Wanderlei Silva vs Rashad Evans

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5/26/08 10:57:12PM
wow i would love to see this fight! i think Wandy will win in the first round if he is aggressive like he was in the 36 second massacre... I'd also like to see Machida fight Rashad too.
5/26/08 11:48:33PM

Posted by DiabloFreak56

Posted by fonduktoe

if this match happens we might actually see some of wandy's jitsu since rashad doesn't fight without going perpetually for the takedown
i would much rather see wandy by first round brutilization

i think people forget wandy is a black belt in BJJ.. just throwing that out there.

maybe hell do this

hey who's that guy?? hahahah sick
5/27/08 4:25:42PM
Is this a joke? Rashad would piss himself before getting to the ring.
5/29/08 7:02:16PM
i hope that rashad has a chin cuz wanderlei has a spraw
5/29/08 8:06:32PM
wand via bringing axe into the cage and cutting his head off...or KO in the 2nd round
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