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3/26/07 2:16:51PM
Hey guys, I was looking for a little advice on How to Gain Weight. I've always been rather thin, and despite the fact I lift weights and eat like a bear, I can't seem to gain any weight. Anybody know of a diet plan or regimine that would help me to gain a much-needed 15 to 20 pounds?
3/27/07 11:42:35AM
4/4/07 2:17:04PM
Here goes...I once bulked from 225 to 305. Now...i hit some speedbumps along the way...and here is what i did that helped.

Your stomach is constantly being bombarded by food all the time so your metabolism is super super fast...I can imagine. My only piece of advice and this has worked for me is to do the opposite of eating more...

Now, dont get me wrong, basically your doing a sling shot. Cut your food down or eat super clean for 2 weeks. Then eat A TON the 2 weeks after...

You can also go by feel there will come a point when you just know that that bowl of spaghetti will be fully and completely assimilated by your body...

Pull back a touch and then giver. I think you will be surprised. If you want to gain only lean mass or have concerns about gaining fat. Try using r-alpha lipoic acid to help you deal with all those extra carbs. 100mg per 30g carbs...Stack it with creatine and you got a great pre workout blend too.

4/5/07 12:26:42PM
Hey Man. I know the boat you're in. I have looked around and stumbled on some good advice from other places. It was "you don;t get big in the weight room, you get big in the kitchen". I have used this advice and have gained like 3 lbs of lean muscle in about 1.5 months. So really all you gotta do is train hard and eat lots of healthy foods with protein.
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