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4/25/08 3:48:15PM
We've teamed up with Fighters Only Magazine, the planet's leading mixed martial arts publication, to launch the inaugural World Mixed Martial Arts Awards.

A strong partnership between the two titles was struck last August when we began covering the Ultimate Fighting Championship as part of our sports offering.

We've recognised the huge impact mixed martial arts has had on the mainstream, and we're pleased to be teaming up with Fighters Only Magazine on this groundbreaking awards ceremony.

This weekend will see the stunning Octagon-shaped trophy unveiled at top combat expo Seni '08, which takes place at London's Excel Arena.

You can check out the award for yourself by visiting the Fighters Only Magazine stand (number 1082) at the exhibition, where two stunning Sun glamour girls and our MMA expert, Jim Burman, will be appearing.

4/25/08 3:49:21PM
The article is really lacking, but I thought it was interesting nonetheless.
4/25/08 5:37:09PM
It is....but post the update when we can cast our votes...
4/25/08 7:15:48PM
this is great..
i was considering the possiblity of things like this the other day and my one problem is that the UFC has a hallo f fam.. but what about the rest of the fighters who are good..

hendo was the first to hold 2 titles in a major org..

sorry..iknow i shouldnt have said that since he is my favorite fighter but nonetheless.. thatis a perfect instance..

or.. the award for whoever the greatest fight was or whothe greates teamwas of the year.. imean..a lot of ppl arent going into the UFC hall of fame cause they werent in the UFC but still shouldl be in a hall of fame.. who knows maybe that is next
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