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6/14/10 9:55:05PM
a lot of dreams recnet cards have been underwhelming IMO. Seth points pointed out that the TPF has a card the day before and it has some decent matchups on it. So I am going to make it a combo card and use some of their fights

TPF 5 fights

“Razor” Rob McCullough vs. Thomas Denny
David Mitchell vs. Poppies Martinez
Brad Blackburn vs. John Alessio
Cole Escovedo vs. Michael McDonald
Bill Cooper vs. David Kaplan
Gabe Ruediger vs. Lenny Lovato
Stephen Abas vs. Joe de la Cruz
David Bollea vs. Cody Gibson
6/14/10 10:07:21PM
maybe take some fights from the first impact fc also.

Josh Barnett vs. Geronimo dos Santos
Karo Parisyan vs. Luis Dutra Jr.
Carlos Newton vs. Brian Ebersole
Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou vs. Joaquim Ferreira
Jeff Monson vs. Brad Morris

these 5 fights in particular look pretty solid.
6/14/10 10:13:12PM
soko/ferrira and barnett /dos santos seem like mismatches to me, although you never know what Soko will show up. I'll add al bu the Barney fight.
6/14/10 10:24:11PM
sounds good.
6/14/10 11:41:24PM
Yes! Good call Smacker!!!
6/14/10 11:48:21PM
Yachi Palace Just kidding, Agent Smacker. I, too, like this.
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