WEC 48's Mike Brown says nothing interfered with his camp for Manny Gamburyan

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4/26/10 8:51:15PM
Former WEC featherweight champion Mike Brown says he was not distracted by personal issues leading into his fight with Manny Gamburyan this past Saturday at WEC 48.

After Brown suffered a first-round knockout to Gamburyan, UFC president Dana White told reporters that the former champion suffered personal problems in training camp and said he was tipped off to the issue by Strikeforce middleweight champion Jake Shields and famed MMA trainer Mark DellaGrotte.

"I'm not sure where everything's coming from," Brown today told MMAjunkie.com. "I've talked to Jake before, and I know Mark. Everybody has issues going on but it wasn't a factor in my fight."

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4/26/10 9:01:33PM
When your training partner and coach are singing the same tune about personal issues there might be some credence to the claims. Props to Brown for taking the loss like a man but I'm more inclined to believe that not everything was right before this fight. Regardless, he will bounce back and do just fine.
4/26/10 9:04:54PM
I too give Brown credit for taking the high road in the loss
4/26/10 10:48:55PM
I like Brown. He seems like a no-nonsense guy when he gives interview and any fighter who can enter to Simple Man (be it a cover or the original) is cool in my book.

I really didn't like Dana coming to Brown's "defense" and making what seemed like excuses for him. Brown's a big boy and does just fine speaking for himself. Not to mention the fact that Dana had every oppertunity to promote the latest contender to Aldo's belt in Manny Gamburian.

Bottom line is: If Manny doesn't land that punch square the fight doesn't end at that particular time. Gotta give credit where it's do Dana.
4/26/10 10:56:46PM
Ya, its kinda silly that Dana feels the need to stick up for him. He's a grown man and a professional. Manny won the fight, give credit where credit is due.

Mad props to Brown for retracting the statement.
4/26/10 10:58:05PM
Something was obviously wrong with Mike Brown in that fight. Considering the way he fought against Faber both times, standing right in front of Manny Gamburyan so he would erase his reach advantage so he could eat some powerful punches from a short, powerful man seemed an obvious and great tactical error. I would take Brown in a rematch if he's righted himself in his personal life.

That being said, I am glad Brown does not make excuses for himself. He's good enough that once he has resolved his life issues, the only excuse he will need is in the cage.

I can not tell whom I like most sometimes: Brown, Faber, or Aldo. They all seem like real fighters with honesty.
4/27/10 1:06:44AM
He just got caught....it happens
4/27/10 12:08:51PM
Brown ****** up and got smoked. Simple as that. There is no scientific evidence that personal issues soften your chin or erode your skills. If anything it would have hurt his conditioning and the fight didn't last long enough to know if it did.
4/27/10 5:34:51PM
My respect for him went up again.

I feel like the key word here isn't "nothing was going on" but where he he says "it wasn't a factor."

Even if he did have personal problems he's telling you right now that he doesn't feel they affected the fight, and really who could have predicted Manny would get a KO over brown? Manny's standup wasn't that great before the fight, and Brown had never been KOed.
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