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  1. Mike Swick says he'll drop to welterweight!
    Swick Interview UFC middleweight contender Mike 'Quick' Swick says he'll drop to Welterweight as he feels he's to small for the middleweight division. Hes says he regularly fights at 180lbs. He also...
  2. Should the UFC/Pride add more weight divisions!
    With each weight division being stacked at the moment, and the many more ppvs and free-to-air-shows on the way it is my view that the UFC should bring in at least 1 more division within this next...
  3. Serra vs Hughes
    How will it go down?
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  4. Videos of UFC 69?
    Any videos of the fights from Saturday. please help
  5. Who is the most feared striker in MMA?
    i have heard all of these mentioned as "the most feared" strikers in MMA....who do you think is the most feared? regardless of weighclass.
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  6. Chuck vs Rampage who will reign supreme?
    I think Chuck will but i wont say that 100% cause look at the Serra GSP fight but Chuck has avenged every single loss and i think he will avenge this one too.
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  7. swick nutshot
    on an earlier post i mentioned that swick got caught in the jewels by okami before the first takedown, which until that point swick had defended really well. im wondering if im the only one that...
  8. Did GSP Tap?
    Did GSP tap? Check for yourself, looks like he rolls over and taps with his right hand as Big John steps in. Wow.
  9. Diaz/Gomi Decision Changed
    Source Changed from a victory to a no contest. What a joke. Doctors say that the level of THC in his body "numbed the pain." Give me a break. This rematch MUST happen now.
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  10. Sokoudjou Post-PRIDE 34 "Kamikaze" Interview
    I just saw this @ sherdog. this guy is awesome. WAR Soko Jungle Punch!!!!!! Anyone Else think he might be the next big thing? Please Comment http://www.sherdog.com/videos/videos.asp?v_id=1157
  11. Which UFC/Pride fighters are the next big thing
    Okay so I'm sitting around thinking about each division, and found myself wondering which fighters are the next big thing in each weight class. HW- Vera LHW- You would have to say Sokoudjou, and Rua...
  12. Next for Okami, Sanchez and GSP
    Okami has now solidified himself in the top 5 MW . I say a good fight would be Jason MacDonald, given Ace, Spider and Nate the Great all have bouts. Sanchez needs to fight someone of recognition to...
  13. Possible upsets?
    Man, 2007 has been a CRAZY year. I am smelling another upset in this upcoming PPV match but who is it going to be?
  14. PRIDE 35? and so on...
    does any body know whats in the near future for pride? will the brothers F jump right in or will they take their time setting up the next few events? do the rules go into effect immediately?
  15. Fighters best way for success...???
    I was just wondering.....is it better for a fighter to make it to the top on their own,or with the help of TUF? I have noticed that most TUF fighters get less respect from other fighters and some...
  16. Herring vs Imes on UFC in Demand....
    Did anyone see this fight??? WOW ... What a battle I wish they would of showed the fight on PPV .
  17. roger huerta interview
    i posted this because i was really impressed with the way he is so respectful of GARCIA after the fight and for a young lad of 23 i think he can go a long way in the ufc post fight interview
  18. Elvis Sinosic?
    I know that the UFC wants Bisping to win on his home turf but did they need to make it so obvious? Elvis "Human Punching Bag" Sinosic has more losses than wins in his MMA career and I can't remember...
  19. MMA Radio
    Check out TAGG Radio http://www.taggradio.com/ Online 12:30 eastern - FREE
  20. Next for Melvin Guillard?
    After Melvin's disapointing loss to Joe, I think a fight between him and Rich Clementi would make sense in a way because of bad blood they had or have and the fact that they both lost on the same...
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  21. Important! Game scoring update
    I know this is breaking our own rules (posting something in multiple forums)... but I felt this was fairly important and this is the place that most of the forum users visit... Read this post for...
  22. Frye Thompson Staredown
    This set the tone...got me pumped up!
  23. Nogueira hw champ ufc 07
    I finally got my wish, Nogueira is on his way to the ufc. This mma thing is getting bigger and better. I guarantee by the end of 2007, Nogueira will be ufc heavyweight champ, wether he fights couture...
  24. UFC Tito vs. Dana...What a Joke
    UFC says that Tito and Dana were to fight tonight...what a joke. I'm sure there are many people that arent happy with that.
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  25. Melvin tested positive for Cocaine!
    Might explain some of his actions before the fight. http://ufcjunkie.com/
  26. Chonan with Team Quest
    Hi all, sorry if this thread has been made before. Anyways when Sokodjou beat Arona afterwards all the Team Quest guys got into the ring and I saw Chonan! Even Sokodjou said thank you to Chonan for...
  27. salmon-schafer
    what do you guys think about salmon-schafer? on paper it looks so even. last 5 fights salmon - 3-2 (3 subs-1ko,1sub) 6 of 9 wins by sub, all 11 fights in last 2 years schafer - 4-1 (4 subs -1 ko) 5...
  28. Jens Pulver
    Why is it everytime this guy talks he almost starts crying? Everytime he talks hes teary eyed haha
  29. Starnes vs Leben
    Starnes looked good in tuf series, right up till he broke his rib in the fight with grove. Does anybody know if he's kept fighting since the show ? leben is overated and a ******* prick who i dont...
  30. Pride Light Weight GP Fight Card
    This is according to www.kakuto.com. I got it from Sherdog. I'm sure the roster will prob change about 15 times but as of now it is as follows: Takanori Gomi Hayato Sakurai Tatsuya Kawajiri...
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  31. Frank Mir vs Tim Slvia 2...in July
    Should be interesting....well you know the deal by now...Weloan.Us sponsoring Frank Mir go Frank!!!! Welcome Back
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  32. Din Thomas vs. Jeremy Stephens - UFC 71
    Din Thomas will make his return against at May 26th against 20 year old Jeremy Stephens. Stephens is 8-1 with 6 (T)KO's and the fight will most probably be on the undercard. I was expecting Din to be...
  33. Who's Next For GSP?
    Who does everyone think is gonna be next for GSP? KOS? Deigo?
  34. UFC 70 website
    http://70.ufc.com/ That is the link to the website. If you haven't seen it yet. I personally love the map feature, this is truly an international event. Also the little fight previews got me pretty...
  35. UFC 6 - PRIDE 2
    i know that pride was coming to an end here and the fritos just took over, but man 6 ufc events since january and only 2 pride. that probably didnt help them. i hope the fritos start bumping up the...
  36. crossover commentators
    wouldnt it be neet to have a 3rd commentator (a current fighter) at ufc & pride events from the other organization that could do annalisis. a different champion at each event to critique (positve &...
  37. who's improved more?
    Chuck Vs. Rampage, since losing to couture and rampage chuck has developed one of the best sprawls in mma, they both claim to have an improved work ethic. Will Chuck be able to get his Revenge? Or...
  38. Cage Or Ring? What do you think?
    Now that UFC and PRIDE have merged into one organization, what style of fighting arena should be used. Some say the cage and others feel that the ring should be used. What are your thoughts?
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  39. what you all have been waiting for....
    fedor vs Lindland
  40. Chucks Cardio
    What do you guys think of chuck's cardio? I mean, he looked like he was slowing down against tito in the 3rd round. I see rampage being a bad match up for chuck. Rampage, if anything, is able to take...
  41. Is Don Frye Still Up To Par?
    I question this a bit if you look over his last 10 fights theres about a 50% loss' Athough despite his compitition being very strong he has managed to stand up and throw w/ all of them. So i would...
  42. UFC LW
    What lw fighter are we most excited to see?
  43. James Thompson vs Edson Drago @ next Pride event
    according to edson source: tatame.com In exclusive interview to the website Blog Fight & Cia, the Brazilian black belt Edson Draggo talked about his defeat at Pride 34 for the wrestler Yoshihiro...
  44. Who Will Fedor Sign With??
    Bodog must be gunning hard for him promising fights in Russia and big money no doubt. I really do hope he stays Pride HW champion, and while I dont mind if he does a Bodog show in Russia every once...
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  45. zelg galesic
    anybody else very impressed with his striking? i just watched pride 34 and his striking really does resemble crocops, heck, i'd say his kicks are a little more crisp. i know he lost, and props on...
  46. Lightweight GP Dana white interview!!!!!
    Updates from the Press Conference thanks to MMANEWS.com Quote: Much More News From Today's UFC Conference Call The following notes are courtesy of Chris Howie who represented MMANews.com in today's...
  47. To Hell With HBO!
    So the UFC is forced to cede control of the production to HBO as part of their new deal. What is the f*cking deal with HBO? They have resisted broadcasting MMA since the inception of the sport, the...
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  48. Arlovski Title Shot?
    According to Dana White the plan is to have Arlovski get a title shot if he beats Werdum? I just dont see why a heavweight contenders match would take place right now with a heavyweight title fight...
  49. So everybody who figured that Dana White would be operating Pride was essentially correct.
    Full article at: http://www.mmaweekly.com/absolutenm/templates/dailynews.asp?articleid=3797&zoneid=13 Some excerpts... "[UFC] president Dana White spoke in great detail during a pre-UFC 70...
  50. Home Field Advantage
    How would you decide where the fights will be held for the Pride vs UFC super fights... Cage or Ring? I think the fighter with the most number of consecutive title defenses during his current tenure...
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