Welterweight champ Nick Diaz at ready for April 9 Strikeforce event

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2/23/11 10:44:44PM
Strikeforce welterweight champion Nick Diaz could defend his title a third time on short notice at an as-yet-unannounced event planned for April 9, though it's far too early to call it a done deal.

Diaz has been told to be ready for a fight on that date, according to manager Cesar Gracie, but has yet to receive an opponent.

"We don't have anybody that's set," Gracie today told MMAjunkie.com

2/23/11 11:48:25PM
Interesting. I wonder who is opponent will be...

-Daley fights this weekend, it would be a quick turnaround for him to fight again on April 9th.


-Jason Miller? Probably not...

-Maybe a rematch with Lawler at WW?

Diaz knows this is gonna be a busy year for him. I believe he wants to have 3 MMA fights and a boxing match before the year is over.

On another note...:
I've questioned why Shields dropped down to welterweight when he joined the UFC. I think it is because Dana wanted to set up the GSP (best wrestler in the UFC) vs Shields (best wrestler outside of UFC) fight. This however, affects what Nick can do in the UFC should he ever get resigned. With his brother Nate, his training partner Jake Shields, and another training partner Daniel Roberts at welterweight in the UFC; Nick might not have much motivation to fight there, especially if Shields wins the title from GSP. Not to mention the large amount of wrestlers in the UFC welterweight division that would grapple-**** Nick all day long.

Earlier this year Nick resigned with Strikeforce with a rumored "multi-year" contract. A few weeks ago in an interview Cesar Gracie stated that this was untrue, and that the contract was for "a few fights". I think he might have said the contract should last about a year. If Diaz does get his planned 3 fights in this year, and his boxing match witch was also part of the contract, perhaps his contract will then be up? Does anyone else think that Nick may be aiming to sign with the UFC early next year, and debut at middleweight?

It would be a better division for him as MW lacks the elite wrestlers that WW has. Nick has fought at catch-weight near MW, but has said that he would fight at MW. Plus, Nick wants to fight Silva - which I think would be a better matchup for Nick as opposed to GSP. Nick has a passion for boxing, and so does Silva. They would matchup well - One of the UFCs most devastating strikers vs Nick Diazs volume punches and aggressive style - each fighter with world class jiujitsu. Think of it as Nick doing exactly what Shields did; except moving up a weight class instead of moving down.
2/24/11 12:02:41AM
My guess is mayhem or daley
Daley would be nice. But either will do
2/24/11 12:20:14AM
my guess is another guy like cyborg or zaromskis that is good but not good enough to be like fighting for a title
2/24/11 1:10:40AM
I don't care who it is, I love seeing Diaz fight. If it's Daley or Woodley, he has a tough test with either fighter.
2/24/11 1:36:18AM
Hey, I wouldnt mind if it was another guy like Cyborg. Cyborg took it to Diaz, I loved that fight.

I'm sure Daley would possibly take the fight if he gets a quick finish in his upcoming fight.

Oh well, I dont want to guess anymore people. I'll just wait.
2/24/11 10:32:05AM
if its not Daley or Woodley, there shouldnt be any title on the line.

If Diaz was in the UFC, even if he didnt fight team mates, there are still lots of fights for him at ww or mw. I doubt his boxing career will take off, he has no defense, I hope Daley shows Diaz the importance of keeping your hands up and defending shoty instead of eating them.
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