Wanderlei Silva vs. Chuck Liddell Update

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10/19/07 2:34:09PM
Although a fight between Chuck Liddell and Wanderlei Silva is looking more and more likely, the long-awaited bout isn’t quite a done deal yet.

10/19/07 11:46:53PM
I hope they dont move this fight to Feb to compete wid the superbowl...Im ready for this, its time to see what happens!
10/21/07 10:01:00AM
first brock signs with ufc and now this? wow....rreally good news
10/21/07 11:52:42AM
It may not be official yet, but I guarantee this fight is going to happen. Dana White has taken a lot of bad press for not being able to get this fight done before, and he has had enough of that. Everyone wants to see it, and it'll happen in December.
10/21/07 11:56:23AM
I will never believe this fight is going to happen until they are both in the ring striking.
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