Volkmann is probably a political hack.

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1/10/11 6:02:43PM
I’m a medical billing and accounting specialist for the University of Utah. If Volkmann’s comments sound very unspecific and like Fox news talking points, it’s because they are. Saying “I’m a chiropractor and I work with insurances all the time” would seem to give him a great deal of credibility, so I would be interested in having an actual discussion with him to try and get more insight as to where he is coming from. Volkmann’s claim that the health care reform bill empowers private insurance companies is a complete mystery to me. The process of billing government run insurances has become increasingly complicated since the bill passed, but provisions regarding private insurances have only made it easier for me to seek compensation. So Volkmann if your out there and you read this, IM me and maybe I can give you some advice when dealing with insurance companies that will make your life easier and maybe prevent you from embarrassing yourself any further.


1/10/11 8:57:04PM
1. You can probably find a better way to get ahold of Volkmann than this forum.

2. Political topics are off-limits on this forum.

Thread locked.
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