wanderli silva fighting in may in vegas???

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2/4/08 5:42:58PM
saw that mmaweekly.com says he will be fighting, their sources are always reliable, if he does fight which i think he will, who would he fight?? i think jardine would have to be it, he should fight tito, but it has to be jardine, who else is available?? mabe nakamura but they already fought in pride, belfort is a wild card, i will be very curious who they give him
2/4/08 5:47:45PM
yea i think jardine is the best match up for wanderlei right now, especially since coming off a win over chuck liddell,and since he is not fighting for the title, at least he is staying in there with the contenders, but i hope wandy pulls out the win here, i really want him to get back in there with the winners, especially after showing how much heart he had against chuck.....
2/4/08 5:48:25PM
Jardine would be perfect timing, and might end just like the Alexander fight, not a good fight stylistically for Kieth.

That would be UFC 84 if its in may. Another Stacked Bj penn card! I love life.

It seems like they would have him on 85 with Chuck vs Shogun, from a marketing perspective...

2/4/08 5:58:17PM
keith would be a fun fight to watch....i think it'd have to go to wandy....
if rampage lost id like to see him have to beat wandy before another shot at forest, but thats a big if...
2/4/08 7:01:24PM
There's not alot of Light-Heavy's that are avaliable to fight right now (Chuck, Shogun, Forrest, Rampage, Thiago, Rashad, Machida, Tito, Houston Bonner, Hammil, and Sakara are all scheduled or have fought very recently. With MIchael Bisping dropping to 185 there isn't really anyone else that makes sense besides Jardine.

If this happens, I would have to go with Silva. I was amazed when i saw him fight Chuck (first fight of his i had ever watched live on PPV) and he did very well. Jardine has a really questionable chin, and Silva would look to test that. Jardine also likes to hang his hands a bit too low (see Jardine/Alexander) and that would not bode well for him. Would probably be a cool slugfest, for like 2 or 3 minutes, until Jardine hits the mat.

WIthout reviewing recent fights and really looking into this fight I would go with Silva in Rd 1 via KO/TKO. I can see this fight happening with the current schedule.

2/4/08 7:25:54PM
I was told they want him at 185.
2/4/08 7:29:59PM

Posted by cmill21

I was told they want him at 185.

who wanderlei?
2/4/08 7:37:51PM
I'm about 90% sure he's said he can't or won't (I don't know which) cut to 185. I'm pretty sure he'll stay at 205. I'm sure he wants to fight Rampage again anyways.
2/4/08 8:26:01PM

Posted by Pookie

Posted by cmill21

I was told they want him at 185.

who wanderlei?

Yes. For the record I do not agree with it at all, but this is apperently what's being asked. IMO he's to muscular for 185, it would be a tough cut for sure considering he has fought at 230 ish.
2/4/08 8:29:20PM
He has stated he doesnt want to drop down. He said it was too big of a cut for him.
2/4/08 8:31:43PM
Why do I keep seeing Belfort's name the last couple months? I thought he was a total wash. Is there any real evidence he could be fighting again? Is he signed to the UFC? Or is his name just coming up becuase Silva is back and everyone remembers that famous KO Belfort laid on him?
2/5/08 12:00:14PM
i heard for months now that belfort would be back in the ufc don't know if they will sign him though anyways if jardine fights silva i do think silva would knock him out but if jardine wins that would be against two of the greatest ever give that boy a title shot asap!!!!!!!!
2/5/08 3:22:19PM
i might need to go see that!
2/5/08 4:08:12PM
Jardine would be a good fight for silva but a bad fight for Jardine so i dont see that happening. What about a guy like Sokoudjou?
2/5/08 5:39:23PM
Silva vs. Jardine would be a sweet fight!!!!!!!!
2/5/08 7:34:30PM
I think it has to be jardine. Who else could they put in there. Maybe Houston Alexander. That could be a very exciting fight, but then again Jardine has earned his right to fight.
2/5/08 10:03:12PM

Posted by cmill21

I was told they want him at 185.

Id like to see him at 185 to add some more depth but i looked in the Wandy archives on mmajunkie.com and found this quote

As soon as Silva said that, though, he smiled. He anticipated the next question would be whether he’d consider a drop to middleweight, where the limit is 185 pounds and the fighters are much more his size.

But he quickly ruled that out.

“That’s way too much weight for me to lose,” Silva said. “I couldn’t do it.“

It still on there just go to his archive.
2/5/08 10:20:01PM
i didnt hear anything of it but its possible...
2/5/08 11:05:06PM
Yeah I would really like to see him take on Jardine. I think that could make for a good fight.
2/6/08 7:39:37AM
I think Silva will destroy him, I hope this fight happens.
4/1/08 5:12:33PM
Jardine via round 1 KO, or UD
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