Werdum: “I will defeat Fedor”

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1/8/10 2:56:37PM
Fabrício Werdum’s career went up in a way that even the black belt wasn’t expecting. With a new contract with UFC, He was chosen to face the still unknown Junior “Cigano” dos Santos, but with the first round knockout loss the storm came. Renegotiating the contract, Werdum didn’t accept the new numbers and had the contract closed.

Without events to fight, the black belt got down, but then the golden opportunity came. On Strikeforce, Werdum got two more victories and may be the next to have a chance against Fedor Emelianenko, biggest heavyweight of all times. “People say I can’t, but I’m training, I’m dedicating and I will defeat Fedor”, Werdum said.

1/8/10 3:19:06PM
Ok, I'm all for confidence, but ....how?
1/8/10 3:23:24PM
Care to make a small wager with me, Fabricio?
1/8/10 3:25:03PM
This falls squarely into the "what else is he supposed to say" category.
1/8/10 3:28:50PM
1/8/10 3:31:54PM

Posted by scoozna

This falls squarely into the "what else is he supposed to say" category.

True, I don't usually fault guys for saying what they should say.

It is fun to contemplate the situation though. One could argue that Arona gave Fedor a run for his money...and some will argue that Arona beat him. You can definitely make some comparisons between those two fights. There's only one problem though...Arona fought Fedor while he was still human. I mean, how can you compete with a neuronet processor, right?
1/8/10 4:15:28PM
If by "defeat" Werdum means "get punched in the face by an overhand and fall asleep in the first round", then I agree.
1/8/10 4:43:24PM
Everyone says this, none of them have lived up to it.
1/8/10 4:43:49PM

Posted by grappler0000
...Arona fought Fedor while he was still human. I mean, how can you compete with a neuronet processor, right?

Wow..that got all cyberpunk in a hurry..ha!
1/8/10 4:55:02PM
Arona would have beaten him under UFC's judging criteria, but not under Japan's judging criteria. He really just tried to lay n' pray.
1/8/10 5:41:56PM
I just hope that after he loses, he accepts it and doesn't make a ton of excuses.
1/8/10 5:42:07PM
noooooooooooooooooo you wont
1/8/10 5:57:43PM
Werdums best bet is to make this fight a ground war.
His stand up is at times wild and fast enough to pose problems for Fedor but with Fedors track record it's hard to bet against the guy.
1/8/10 6:43:10PM
Werdum somehow thinks he is a muay thai champ now but if he stands with fedor for long its nighty night. I see fedor punishing him from inside the guard (like vs big nog) until the final bell rings or Werdum is unconcious
1/8/10 9:40:11PM
werdum has never impressed me and fedor impresses me everytime. but hey maybe he'll catch him like fujita did and maybe be able to finish.
1/8/10 10:00:50PM
Fedor should win impressively but anything is possible, Werdum could win off a cut or something. This fight in my mind officially crowns the Strikeforce HW Belt, especially since Werdum has beaten Ubereem. Kinda like Machida has to fight Shogun for the real belt, Ubereem has to fight Fedor/Werdum for the real belt, that's how I see it.
1/9/10 7:13:09AM
I will also defeat Fedor, I just need some LSD so I can actually see it for myself.
1/9/10 2:30:51PM
maybe when fedor is 90 drunk passed out tied to a steel beam and werdum has a shotgun but even then i would't bet against fedor
1/9/10 9:34:39PM
I am going to sleep with Megan Fox!!.....................Hey i though i would join Fabricio in saying things that will never -ever-ever happen.
1/9/10 11:37:46PM
Hey now everyone just calm down lets look at this in perspective. He didn't say what he would beat him in. My guess is Werdum must be talking about the weigh in which we all know is a battle to see who weighs more. So whose being ridiculous now guys??
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