WAMMA: World Alliance of Mixed Martial Arts announces their structure

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11/14/07 4:39:12PM
Article featuring the latest news on the press release regarding the new structure of WAMMA, the new sanctioning body. Interesting that they will have a sportswriters poll regarding the rankings just like the AP poll, but odd that the organization has 3 Vice Presidents. Check it out.

11/14/07 5:06:54PM
From the link:
Vice President: Bill Goldberg

THAT Bill Goldberg? (Who I less-than-affectionately call "Iceberg") They can't be serious! Most of the rest I like (some good columnists on the rankings list, I'm a big fan of Todd Martin's wrestling recaps) but as noted at the end, the question really is which organizations will actually use it.
11/14/07 5:27:24PM
Andrews is the best sports doctor in the country today, so that is great addition. I don't understand Bill Goldberg, but I heard he is a pretty educated guy so we will see.

I like the journalists they picked, though I think Dave Meltzer is qualified and could have been considered.

I'm not quite sure what the whole point of this organization will be, but time will tell. I also think they should have a certified Board of Officials, and it should probably be headed by John McCarthy. But they need to have the same requirements for all officials and that would be a good way to do it.
11/15/07 9:35:24AM
having a title called the toyota-title is pretty stupid.
Even Pro wrestling hasnt sunk there.
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