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7/15/09 5:46:18PM
Wednesday, July 15, 2009 - by Ken Pishna -

It has been widely rumored and Joe Rogan mentioned it during the UFC 100 broadcast, but the Ultimate Fighting Championship on Wednesday made it official, the fight between Mike Swick and Martin Kampmann will determine the next challenger to UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre.

"Wherever we go, fans know UFC delivers great fights,” UFC president Dana White said. "Mike Swick vs. Martin Kampmann could be fight of the night at UFC 103 because the winner takes on Georges St. Pierre for the welterweight title.”

After suffering an injury to his groin at UFC 100, St. Pierre will be taking some time off to heal up, but has at least narrowed his next opponent down to the winner of the bout on Sept. 19 in Dallas.

"I want to face the best guy," the champ commented after his victory over Thiago Alves. "Right now, I'm in really bad pain. I'm going to take a step back and take a look at it and we'll talk about it, and in a couple of weeks we'll see."

He should have plenty of time to rehab his injury and get prepared for his next challenge. Swick vs. Kampmann is still two months away and no date has been revealed for St. Pierre's return bout against the winner.
7/15/09 5:54:00PM
7/15/09 7:17:28PM
Winner of Kampmann-Swick is fuucked
7/15/09 7:20:55PM
GSP wins convincingly. No such thing as an easy fight because anything can happen but this would be as close to easy as its gonna get for GSP right now.
7/15/09 7:29:39PM
I don't think either of these guys put up much of a challenge for GSP. Swick and Kampmann are both pretty good fighters but they aren't ready for a fighter like GSP.
7/15/09 8:20:27PM
GSP needs to bulk up, nothing left in this weight class for him imo
7/15/09 8:40:38PM
After this fight, there's Jake Shields and that's it at WW.
7/15/09 9:02:13PM
Go from fighting Matt Hughes, to Matt Serra, to Jon Fitch, to BJ Penn, to Thiago Alves to Swick/Kampmann?

I have hella respect for Swick/Kampmann, but this is a drop off in competition for GSP.
7/15/09 9:08:17PM

Posted by KaibaThedon

Go from fighting Matt Hughes, to Matt Serra, to Jon Fitch, to BJ Penn, to Thiago Alves to Swick/Kampmann?

I have hella respect for Swick/Kampmann, but this is a drop off in competition for GSP.

Agree 100% I remember liking Swick since his little quick KO streak. But never even put him in same leauge as Penn etc... Hearsay is GSP will fight the winner one armed as a handicap
7/15/09 11:05:25PM
yeah I think after this fight the UFc needs to go elsewhere for an opponent for GSP

theres Jake Shields of course, but who else is there really??? I say the UFC should get Andre Galvao thats my out of nowhere pick lol
7/15/09 11:37:07PM
i hope so
then again dana said bisping/hendo got next shot that was untill hendo knocked dana's golden ticket overseas on his head losing a mega money fight in england with bisping vs silva
7/16/09 12:06:54AM
If the UFC was planning a superfight with GSP at middle weight they wouldn't announce it right now. They would do exactly what they're doing and tell us that the winner of Swick/Kampmann gets a title shot.

By doing it this way, it hypes up the Swick/Kampmann fight much much more than it would've been. And not only that, it also gets the fans talking about the next fight where the winner will fight GSP. Then once the hype is in place, they wait for it to settle, and BOOM. They release the news. The winner of Swick/Kampmann fight will be put on hold for GSP to make his debut at MW.

And now, after putting in all that time thinking about the Swick/Kampmann winner vs GSP, now we're all hyped up with GSP at middle weight. So instead of GSP getting publicity and fan recognition for one fight, he's now getting it for two. Its the same thing they did with BJ after Florian beat Roger Huerta and was supposed to get the title shot.

The UFC is quite clever.
7/16/09 2:38:09AM
Karo is somewhere real pissed off right now
7/16/09 11:12:08AM
the only people i actually see presenting a threat to gsp is
1. brock larson he is so big for ww and realy strong but idk if he can put a string of wins together to earn that shot.
2. nick diaz he has gotten much better sense leaving the ufc and has better jiu jitsu than gsp and with that huge reach he may have better striking and he has great cardio.
3. Fighters at higher weight classes
7/16/09 11:47:56AM
I guess its good to keep him busy. Kos and Fitch need to hurry back up and get their rematches. Those two still have the best shot IMO at taking down GSP since they train at an excellent camp and continue to get better and better. I want to see both of them get rematches because I think either way they'll be 2 exciting fights.

GSP's going too rape these guys. I mean if Swick was a devastating striker he would have a great chance because of his reach but hes not really but either way GSP is probably just going to pin him too the ground whenever he feels like it. I like Kampman and he will be a very very great fighter, just not yet. Hes a good well rounded fight but GSPs all that and much much more.
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