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6/11/09 2:08:34PM
alright well last year and this year i wrestled on my HS folk wrestling team i am a senior now so that was my last year. i ended up doing alright but now im just concentrating on my mma. im wondering what i took from wrestling should i really practice now? ofcourse all my takedowns and takedown defenses i shud still be practicing. but what about crackdowns or standups? anything like that? thanks.
also one of the jiu jitsu instructors who is an mma fihghter told me that he never shoots takedowns he never goes to his knees only does takedowns were his knees never touch the ground do u guys agreee with that or no?
6/11/09 5:55:42PM
Breakdowns are never used. You can thank BJJ for that.

I actually like going for shots to double legs.

But the risk you take if you do that is a nice knee to the face. You really have to have good counter timing or good setups to get doublelegs.

Look at Rampage, he never shoots, and back when he used to take people down he did it from double underhooks and body locks.

Personally, I say learn the clinch game well. You can get safe takedowns from there. Most of your wrestling stuff if not all of it has to be modiied.

Stance is obviously useless, collar ties are pretty much outdated too.
6/11/09 8:08:26PM
Depends a lot on your body type and what you feel good doing naturally. If you're taller and leaner, generally you'll want to use the clinch a lot more. You can usually punish guys with knees and set up trip takedowns and the like.

If you're shorter, you can do well in the clinch, but you're always going to have to worry about taller guys working for space in the clinch and bombing knees on you.

I'd hesitate to suggest any specific moves without knowing you or your style, but here are a few wrestling moves that I personally like to train-

Blast doubles
Running the pipe on singles
Knee taps
Takedowns from double unders
Sit outs

Your coach is right about not going down to your knees in MMA. Not saying it isn't possible, but it's much less of a risk to go for a blast double than it is your run of the mill wrestling double leg takedown. The reason why blast doubles and all of these things work well is because they're low risk with a pretty high reward. It seems to me that the most basic wrestling techniques work the best in MMA. Although admittedly I'm not the best wrestler or MMA fighter.

You will end up in clinches and body locks a LOT in MMA, so be prepared for that. The last thing I'll add is that in MMA if you plan on exclusively using your wrestling you have to learn how to chain moves with the best of them. You've got to be able to shoot for that double, change it up to a single, when that doesn't work you need to go for the knee tap, work your body lock or go for a slam, etc. etc. etc. Your moves will be interrupted with knees to the gut, the cage getting in the way, elbows to the face, etc. etc.

6/11/09 9:00:54PM
Well there not much I can add that Jackelope hasn't already covered. The only thing I would add if you haven't already started or been working on it I would recommend for you as a wrestler is start working off your back some so if you end up there your not a fish out of water.
6/11/09 9:53:42PM
alright thanks alot guys. so im going to def work on my blast doubles and my singles.
6/18/09 10:13:56PM
Ok, first im sure you already know this that wrestlers sit out works very well in jiu jitsu tournements i dont know how much it works in MMA.

Also another good thing to do is double legs and singles. Those work very well in MMA also.

One last thing to do is make sure you dont leave your legs dangling out their alot of wrestlers tend to get ankle locked / heel hooked in BJJ and MMA. Also dont be worried when your on your back take your time and dont give people a better position and their are alot of submissions from back
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