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  1. Shogun would get run over in the UFC
    Mauricio seems to have no take down defense to speak of. I think he would get owned in the UFC. Please discuss.
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  2. Paulo Filho vs Denis Kang
    What do you guys think?
  3. Royce vs Sakuraba - Rematch!
    Wow! June 2 in LA. This will be great. I wonder what the modified rules will be this time! link to article
  4. UFC/PRIDE Trades
    What fighters do u think they should trade to eachother to make each show better?
  5. CBS2.com -- Chuck Liddell Webcast Starting Now
    Check it out!
  6. Joslin out Fickett in at UFC 73
    Its too bad i was looking foward to seeing Joslin again but its still a good matchup.
  7. Rampage's Strategy Against Chuck Liddell
    I have seen their first fight in Pride and noticed that Rampage successfully used alot of counter-attacks and combinations to defeat Chuck. Tito Ortiz has also indicated since his last loss to Chuck...
  8. Should the UFC renew Leben's UFC contract?
    What do you guys think? He's had 8 fights in the UFC...he doesn't have a bad record. He lost to McDonald and Silva, which are the only 2 fighters he's fought that were in the top 5 (you can argue...
  9. Lightweight Grand Prix: What's the Deal?
    I've been trying to find information on the Pride LW Grand Prix, and it's supposed to be on this weekend, but I can barely find anything. Does anyone know the date of the event, the participating...
  10. Liddell on Best Damn Sports Show Period
    Chuck had a guest spot on B.D.S.S.P. He was talking about a gameplan, MMA vs Boxing, in which he said he would drop Mayweather like nothin'. He has a roomate who is the same size from WEC. He was...
    EVAN TANNER I've looked for another topic like this and couldn't find one, so if it is out there, go ahead and delete this. I have heard no one talk about this. I'm surprised it's been under the...
  12. Wanderlei Silva Taking the Year off?
    I am so mad, i wanted to see him fight soon. But i guess he is gonna train his ass off to become a great figter, not that he already is. Who is happy about this?
  13. Anyone have a feeling of a BIG announcement at UFC 71...??
    I have a feeling Dana White will make a big announcement next week regarding "Teh Superbowl of MMA".....I hope he does at least
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  14. Announced Matchups for UFC 74 are.......
    Heavyweight Championship - Randy Couture vs Gabriel Gonzaga Lightweight Bout - Joe Stevenson vs Kurt Pelligrino Welterweight Bout - Georges St. Pierre vs Josh Kosheck Scheduled for Saturday, August...
  15. Open weight tourney in UFC?
    I dont know if this has been asked before but do you think that UFC will every have another open weight tourney like they do in pride, i think they should because its interesting to see the different...
  16. Bj penn after TUF series
    If penn was to stay at 155 after the ultimate fighter series has ended and compete at that weight on the road to the belt, whoever may hold it at this time, wether it be sherk or franca. If he beats...
  17. Couture HW champ 07/08???
    Sorry if this question is posted here alittle bit premature, but no matter what at some point it will have to be discussed. I want to know everybodys thoughts on couture vs gonzaga from a point of...
  18. James "The Sandman" Irvin...
    Irvin is on the fight card for this sat at ufc 71 he's fighting Thiago Silva... im going for Irvin i really like his as a fighter he's a stand up guy and he's said he prefers to stand(KOed terry with...
  19. BJ Penn vs Jens Pulver
    Who's gonna win? And how? I think BJ Penn, Submission Armbar, Leftside. Like he said. " Pulver watch ur left arm, I'm gonna break it."
  20. Serra fires back @ GSP
    GSP is tring all kinds of B.S. to explain his loss to Serra and Serra's not happy and who could blame him ? ! Link
  22. New GSP interview
    http://www.sherdog.com/news/radio.asp?id=195 He basically apologizes to Serra and everyone else for his comments on the toronto radio station.
  23. Frank Edgar fights on UFC 73! (rumor)
    link It's just a post at sherdog but I don't know why the poster would make something like that up. Apparently he's rumored to fight grappler Mark Bocek. Should be a great fight. Been waiting for...
  24. Karo and Barnett.!.!.
    well yeaterday someones topic asked if anyone thought the ufc would ever have a open weight tournement in the future, but knowing it probebly wouldnt happen i know everyone has thought about it, and...
  25. Bonnar vs. Nickels???
    I just saw that Bonnar is gonna fight Nickelsand i thnk bonnar is gonna walk through him... if nickels comes out and does wat he did on the show bonnar is gonna murder him. THOUGHT???
  26. SHOGUN signed by UFC!!!!
    ufcjunkie.com reports that Mauricio Shogun Rua has signed with the UFC and will take part in the lackluster UFC 72 card giving it instant credibility. Alll I can say is WOW, YES and I can't wait to...
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  27. Ortiz vs Jackson
    I was reading an article in which Ortiz said he would fight Rampage if he won against Liddell. That would be a great fight to watch.
  28. Frye vs. Fedor
    Has anyone watched pride decade??? i just saw the part on the rise of Fedor and they have fighters and commentaiters talking about which him don frye said he is a great fighter and he wouldnt mind...
  29. showgun confirmed !!!
    Confirmed Shogun signs with the UFC! Possible debut at UFC 72 As written on the front page of the Chute Boxe USA website. They usually get the drop before anybody else when it comes to rumors...
  30. Hunt in the ufc ???
    With the take over of pridefc, fighters fading in the darkness and all the elite quality coming to the octagon, what about hunt ??? I'd love to see this guy in the cage wouldnt you ??? discuss !!!!
  31. "Superbowl of MMA": What should they fight in?
    Now the rules have been unified, the only question remains is: In this "superbowl", should fighters fight in a ring or octagon?
  32. UFC on front cover of SI!!!!
    Check this out Sports Illustrated
  33. Great Article On Rampage Versus Liddell Fight
    This is a hilarious breakdown of the first Rampage-Liddell fight in Pride. Take a look at the description of the first 12:04am listing. LMAO. http://www.sherdog.com/news/articles.asp?n_id=7614
  34. UFC > everything else?
    I've been thinking about the effect of the UFC drawing all of the top talent in MMA, a possibility that seems to be more realistic with each passing day. Simply put, the UFC is getting closer to...
    BREAKING NEWS FROM MMAWEEKLY Dont know which fighters but a number of current PRIDE FC fighters are filing a class action lawsuit against the organization for an undisclosed amount of money. DSE has...
  36. Sports Illustrated Article
    Check out this Article, it's really good. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2007/more/05/22/ultimate0528/index.html Basically it talks about how the UFC and MMA has evolved from cock fighting to a...
  37. The Ultimeate Street Fighter!!!!
    Just saw Noah and Sims fight and it was a great street fight.... everyone's thoughts????
  38. In the Octagon Sims or Noah???
    I doubt Dana would let it happen(maybe for ratings in the finally) but if they were to fight in the octagon who would win???
  39. burkmann 2:1 underdog??
    i dont know if im the only one.but unfortunatly for karo parisian, i dont think he has what it takes to beat burkmann.i see an upset. what about u all??
  40. just put 5usd on jackson
    QJ odds are 2.40, so I will win 8 dollars.
  41. Diego almost retired before the Koshcheck fight
    In Dana's interview yesterday he revealed that Sanchez almost retired due to what they thought was Hepatitis C. A friend of mine's dad has had this for over 20 years and is always on multiple meds...
  42. last nights amp mobile question
    I dont know about you guys but these are definitely the matches I wanna see. corey and nates a good one they both have considerable reach and should be a good striking match although i have nate...
  43. UFC 71 weigh in
    Just got me real pumped for Liddell vs. Jackson. Yet I think the staredown between Alexander and Jardine was vicious and they look like they are going to bring it tomorrow. Can't wait.
  44. CroCop announces retirement!
    source "Only a day after being confirmed as fighting on the UFC 75 card in London, England on September 8th Mirko ‘‘Cro Cop’’ Filipovic plans to retire after seeing out the remaining 4 fights of his...
  45. What Chuck said to Rampage at the weigh-ins
    link not very good at this computer stuff so wasn't able to trim the pic down enough delete the thread if you want mods.
  46. Poll- Liddell or Jackson ?
    It's only a few hours till fight time , so I was curious what everyone thinks. Will it be Rampage or the Iceman ?
  47. UFC Junkie.com It's ON!
    If you don't have the PPV this is the next big thing... as most already know, but just incase someone was missing the fights... www.ufcjunkie.com
  48. Just Got This Weird Feeling...
    ...that Chuck is not going to try and strike against Rampage. Look for him to take Quinton down and either ground and pound or submit. Could be wild...HERE WE GO!!!!
  49. If Chuck wins tonight, is he your new #1 P4P fighter?
    Right now I have Fedor at #1, pound-for-pound, and Liddell at #2. If Chuck defeats Rampage tonight, he will be my new #1 fighter in the world.
  50. IT's official:Dan Henderson is fighting the winner of Lidell Jackson
    Just announced in the octagon! This is just making the upcomming battle even more exciting.
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