WEC Champion Moving Up To UFC?

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2/12/08 2:18:24PM
That's a possibility for current WEC Welterweight Champion Carlos Condit. While he's happy in WEC right now, he says he needs to take a step up in competition, which likely means UFC.

2/12/08 2:23:14PM
I hope he does jump to UFC, he's very talented, and young. He shows a lot of promise, but at the same time is already accomplished.
2/12/08 2:39:18PM
if he wants to get wooped by GSP more power to him
2/12/08 4:52:43PM
Im not saying that hes better than GSP but i think that Condit provides a different style than any other top 10 guy in the WW division. He has excellent striking and a very good guard and in a few years might be able to compete.
2/12/08 6:33:10PM
He's gotta beat Prater though, that's no easy task hope he's not looking past him.
2/12/08 6:35:53PM
As long as he gets past Prater, he has absolutely nothing to prove in WEC and definitely needs to move to the UFC.
2/12/08 7:56:09PM
I would like to see him in the UFC, but i dont see him going to far against the top ww's in the division.....
2/12/08 8:50:35PM
He would be a good name 2 add to the divsion it needs names ...
2/12/08 9:47:24PM

Posted by fedorwins1

He's gotta beat Prater though, that's no easy task hope he's not looking past him.

No question. I know it was 3 and a half years ago but Prater already beat him. A fighter can't look past a fighter he has already lost to. That seems like a recipe for disaster.
2/12/08 10:10:25PM
Yeah i know Condit lost to him, but hes was and is a very young guy and has improved quite a bit since then.
2/12/08 11:18:27PM
The thing is imo Condit is too light for some of the true WW in the UFC. Say he goes up against a guy like Koscheck. Kos cuts alot of weight to get to 170 as im pretty sure Condit is at about 175 walking around if he even cuts at all so i just don't think he has the strength to keep up with the WW's in the UFC. He's one of those guys that probably couldn't get to 155 but isn't big enough to be a top 170.
No offense to Condit he has great skill but i just think he wouldn't be strong enough to hang with the Hughes, Kos and GSP's.
2/14/08 10:34:47AM
I agree with DevonFoxy somewhat(maybe just cause we live in the same small city) but seriously though. I love Condit, people even say I look like the guys brother sometimes, but his weight could would be an issue.I do however think he does present a lot of problems on the ground with those long as limbs of his, even for really strong figthers like Kos, Hughes, and even my boy Fitch. Look what he did to Brock Larson, who is a strong ass dude. So I guess only time will tell if he does move to the UFC (which I would love to see, as I already posted before, along with Fihlo, Varner, and of course Faber, if the UFC adds more weight classes or if they don't and Faber feels he can put on 10 more pounds to fight, which I doubt for his height he'd have to look almost like Sherk). And if Condit does go to the UFC I wish him the best and hopes he kicks some ass.
2/14/08 10:55:26AM
His match proves some of what i was saying before. He has improved greatly and he has a very dangerous guard. A guy with long limbs and skills like that are a problem for anyone.
3/4/08 12:43:28PM
thats a good point condit did kind of handle larson with his jits so I don;t think he would have that big of a problem in the ufc don;t get me wrong if he went up against someone like GSP he would probably take a beating. but give him a test.
3/4/08 3:34:26PM
well he would be great but i don't think he can even beat Jake Shields yet. let him and Shields battle it out and see who wins. the winner should go up to the UFC and add more spice to the already stacked WW division. imo, Jake Shields > Condit
3/4/08 4:50:57PM

Too many people in WW already, bring up Filho if he beats Shonnen in a more impresive way this time.
3/5/08 7:46:29PM
Love to see someday when different orgs can come together and put there best fighters gainst eachother in a tournament event where one Org is rained supreme each year.
3/5/08 7:47:45PM

Posted by Ordep

Too many people in WW already, bring up Filho if he beats Shonnen in a more impresive way this time.

He's moving up to Lhw after the sonnen fight.
3/6/08 11:25:09AM
If he does Lytle or Carneiro would be good opponents
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