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POLL: Do You Want To See GSP vs Anderson Silva?
Yes 66% (54)
No 34% (28)
5/17/08 5:51:54PM
by Staff on May 17, 2008 at 2:07 pm ET

Sure, it may be a pipe dream -- the type of fantasy match-up that mixed-martial-arts fans can only dream about.

So, when we posted our latest"Inside MMA" poll -- "Should the UFC allow a fight between Georges St. Pierre and Anderson Silva?" -- we were bracing for some of the most lopsided results in our polling history.

Sure enough, the results were lopsided. But not in the manner we expected.

Tens of thousands of votes were cast for the poll, and surprisingly, most of them were against the bout and didn't want to see the UFC's middleweight title-holder meet the UFC's welterweight champ.

In fact, nearly three-quarters of the voters -- 72 percent -- don't think the UFC should schedule the St. Pierre-Silva fight, and only 28 percent were in favor of it.

"I guess they don't want to see either one lose," host Kenny Rice concluded.

The results baffled panelists Renato "Babalu" Sobral, Gary "Big Daddy" Goodridge and Martin de Jong, as well. Granted, they didn't necessarily think the fight should be scheduled either -- but they assumed the MMA enthusiasts would want it.

Give 'em credit them, though. The fans know that some things are better left to the imagination.


5/17/08 5:56:58PM
I mean dont get me wrong I would like to see that fight somewhere down the line but just not at this time.

GSP still has to prove he's the king of that division and by doing that he needs to beat Fitch and Alves(pending Alves beats Hughes) and maybe another fight.

And Silva probably needs to fight Okami and then maybe a rematch with Dan Henderson if Dan puts some wins to together.

So this fight could happen just later down the line if they both are on top of their division.
5/17/08 6:06:00PM
Even though I think GSP would get smashed I think it would be a better fight than most.
5/17/08 6:12:51PM
I would like to see it.

Why not? Just because they are both so dominant and you would not want to see either lose? Thats bollox.

Everyone loses and no fighter becomes a legend by avoiding other fighters.
5/17/08 6:48:48PM
It would be a great fight but should not happen now. I think it will be a close fight. Gsp is a great wrestler who is taking down LHW in training at will and with all the shots he took from Serra,without actually going out, i think his chin is just fine. Silva has the best standup but can be controlled on the ground(hendo in the 1st round) and his chin hasnt really been tested. Gsp with the help of Jackson would have a great gameplan but with Silva trying to hit you it wouldnt work out half the time. 50/50 anytime they fought
5/17/08 7:07:53PM
Honestly i think GSP would take silva down easily and control him. We saw what he did to serra and hughes. I dont think silva would do much better on his back. GSP has nasty wrestling and I think he would be smarter than henderson and not to try to stand with silva.
5/17/08 8:06:51PM
i just wanna see gsp get ripped apart by some crazy spider punches
5/17/08 8:52:53PM
I would definately like to see that maybe after GSP makes a few defences first.
MMA needs superfights like this every so often.
5/17/08 10:11:24PM
It would be a great fight but Gsp would have to move up to MW cuz if silva came down to WW he would be so skinny he probably wouldet have the strength to stand.
5/17/08 10:16:30PM
i don't wanna see it
both guys have alot of guys to beat to clean out
silva has bisping, okami, maybe fihlo and wandy if he drops
gsp has fitch, davis, maybe condit, as well as maybe kos or even rubber match with serra
5/17/08 10:26:32PM
We already have TUF holding up championships I don't want a fight between the two champs to hold up the line as well. Thats the only reason personally I wouldn't want to see it. I like having titles defended like in the days Hughes defended over and over again

We don't need to see this its just a luxury of having some of the best fighters in the world and all it does is hold the belts up from being defended for another 6 months so personally I pass.
5/18/08 12:07:01AM
As much as I would like to see the Spider kill and maim GSP it's not a fight I am intersted in them making. They can so much more w/ Andersen agains actual MW's. Why would you have Georges move up just to get mauled? Just cuz he recently won a (lighter div) belt that he's never even defended? Cuz Serra's standup is better than Silva's?

It would put both belts on hold for no reason. No this fight should not happen. It irritates me that every time someone wins a belt ppl want to see him change div's right away.
5/18/08 2:08:51AM
i would like to see this fight but i voted No ! It is not realistic. They are the best of their own weight class. Why tarnish either one's records just for a dream fight. We saw the Liddell/Wandy match and what happened................ a drawn out fight. There needed to be a KO in that fight and it didn't happen. Both those fighters should have fought a long time ago. so .., no I don't want to see this fight happen because i just don't think it would live up to the hype !
5/18/08 7:19:43AM
I would rather see wandy drop down and beat silva than gsp step up and beat silva. A unified title would be crap
5/18/08 10:38:51AM
the only reason i would want to see this fight is so i can see GSP on the floor again
5/18/08 11:14:17AM
GSP would win hands down. He is a more well rounded fighter. Anderson cannot fight from his back. I think if Hindo took him on again he would win. They are both great champions and should stay in there weight class. As for now we'll let Hindo take care of Silva
5/18/08 12:32:59PM
totally agree but i would love to see the fight
5/19/08 3:48:46AM
wey to early for even concidering that fight!
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