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  1. Anderson greatest martial artist of all time?
    Lot of people think he's the greatest fighter of all time, but recently Joe Rogan said he feels he's the greatest martial artist the world has ever seen. Agree with that? Greater than a Bruce Lee?...
  2. If Rogan left, who should replace him?
    If Joe Rogan ever stopped commentating, who would you like to see replace him? Bas Rutten is funny and has a lot of experience, and he has fought and been a champ, so knows what he's talking about....
  3. Top finisher poll
    Who in your opinion has the best and most feared finisher in MMA today?
  4. Velasquez vs. Dos Santos 3 Trailer
    check it out folks! made by me. CAIN-JDS3
  5. Best and worst killer instincts in the UFC
    Somewhat on topic with the most feared finisher, what guys always manage to end the fight when they smell blood? Which ones seem to do everything they possibly can to prolong the fight? A quick...
  6. Could Jones be champ at heavyweight?
    Think he can? I Think he's going to jump up to heavyweight soon if he doesn't love his title. If he beats Gustafsson then he'll probably only do a superfight at 205 or just jump up t heavyweight....
  7. ESPN The Magazine's "The Body Issue" featuring Miesha Tate, hits the newsstands on July 12th.
    Hopefully its not like the Cyborg photo shoot with her husband. That still gives me nightmares. Link
  8. UFC162 AVBET
    I got Boetsch, Craig or Gracie
  9. ufc ex pride fighters left ??
    Was watching some old pride fight DVDs Kind of started to realize how many are left in the Ufc Given in 2007 when Ufc bought pride who went directly to Ufc Gomi didn't go directly to Ufc Lil nog went...
  10. ufc fight expo in vegas
    Anyone else on the pg going to this next week ? It's gonna be crazy!!
  11. will the ufc resign big country ??
    Don't know what to think Not being signed to a extension before his last fight is rare in the Ufc. Not a good sign. Neither was losing a crucial fight before contract negotiations. Will the Ufc have...
  12. Munoz dramatic weight loss pics
    Mark Munoz posts his before and after photos on his dramatic weight loss starting from when he was over 260 lbs in January, to 199 lbs today. Link
  13. Can you attend the UFC tryouts?
    So there are ultimate fighter tryouts at a hotel in beijing where I live. I cant tryout because im not native chinese and dont have a fight record. But I wanted to go and just watch, look around and...
  14. Sonnen opens as early favorite
    The self-proclaimed "American Gangster" from West Linn, Ore., is currently sitting as an early betting favorite (-139) over former 205-pound champion, Mauricio Rua (see the line here), in the...
  15. Rank the fights of UFC 162!
    Rank the fights you're most excited for from first to last! 1. Swanson vs. Siver 2. Edgar vs. Oliveira 3. Silva vs. Weidman 4. Kennedy vs. Gracie 5. Munoz vs. Boetsch 6. Barboza vs. Oliveira 7....
  16. Sonnen and Florian interview Anderson Silva
  17. Anderson's kiss of death
    Smart move by Silva. Now Weidman will be too occupied questioning his own sexuality to put up much of a fight.
  18. Choose your side!
    Who will you be rooting for on tonight's card? I'm pulling for Silva, Edgar, and Siver.
  19. Who takes the rematch?
    If Anderson changes his tune and accepts the rematch, who takes it?
  20. Bobbin' and Weave, End . .. . the GIF EDIT: Now with Shoops!!
    EDIT: There is some brilliant shooping going on out there. Thought I'd share some of my favorites.
  21. Anderson Silva will not be champion again...
    ...and it's not because of a lack of skill. While I don't think that Silva took a dive in his fight against Weidman, I really think he just stopped caring and just coasted. He really didn't care that...
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  22. Fights to make after UFC 162
    HOLY SHIT Chris Weidman vs Anderson Silva or Vitor Belfort because it's unclear what Anderson wants to do Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman or retire because what else would there be for him to...
  23. Chris Weidman vs ???
    whos the next champ?
  24. Anderson Silva vs Roy Jones Jr - Boxing Match
    who takes it ladies ad gentz
  25. ufc expo experience
    So I waited in line for about three hours. The time went fast cause I was talking to two different fans One was from England. The other was a kid from los Angeles We talked Ufc MMA my expo...
  26. Did Weidman win or did Anderson lose?
    What do you think?
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  27. Anderson wins in exciting fashion.
    And loses in exciting fashion. Props to Weidman
  28. What's next for Chris Leben?
    Chris Leben lost another tough fight at UFC 162 to up & comer Andrew Craig. He has now lost 4 of his last 5 with a drug suspension (oxycotton) in-between (and a steroid suspension in the past) & the...
  29. Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustafsson
    The Monster becomes the new champ in T.O. ,,, something about Jones I don't like
  30. Anderson Silva video making waves
    Watch It Now This is circulating around different forums, new sites, and Facebook. Tin hatters claim its proof that Anderson wanted to lose the fight. What do you think? Personally I think it just...
  31. It was only a kiss!
  32. UFC 165?
    Hey guys, it's been an extremely long time since I've posted on this site, but I'm back asking how you guys are feeling about 165 in Toronto. Being from Buffalo, I always want to go to any event...
  33. Chael Sonnen on LeBron James, Steven Seagal, Vince McMahon, Rampage and More
    Hours before Chris Weidman knocked out Anderson Silva in the main event of UFC 162, Chael Sonnen stood on a Las Vegas stage and answered questions from fans. The questions ranged from brand building...
  34. Av Bet (REVENGE EDITION!!!)
    Heres a list of PG dudes who have bested me in past via av bet.* DrivenDavies15 40ouncetpkid Geoffo Wallass spang714 SpiderSilva oForrestGriffino jjeans I WANT REVENGEEEEEEE! If your name is on the...
  35. New Signings? UFC
    Who would you be most interested in to sign with UFC
  36. brian stann retired from mma today !!
    A awesome guy. Got to meet him. Well respected among his peers. Glad to see him fight live a few times Wish him luck
  37. Post UFC 162 Anderson Silva Video
  38. TJ Grant Claims He *Wasn’t* Paid Off by the UFC, So Let’s All Stop Talking About That, Okay?
    Judging from the immediate reaction to last night’s news that TJ Grant has withdrawn from his title fight against Benson Henderson, a lot of you seem to feel that Grant’s injury is somewhat less than...
  39. Tweet of the Day: Pearson vs. Gomi?
    Could a fight between Ross Pearson and Takanori Gomi be in the works for October 26th? Link
  40. BJ Penn bombed at the Bellagio
    Video description: This was around 6 or 7AM at the center lounge in the Bellagio(near the lobby). BJ insisted on telling this guy how beautiful his girl was, and then taking shots with them. This guy...
  41. Best UFC Poster Ever? (UFC 168)
  42. Texts from UFC 162
    FOXSPORTS.COM EXCLUSIVE A private group text message transpired during UFC 162 last Saturday night between Jon Jones, Dana White, Chael Sonnen, Dan Henderson, Ariel Helwani, Nick Diaz, Greg Jackson,...
  43. Yeah, So Jon Jones Is Fat Now
    Jon Jones recently tweeted a “before” photo of himself as he begins training for his September 21st UFC 165 title defense against Alexander Gustafsson. It wasn’t pretty. Listen, we know that Jones...
  44. UFC Hall of Famer Dan Severn Interview
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQrHwijwVxY&feature=youtu.be Just interviewed UFC Hall of famer, Dan Severn go check it out at the link above
  45. Jake Ellenberger Goes Off On Rory MacDonald During Yesterday’s (Tuesday) Media Call
    I haven’t said anything that wasn’t true and my message to Rory is pretty clear: start tasting some flavors of baby food and find one you like and stock up because this isn’t a Tears for Fears...
  46. BJ Penn vs Brock Lesnar
  47. Talkative Chael Sonnen set for Garden date
    Chael Sonnen has never been one to bite his tongue. That’s not his style. The 36-year-old Oregon native has developed into one of the UFC’s most outspoken and popular fighters — win or lose. Link...
  48. predict 5 UFC fights that will happen by the years end
    Name 5 Can't be any fights already scheduled Any 5 big or small 1. Return of bj Penn Penn return to 155 vs Jim miller 2. Rich franklin vs Alan belcher 3. Wandy Silva vs Dan Henderson rematch 4....
  49. Paul Taylor
    Rumor is Paul Taylor was released from the UFC after not fighting for two years. Can anyone confirm this?
  50. Rank the fights of UFC on Fox 8!
    Rank the fights you're most excited for from first to last! 1. Lawler vs. Voelker 2. MacDonald vs. Ellenberger 3. Johnson vs. Moraga 4. Chiesa vs. Masvidal 5. Castillo vs. Means 6. Edwards vs...
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