War Room Warriors have 6 people in the Top 20 Overall! Woot!

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6/24/08 5:13:12PM
The War Room Warriors have 6 people in the Top 20 overall, for the entire game, and we're pretty damn proud of this. That is a whopping 30% of the Top players this season.

This entire season, we've only dropped one player, and added one player. That demonstrates the strength of our team, which is a group of passionate MMA fans willing to go the extra mile to pick and bet smart. We work hard, and we play hard. AND... we are all natural.

Unlike some other teams (*cough*cough*Canadian Power Team*cough) we don't have to cherry-pick hot players, or drop cold players to get ahead of the other teams. We feel that is a cheap strategy to win, amounting to cheating the system, even if it is technically legal in this game. (We're trying to change that loophole by the way.) We win because we have awesome predictive abilities, not because we drop/add players frequently. We win because we are better at MMA picking. We don't need cheap techniques to win. We win because we work hard, study smart, and love the MMA game.

If anybody is interested in joining our team, hit me up with a PM. We only select the best, so only the best need apply. To all of the legitimate teams and players, thank you for being tough competition. We love this game, and we hope you do to.

Thanks and good luck in this 10th event!


PS- Unicorns are cool.
6/24/08 5:51:41PM
30% of the top 20!

6/24/08 10:42:31PM
Kudos to you and your team.
6/24/08 10:58:52PM
6/24/08 11:13:52PM

You have a strong team TM...Keep it up bro!
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