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3/18/08 11:32:38PM
Has anyone heard of anything with drew McFeddries after his last loss? i thought he was lookin good up untill the pont of defeat and would love to see more of him
3/18/08 11:52:41PM
I haven't heard of anything but hes probably still dealing with the death of his mother. I personally think it was a mistake to take the fight with Cote so soon after the death but I suppose he needed his mind off it.The finances of a deceased love one can be crazy and the emotional toll that it wracks on you probably can't be compared to much.

The sad thing is he almost took Cote out and was picking apart Kamppmann on the feet until he got to the ground. That was an impressive arm triangle though by Kamppmann very amazing transition. He'll be back im sure of it though. Perhaps he will get a fight with Leben next. That would be a Great fight for him in my opinion as he just plain hits harder than Leben.

That fight would make sense to me though we could see a Leben Cote 2.
3/19/08 12:43:55AM
Its sad that his mother died just days before the fight. I would love to see him back fully recovered and fight someone like Kendall Grove.
3/19/08 1:14:18AM
I really like McFedries, he was killin it and then got caught again. I didnt expect it standing though. He has a huge upside, I hope he gets a chance to put it together in the UFC.
3/19/08 9:45:45AM
The guy has heart and no one can question that but i just see him as a b level fighter who can brawl but will get worked by striking specialist....Tough guy though, I love his fights win/lose.
3/19/08 11:51:07AM
I agree.. he's kind of a Robbie Lawler. Crisp boxing, decent chin, but not the whole picture. Still, I really like McFedries. I'm sure we'll get to see more of him but I don't ever see him being more than a guy who's in someone's way. Sometimes he may stop the guy, but unfortunately with top contenders I dont see him stopping them.

Minus the mom situation I really think he could have beaten Cote, though. And in the MW division, really.. who isn't a gatekeeper to Anderson Silva?
3/19/08 1:46:29PM

Posted by Jackelope

I agree.. he's kind of a Robbie Lawler. Crisp boxing, decent chin, but not the whole picture.

Yes man you are so right. That's exactly who he reminds me of.
I guess he will make a decent gate keeper.
I wish him luck and I hope he comes back with an even better skill set.
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