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1/4/10 11:39:28PM
Hello. I am 14 years old and am in love with MMA. I know some basics but I am wondering. in my town I have a judo, karate, and taekwondo. or I can travel out of town for 30 minutes and get boxing lessons from an amateur olympic gold medalist. Which should I take? and what should I move on to once I move to a bigger town to mix up my style? Any feedback will be highly appreciated. Thank you.
1/5/10 7:50:20AM
First thing is Join the Wrestling team. Its the best base for MMA and it is free. The season has already started but if you ask hard enough you might still be able to practice with the team. Second the boxing would be good but if the drive is too much your best of the 3 you gave would be the Judo. No doubt you should join the wrestling team more then any other of those three IMO. Good luck and keep at it.
1/5/10 8:39:35AM
Thank you, but we don't have a wrestling team, It's a pretty stupid school.
1/5/10 9:09:43AM
Bummer wow thats unreal is it such a small school there is no team or is it due to something else?
1/5/10 4:01:59PM
I don't really know, I've lived in like 5 different towns and all my friends in the high school say that there isn't a wrestling team. Except for one town. so that is 1/5 towns. I was thinking judo untill I move out then join the college wrestling team, and move on from there.
1/8/10 12:32:05PM
judo will help with your upper body takedowns, and your ground game. in judo when you go to the ground in a match it is much more fast paced beecause they will stand you up quickly. another good thing judo can help with is your falls and getting used to getting thrown, so when it happens and you are in mid air (your thinking ok, so hes gonna land in side control, so i need to use this ezcape. i know the gi may be seen as a problem, but if you take some time and think about the moves, its easy to do without a gi, most grips are behind the head, like a plum grip and an elbow or standing wrist control grip. or an over under.
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