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4/3/08 6:51:27PM
just letting anyone who cares know there is an Xtreme Couture opening up in Centereach, NY. Its scheduled to open on May 1st and Randy will be at the opening supposedly.
4/3/08 8:33:48PM
Well, I used to care until I went to the Xtreme Couture grand opening in Toronto last Sat. I went to the place at the scheduled time and they weren't even close to opening. The place wasn't even renovated yet. The website only had a class schedule posted and an email address that apparently where you never got a reply. I find it funny how they post a class schedule even though the place isn't even close to being finished.

If this is any indication of the Xtreme Couture camp in NY, I would think twice before taking too long of a drive without confirmation that the place will actually be open on the stated day.
4/4/08 12:04:09PM
well i live about 3 miles down the road from it so it really isn't that big a deal.
4/12/08 7:54:37PM
Its going be be crazy =] randy comes down there the 18th of may and GSP will be there in June
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