Candidate
    Last Saturday night, during Brandon Vera's fight with Ben Rothwell on the UFC 164 main card broadcast, long time UFC play-by-play man Mike Goldberg described Brandon Vera as a wrestling "Olympic...
  15. Pettis, Aldo, Grant, Lamas and Mendes poll?
    Well this is an interesting debate, a lot of you guys are in favor of the Super Fight. Others think Grant should fight Pettis next. Some think Aldo should be fighting Lamas or Mendes. Lets here what...
  16. If Texeira wins, should he get the next Title Shot?
    Explain your answer.
  17. After avoiding McDaniel's Seagal kick, Tavares wants Philippou-Carmont winner
    UFC middleweight Brad Tavares isn't exactly thrilled about his fight with Robert McDaniel at UFC Fight Night 27, but he'll never complain about a win, even if it's his fourth straight decision. Link
  18. 'Phantom Cam' footage from UFC 164
    FOX Sports' "Phantom Cam" is back with super slow-motion highlights from Saturday's UFC 164 pay-per-view in Milwaukee. Link
  19. Nate Diaz Spotted Training With Duane Ludwig & Team Alpha Male
  20. What time does the FB prelim start?
    Im guessing 4:30pm ET, can anyone confirm please.
  21. Fights to make after UFC Fight Night: Teixiera vs Bader
    Glover Teixiera - He had me scared at the beginning there, he was getting tagged quite a bit, which will be a problem if he fights Jon Jones . Which looks to be case. That is assuming he gets past...
  22. Ali Bagautinov
    I was really impressed with this guy yesterday. The straight right that set-up the finish to the fight was beautiful. Just felt like getting that off my chest.
  23. What othr fights should be on UFC 168?
    So this Card is coming up in a little less then four months and it only has the two fights booked, book the other 10 fights. How would you do it? MAIN CARD (Pay-per-view, 10 p.m. ET) Chris Weidman...
  24. The Ultimate Fighter 18 Elimination Round Full Fight Videos… All 16 Bouts!
    Television time didn’t permit for all of the elimination round bouts from The Ultimate Fighter: Team Rousey vs. Team Tate to be shown in their entirety during the Sept. 4 series premiere. UFC...
  25. ufc event pics.
    Finally after years. I imported all my pics to UFC events onto my computer. Thought I had roughly 2 thousand pics well it came out to be 4 thousand UFC pics Been trying to put tags in them for awhile...
  26. UFC 164: Phantom Cam Highlights
    Shot at a staggering 20,000 frames-per-second, every contortion, every impact, and every bead of sweat join together in a mesmerizing ballet of ultraviolence. Technology and the UFC: It's a marriage...
  27. UFC 165: It's so Big
  28. Rank the fights of UFC 165!
    Rank the fights you're most excited for from first to last! 1. Barao vs. Wineland 2. Jones vs. Gustaffson 3. Healy vs. Nurmagomedov 4. Schaub vs. Mitrione 5. Makdessi vs. Forte 6. Menjivar vs. Reis...
  29. Who has the best chance of beating Jose Aldo?
    I didn't think much of Pettis when he came to the ufc. In-fact, my exact words were he was only good enough to be a gatekeeper. I'm wrong of course ( like I am about many things ). Anyway, I think...
  30. My old clanniez Im back
    Hey Peeps im back ! Right on .
  31. Anthony Pettis is the G.O.A.T.
  32. Cub Swanson wants to beat Ricardo Lamas to earn a fight against Jose Aldo at UFC Superbowl weekend event
    UFC featherweight Cub Swanson states his case for a title shot against Jose Aldo over Superbowl weekend, and it includes an eliminator bout opposite Ricardo Lamas. Link
  33. how did you score Jones vs Gustafsson?
    I thought that was a brutal scorecard. Gus won the first 3 rounds by actually landing effective strikes (ie punches to THE FACE) as opposed to leg kicks, not to mention effective grappling by...
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  34. Does Gus deserve an immediate rematch?
    The fight was so close. I personally thought it was either a win for Gus or a draw. Even if FightMetric proved Gus lost the fight, do you think he deserves an immediate rematch? I think so.
  35. Dana White press conference 165
    Anyone notice him stressing about Barao's 8 year unbeaten streak saying it was incredibly difficult to do that but used to shit on Fedor's decade long unbeaten streak? That's DFW for you folks
  36. Jones/Gustafsson hospital pic
  37. Fights to Make After UFC 165
    Going to keep it short and sweet today folks. Great fights last night. Jones/Gustafsson was a perfect example of why we all love MMA so much. I completely underestimated Gus and he went and proved me...
  38. UFC 165 'Phantom Cam' footage is predictably insane
    FOX Sports' "Phantom Cam" is back with super slow-motion highlights from Saturday's UFC 165 pay-per-view in Toronto. Link
  39. Lyoto looking cut ahead of MW debut
    Posted on Mark Munoz's Instagram
  40. Shields/Maia
    Am I the only one who thinks Shields has what it takes to beat Maia?? Maia is good, but so is Shields IMO. They both have their strengths but I just feel stylistically Shields holds a tiny advantage....
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  41. Tim Kennedys long search for a new opponent
    So Tim Kennedy's been looking for a new opponent now that Machida's out of his fight. He's taken to twitter to call some names out and fair play to him, he's called out guys on wins, loses, guys who...
  42. JDS looking all sorts of jacked three weeks ahead of UFC 166
    Dude has been putting his time in at the gym. Damn.
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  43. Doo Ho Choi reported to of signed with the UFC
    SubzeroMMA Reports... The 22-year old Choi is a very talented South Korean 145 pound prospect. He is currently rated the #1 featherweight prospect in Asia, the #1 featherweight in the Asia Pacific...
  44. Rank the fights of UFC: Fight Night 29!
    Rank the fights you're most excited for from first to last! 1. Silva vs. Kim 2. Maia vs. Shields 3. Assuncao vs. Dillashaw 4. Pierce vs. Palhares 5. Silva vs. Hamill 6. Dias vs. Damm 7. Beltran vs....
  45. Roy Nelson: Looking Slim
  46. BJ Penn: Looking Slim
  47. ufc 2013 fight collection comes out nov 5th
    A true gem for the UFC fan I have the 2011, and 2012 editions 20 discs with over 200 fights Have ppv with also fox cards fuel tv fx cards too Won't, have every fight. Usually the UFC trend has been...
  48. Your Mum: Looking Fat as always
    When I saw the post BJ: looking slim and Roy looking slim I just had to I'm crying with laughter
  49. 10-8 rounds in UFC stats
    I've been trying to find out stats on 10-8 rounds. Bascially just trying to see what fighter(s) have won and lost the most 10-8 rounds. So far google hasn't found much. And it's possbile that there...
  50. Why a piece of chewing gum made Igor Araujo ditch his UFC Fight Night 29 flight
    UFC welterweight Igor Araujo may fight in a cage for a living, but these days, he's not at all about taking undue risk. Link
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