Werdum still wants the heavyweight belt

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9/6/08 3:46:50PM
Randy Couture’s back to UFC may have pushed a Brazilian fighter back in the title line. Pointed as the next contender with a new victory at UFC 90, against Junior Cigano, Fabrício Werdum maybe was forgotten by the Dana White, Ultimate president, that put Randy Couture to face Brock Lesnar, who only has one fight in the octagon, and the winner will face the winner of Nogueira-Mir bout. “Ultimate thinks about business, and Lesnar is more famous in United States. I don’t know how they’ll do it, because my new contract guarantees a title shot with a victory against Cigano”, said Werdum to TATAME.com.

9/6/08 4:03:41PM
They're going to put you on the shelf Werdum, that's essentially the plan. He'll get his shot though. He's becoming a much more exciting fighter ever since he affiliated himself with chute boxe. He could possbly beat all 4 guys in the mini tourney to.
9/6/08 4:13:26PM
I think he would lose to Nog again, he could possibly beat Randy but I don't know, I think he would be able to sub Brock, and I think he would beat Mir.
9/6/08 4:29:20PM
The fact Brock is in this four way thing and Werdum isn't makes me want to scream. He should get "next shot" after that, but that'll be spring or later and another fight for him..... It's BS.
9/6/08 4:31:04PM
well, he's guaranteed a title shot -- that was negotiated during his contract renewal, and his next fight is basically a gimme so, i see no problem with this
9/6/08 4:36:37PM
wedum still wants the heavyweight belt??????? i'm confused. i thought he would be content sitting behind the scenes while the unmerited brock lesnar gets a shot at the title. hmmmmm...interesting.
9/6/08 4:39:27PM
well he still has to win his next fight. But looks like he has to wait till '09, but i guess that is what he gets when he gets thrown a no-name opponent, instead of facing a contender.
9/6/08 4:47:16PM
Mir is going to be the next HW Champ
9/6/08 5:47:53PM
werdum will probably wait it out but it won't be till at least one year time before he gets his shot
he should fight a can next year take some time off but i still think he will get screwed out of it
9/6/08 6:10:56PM

Posted by Porch28

Mir is going to be the next HW Champ

I think Mir Lesnar 2 for the title would be interesting and it is possible.. an upset against nog would not surprise me.. I expect Nog to win.. but Mir has some tricks he may be able to pull off.. but I would still consider Mir winning an upset.. more so then if Brock beats Randy.. but I honestly do not think Mir would beat Brock a 2nd time.. I really think he got lucky because of brocks inexperience... I expect Brock to win if they face off again...
9/6/08 7:21:30PM
People should not underestimate Mir. He's looked good and I think it's too early for Brock to be champ. Wait till AA comes back next year...
9/7/08 3:15:17AM
this is BS imo werdum would beat all 4 guys in this little tournament, its okay though cuz when he gets his shot werdum will be the new heavyweight champion.
9/10/08 9:00:03AM
I think werdum can Take Couture and Submit him easy.
9/10/08 3:34:39PM
Yeah, looks like Werdum has went on the back burner. Too bad too because he's a top contender for the heavyweight belt. He would have a very good chance to beat any of the four guys ahead of him too. I see two maybe three possible title fight before Werdum even gets a look at getting one. Should be really good motivation for Werdum in his next fights though.
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