Wanderlei Silva honored with the key to the City of Pensacola, Florida (Pic and video)

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7/18/09 8:13:40AM
For more background click here. The “Axe Murderer” was also in town to sponsor the start of Alex Silva Ruas’ — a fourth degree blackbelt in Gracie Jiu Jitsu — MMA gym. One more pic and a video of the ceremony after the jump.

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7/18/09 1:59:38PM
This just shows MMA is growing very fast. They are starting to get very big and many of their stars are being recognized around the world. Wanderlei is awesome, glad to see him honored with the key to the city.
7/19/09 12:36:45AM
Awesome, that's totally my video! I was hoping it would get around. I'm not in those pictures, but I'm glad people can see most of what went down. Wandy and Alex Ruas set up a program for kids and teens to train BJJ and Muay Thai for free in an effort to get fighting and other violence off the streets and steer it towards a respectful and controlled environment in martial arts. In so many places people are charging an arm and a leg for BJJ and Muay Thai and MMA. But these guys are giving it away for free and for such a good cause. This is very refreshing to see after that whole Brock Lesnar meltdown. It's good to see that there's so much good to come with what little bad there has been lately. Some of these fighters really want to give back to the overall community. They're not even from Pensacola, but Alex Ruas lives there now and he set this up with Wandy because he feels so proud for that to be his home now and they both agree about what a great cause this is. These guys are what's good in the world today. Someone needs to show this kind of stuff to people like John McCain and the people in New York who are trying to keep MMA from being sanctioned there. I hope there's much more stuff like this to come.
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